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DP charges applicable on equity delivery sell transactions. All charges explained. Exchange transaction charges may vary depending on the category of the stock. Charges calculated may vary slightly. 

What is a Brokerage Calculator?

A brokerage calculator is a unique online tool to compute the brokerage charges that you would need to pay on every order. You can calculate these charges manually as well. However, it is time-consuming and requires too much effort. There are also chances of errors with manual calculations. 

With our online brokerage calculator, you can easily know your expenses on trading. This tool is user-friendly, free-to-use, and convenient and gives correct answers instantly. This will help you with a comparative analysis of stockbrokers and help to maximise your profits from trading.

The brokerage calculator can help you calculate brokerage fees in two forms. Brokerage fees can be a percentage of your trade value and a flat fee. This calculator comes with a formula box where you have to enter the required parameters and you get the desired response instantly.

How to Calculate Brokerage?

Brokerage charges are the fees brokers collect for facilitating trades. Investors pay these fees when buying and selling securities. While some brokers may exempt one event from charges, most apply a percentage of the trade value as brokerage. The formula for brokerage calculation is:


Brokerage = Number of shares × Price per share × Brokerage (As Per Your Subscription Pack) 


For instance, if Ashok buys 100 shares of XYZ Ltd. at ₹500 each and sells them for ₹510 each within 5 days of purchasing the shares on his broker’s platform, the brokerage fee for Ashok’s broker is 0.10% then Ashok’s brokerage fee would be:

Buy Value: (100 x ₹500) = ₹50,000

Brokerage while buying shares: (₹50,000 x 0.1%) = ₹50


Sell Value: (100 x ₹510) = ₹51,000
Brokerage while selling shares: (₹51,000 x 0.1%) = ₹51


Total Brokerage for the transaction: ₹(50 + 51) = ₹101


The brokerage taken in this example is for educational purposes. Brokerage charges in the industry vary amongst brokers. With Bajaj Broking you pay ₹0 brokerage for delivery and flat ₹20 per order brokerage for Intraday and F&O trading. There are customised brokerage plans available as well.

Factors on Which the Brokerage Calculation Depends

Transaction Volume

Amount of Shares bought/sold determines brokerage fee


Price of Shares

Buy/Sell price of the shares affects brokerage


Broker Type

Full-service & discount brokers have different brokerage fees


Subscription Plan

Brokers offer discounted plans. Eg. With Bajaj Privilege Club it is flat ₹5/order

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Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription packs does Bajaj Broking offer?

Answer Field

Bajaj Broking offers three main brokerage packs. These are- Freedom pack, Professional Pack and Bajaj Priviledge Club pack. Professional pack, Bajaj Priviledge Club offers lower brokerage fees and MTF interest rates. 

What are the features of the Bajaj Broking brokerage calculator?

Answer Field

Certain features make our brokerage calculator stand out from others. These are its regular updation, user-friendly interface, accessibility through any device easily, free service, and customisable options.

What are the types of brokerage calculators?

Answer Field

There are different types of brokerage calculator for different market segments. This includes calculators for F&O, equity, currency, and commodity trading.

What details must I enter to calculate brokerage using an online brokerage calculator?

Answer Field

To compute brokerage, you must enter the purchase and selling price of your shares, and the number of shares purchased. 

How does a margin calculator work?

Answer Field

The margin calculator makes use of a formula to determine the margin amount a person needs to deposit to cover the risk associated with a trade. The important factors which this calculator considers are an asset’s current market price, its volatility and the time left till its expiry.

What does a brokerage calculator helps calculate?

Answer Field

A brokerage calculator helps you compute your brokerage fees, GST, stamp duty, SEBI turnover fee and STT.

Are brokerage calculators free?

Answer Field

Yes, you can use brokerage calculator free of charge. On that note, consider staying away from any website that charges money for brokerage calculations. 

What are the pros of using a brokerage calculator?

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An online brokerage for calculator is a lot more helpful for investors than manual calculations. With this, traders can compare brokerage commissions and get instant and accurate results. It is also less time consuming and one can do as many calculations as they want with online brokerage calculators. 

What is the formula for brokerage calculation?

Answer Field

The formula to calculate brokerage manually is as follows:

Brokerage= No. of purchased shares/ (sold shares* price of one unit of stocks*brokerage percentage)

What are the highlights of the Freedom Pack and Professional Pack?

Answer Field

Brokerage charges for Freedom Pack are ₹20 per order and ₹10 per order for the Professional Pack. There is no subscription fee for the Freedom Pack for the first year. However, with the Professional Pack, you would have to pay ₹2500. 

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