Who We Are


A 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, we are on a mission to revolutionize trading & investments by making the share markets simple & accessible to everyone without compromising on the experience of seasoned investors & traders. With our competitive offerings and all-inclusive share market solutions, experience the power of smart innovations and simplified platforms to trade in equity cash & derivatives at industry-leading low brokerage rates.

Maximize trading opportunities with our Margin Trade Financing facility available at one of the lowest interest rates in the industry. That’s not all –get free expert technical & fundamental research suggestions, gain access to IPOs before everyone else with our Early Access to IPOs feature, invest in top Mutual Funds, and invest in US stocks*, bonds, NPS & more all-in-one place. 

Our Milestones

FY 19-20

Top Performer Primary Market Segment Equity - IPO / FPO Bids

FY 21-22

Top 5 Performer Primary Market Segment By BSE

FY 21-22

Top 5 Performer OFS Segment By BSE

FY 22-23

#3 Place NPS Diwas Recognition Programme Online POP (Fintech) Category

Our Core Values

  • 1


    Grounded and modest sense of oneself.

  • 2

    Open & Transparent

    To be honest, straightforward, and non-political in presenting and listening to personal thoughts and views.

  • 3


    Rightful conduct in all dealings with people, money, and company assets.

  • 4

    Emotional Intelligence

    Awareness and management of emotions, empathize with others and develop positive relationships.

  • 5

    Non-conformist Intellectual Capital

    A non-conformist refuses to conform to established customs, attitudes, or ideas. They are highly passionate people, challenge the status quo and are constantly seeking to break the mould. They are highly tenacious, and their ambition does not accept most organizational boundaries.

  • 6

    Rewarding Success

    To recognize, celebrate and reward for delivering results, making exceptional efforts, and taking initiative.

  • 7


    A mindset that makes one sense opportunities, to create new businesses or new ways of doing things.

  • 8

    High on Ambition

    Desire, conviction, and a can-do attitude to achieve success.

  • 9

    Hard work and Drive

    Willing to put in significant hard work personally and ensure that the team works equally hard.

  • 10


    Personally responsible and accountable for the work and people; to have the courage to make decisions and own the consequences.

  • 11

    Execution Rigor

    End-to-end planning, detailing, monitoring and follow-up to lead to committed results.

Our Vision

We aim to revolutionise the trading experience in the country by taking steps to make trading accessible, affordable, and glitch-free for all.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating long-term value, exceeding our customer expectations and becoming the first choice for opening a Demat account.


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Good Platform to Invest in US Stocks

Good investing platforms if you are looking to invest in US stock. The user-friendly interface helps you to place orders in no time.

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Easy to Navigate

Bajaj Broking Trading App is easy to navigate. You can easily keep a record of all your transactions. 

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Easy for Beginners

The app is easy to navigate, especially for beginners. The app's wide range of investment options helps you to diversify your portfolio.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

I've found this trading app perfect for my needs as an F&O trader. Its intuitive interface, analysis tools, real-time updates, and supportive team have helped me along my trading journey.

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