MTF Stock List

Unlock greater investment opportunities with 800+ scrips in the MTF stock list!

COMPANY NAME % Funding provided under Margin LTP
360 ONE WAM LIMITED 35.00 968.45 forward-arrow
3M INDIA LIMITED 33.00 37663.95 forward-arrow
5PAISA CAPITAL LIMITED 50.00 471.45 forward-arrow
AADHAR HOUSING FINANCE L 40.00 447.45 forward-arrow
AARTI DRUGS LTD. 40.00 512.1 forward-arrow
AARTI INDUSTRIES LTD 27.00 672.5 forward-arrow
AARTI PHARMALABS LIMITED 45.00 579.95 forward-arrow
AAVAS FINANCIERS LIMITED 34.00 1742.95 forward-arrow
ABB INDIA LIMITED 26.00 7621.15 forward-arrow
ABBOTT INDIA LIMITED 25.00 27483.8 forward-arrow
ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL LTD. 26.00 215.76 forward-arrow
ADITYA BIRLA FASHION & RT 30.00 315.8 forward-arrow
ADIT BIRL SUN LIF AMC LTD 30.00 678.9 forward-arrow
ACC LIMITED 25.00 2616 forward-arrow
ACCELYA SOLN INDIA LTD 50.00 1822.6 forward-arrow
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Trading in the stock market may be expensive if the share prices are too high. Capital constraints may prevent you from making the most of stock price movements. Here is where the Read more... Margin Trading Facility (MTF) offered by Bajaj Broking can be a game changer. With this facility, you can increase your purchasing power by up to 4x and take larger positions in the market without entirely risking your own capital.
Bajaj Broking’s MTF stock list is extensive too, so you can leverage the Margin Trading Facility for a wide range of stocks across different sectors in the stock market. Check out the companies that are eligible for the Margin Trading Facility in the MTF stock list. Read less

How to Boost Your Investment with MTF Stock List

To boost your investments and take larger positions in the market with the MTF stock list, you can leverage funds borrowed from your stock broker and increase your purchasing power. You can start by selecting the stocks you wish to trade in from the MTF stock list provided by your preferred brokerage partner.


Your choice of stocks should be supported by adequate technical analysis (for short-term trades), fundamental analysis (for long-term trades) or a mix of the two (for medium-term trades). You also need to analyse the liquidity and performance of the stocks before trading in them.


With the Margin Trading Facility, you can trade in more shares than what your cash balance allows. This, in turn, potentially amplifies your returns if the market moves in your favour. Conversely, it also multiplies your risk in case of unfavourable market movements. 


It’s important to know which companies are included in the MTF stock list that your stock broker provides. The percentage of margin funding offered may also vary from one stock to another. You need to be aware of these parameters, so you can plan your trades accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a Margin Trading Facility (MTF) good?

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Yes, the Margin Trading Facility can be beneficial if you want to leverage your trades and potentially increase your returns. It allows you to trade with borrowed funds, so you can take larger positions than your account’s cash balance will allow.

How are stocks selected in MTF?

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The stock broker offering the Margin Trading Facility decides which companies make it to their MTF stock list. The criteria to choose these stocks typically include liquidity, volatility and the stock’s trading history. 

What are the top MTF stock lists?

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The top MTF stock lists can vary depending on the stock broker you choose and your personal trading requirements. Ideally, an MTF list may be the best one for you if it includes stocks from the companies or sectors that you wish to trade in or include in your portfolio. 

Can I use MTF for BTST?

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Yes, you can use the Margin Trading Facility for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) transactions. MTF allows you to leverage your trades by borrowing funds from your brokerage partner to buy stocks. 

How long can you hold MTF stocks?

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The maximum holding period for shares on the MTF stock list depends on the stock broker’s policies. Typically, brokers allow you to hold stocks as long as you deposit the required maintenance margin. Bajaj Broking allows you to carry your MTF positions for more than 365 days. However, some stocks may come with restrictions on the maximum holding period. 

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