What are US Stocks?

US stock exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE, counterparts to India's BSE and NSE, offer diverse trading opportunities. Unlike Indian ETFs, US stocks, tracked by major indices such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ, represent a wide range of companies. The Dow tracks 30 large companies, the S&P 500 includes over 500 from various sectors, and NASDAQ encompasses more than 2,500 stocks. It's important to note that service-related disputes for US stocks don't fall under Indian investor redressal forums, highlighting a key difference for Indian investors.

Bajaj Broking Partners with Vested 

We've teamed up with Vested Finance, a US-based investment advisor registered with the SEC, dedicated to empowering Indian investors with access to the US market. Their global team, rich in diversity and investment experience, enhances our offering. With us, diversifying your portfolio becomes seamless. Additionally, we offer curated investment portfolios themed around specific strategies, further tailoring your investment experience to your unique goals and interests. This partnership provides a robust platform for broadening your investment horizons. 


Simple Process

Get your Vested account online


Fund your account post KYC approval


Invest in US stock market with ease


Our Transparent Pricing

Basic Plan

Basic features and fees


  • ₹250 (one time fee) Account opening fee
  • 0.20% of trade amount (Max: $20) Tailored brokerage fee structure
  • Free Vest (Portfolio) upfront fee
  • $5/withdrawal Withdraw funds to traditional bank accounts
  • No Access Premium Multi-Asset Class Vests
  • $0.10/share (Min. $0.75, Max: 1% of order value) Invest in OTC securities (Crypto funds, European companies)
  • 2 lists Invest in fundamental and technical strategies with Signals

Premium Plan

Most popular plan for investors


  • Included in Subscription chargesAccount opening fee
  • Tailored brokerage fee structure0.10% of trade amount (Max: $20)
  • Vest (Portfolio) upfront fee Free
  • Withdraw funds to traditional bank accounts2 free withdrawals/year ($5/withdrawal after that)
  • Get access to Premium Multi-Asset Class VestsYes
  • Invest in OTC securities (Crypto funds, European companies)$0.05/share (Min. $0.75, Max: 1% of order value)
  • Invest in fundamental and technical strategies with Signals7 lists

We have something for everyone

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US Stocks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in the US stock market?

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You can also invest in US stocks directly via Bajaj Broking Limited in an easy and simple procedure. Simply open a Vested account, add funds and buy stocks.

What is LRS?

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The Reserve Bank of India instituted the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), a set of policies governing the maximum amount of remittance. Under LRS, you can send up to USD 250,000 abroad annually without requiring approval from the RBI. This scheme has made it easier for Indians to pursue studies, travel, and trade in US stocks from India. 

Do I have to pay any tax on profits?

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Yes, you have to pay taxes on investment gains and dividends from US stocks. Capital gains will be taxed based on whether they are held for the short term or the long term. Dividends will be taxed at the rate of 25% in the USA. You only have to pay taxes in either country as per the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA).

What are the pre-market trading hours in the US stock market?

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The stock market trading time in the USA is standard for pre-market trading, normal trading and after-hours trading irrespective of the stock exchange. The pre-market trading hours are between 1:30 pm, IST and 7 pm IST for both NYSE and NASDAQ. Note that higher risks are associated with pre-market hour trading due to lower liquidity and fewer participants.

What are Vests?

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Vests are curated portfolios comprising equities or ETFs. Construction of these portfolios takes place with various themes in mind. While some Vests enable people to invest in diversified core assets balancing downside protection and balance performance, other Vests are thematic. The latter option helps people to narrow down their focus on specific industries.

What will happen to my stocks if Vested Finance goes out of business?

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Your user’s account will remain open and your investments will be safe even if Vested has to shut down. We will contact the broker directly to transfer or continue the account. We’ll work actively to bring the money back. Also, each account is insured by Securities Investor Protection Corp up to $500,000.

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