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Exploring the Role of a Remisier in Stockbroking

The world of stockbroking relies on various players, and among them, remisiers hold a unique position. In this article, we’ll delve into the definition of a remisier and uncover the potential advantages of taking on this role. Let’s embark on this journey by understanding what is a remisier.

What is a Remisier : Remisier Meaning Explained

A remisier operates as a vital intermediary in the stockbroking arena, acting primarily as a solicitor. Their primary task is to attract clients for a stockbroker and, in return, receive a commission for connecting these two parties. It’s crucial to note that a remisier, by definition, is not a representative of the stockbroker but rather an introducer. To grasp the concept of a remisier fully, it’s essential to differentiate their role from that of authorised agents and financial advisers.

Unlike authorised persons (formerly known as sub-brokers), remisiers do not issue contract and commission notes in their clients’ names, nor do they participate in facilitating trades. That’s the main difference between remisier vs broker. Additionally, remisiers don’t provide financial advice on matters such as taxes, savings, investing, portfolio diversification, or risk management strategies, which sets them apart from financial advisers.

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The Path to Becoming a Remisier

For those seeking an additional income stream, considering a career as a remisier may be a promising option. Becoming a remisier doesn’t necessitate specific qualifications. Instead, it relies on your persuasive abilities and social networking skills to attract new clients. Ideally, your contacts should possess the financial resources to consider investments in the stock market. However, cultivating an interest in investing is also possible.

In a world where more people are turning to unconventional income sources, becoming a remisier is akin to becoming an influencer, albeit in the offline realm. Interestingly, there are no rules against utilising social media and influencer tactics to attract clients.

If friends and family members frequently seek your financial advice, you already possess the potential to excel as a remisier. Many remisiers have expanded their services to include financial advice, although this is optional. If you have the knowledge, going the extra mile to combine remisier and financial advisory services can be a strategic move.

Benefits of Pursuing a Remisier Role

1. Incremental Earnings

One of the most appealing aspects of being a remisier is the opportunity to establish a consistent income stream. The income generated can support various lifestyle enhancements or serve as an investment fund.

2. Minimal Effort

Particularly if you excel in persuasion, possess strong communication skills, and hold influence within your social circle, the role of a remisier may require minimal effort. Even if you lack these traits initially, they can be developed over time to build a successful career.

3. Zero Investment

Unlike many income-generating opportunities that demand time or financial investments, launching a remisier business is nearly instant. Setting up a remisier account online can be done within minutes.

4. Work Flexibility

The trend of remote working provides the flexibility to operate your remisier business from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

5. Growth Potential

There’s no ceiling on how much you can earn as a remisier. Most brokers allow you to refer as many clients as you can, and you can expand your offerings by becoming a financial consultant.

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Considerations When Embracing the Remisier Role

1. Quality of Contacts

Your network should consist of individuals with the financial means and an interest in stock market investments. Convincing such contacts becomes easier, as it’s less of a hard sell than persuading those with zero risk appetite.

2. Personal Reputation and Outlook

Establish a credible reputation that makes people take your advice seriously, especially regarding choosing a broker for their investments.

3. Broker Selection

Partner with reputable brands that maintain their commitments to you and your clients. Premier brokers offer complete transparency, enabling you to track the trading history of referred clients and ensuring timely payouts.


Becoming a remisier with a respected brand can be a valuable avenue for boosting your income. However, success in this role hinges on your ability to influence and persuade individuals to heed your advice. If your personal network is limited, consider tapping into well-connected family members or professional contacts to kickstart your journey as a remisier.

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