What are GTT Orders?

GTT orders, or 'Good Till Triggered' orders, offer traders a convenient way to manage their trades. With GTT orders, traders can set buy or sell orders that remain active until a specific trigger price is reached. This trigger price acts as a signal for the order to be executed, automating the trade process without the need for constant monitoring. 

GTT orders offer flexibility, with a validity lasting one year. If the order isn't executed within this timeframe, it will expire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTT in share market?

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Good Till Triggered orders, allow investors and traders to set orders that remain active until triggered or canceled within a year.

What is the trigger price in GTT?

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The trigger price is the price at which their order will be activated or triggered for execution.

How to place GTT?

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To place GTT orders, you can select a stock, click on 'Create GTT', set trigger and limit price, and submit. Manage orders through the GTT page on Bajaj Broking.

Can I modify or cancel a GTT order after it has been placed?

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Yes, traders can modify or cancel GTT orders at any time before they are triggered or executed.

What happens if the trigger price of my GTT order is not reached within the specified time frame?

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If the trigger price is not reached within the specified time frame, the GTT order expires and is automatically canceled.

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