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What is a Fixed Deposit?

A fixed deposit is a kind of investment plan where you deposit a lump sum amount in your FD account for a specific period. Over this tenure, you will earn interest on the balance in your FD account.  You can choose to receive the interest earned as regular payouts or you can opt to reinvest the interest earned back in the fixed deposit. 

What is an FD Calculator?

An FD calculator is a free online tool that makes financial planning more effective. It helps you understand how much a lump sum amount deposited in an FD account today may grow over a given investment duration at a specific interest rate. You can use a fixed deposit calculator to understand how much interest you could earn on your FD investment. The best part is that this tool is available free of cost online, so you can vary the inputs to see how the results change and make a holistic investment decision. 

How Can the Bajaj Broking FD Calculator Help You?

The Bajaj Broking FD calculator helps you plan your fixed deposit investments by providing accurate estimates of the interest earned and the maturity amount. These estimates are based on the principal amount, interest rate and investment tenure. With this online tool, you can compare different fixed deposit schemes and choose the one that aligns best with your financial goals. 

The Formula to Determine FD Maturity Amount

The FD calculator formula depends on whether you are going to earn simple interest or compound interest from the deposit.


The formula to compute the maturity value in the case of a simple interest FD is as follows:

A = P + (P x r x t)


The formula for the maturity value of an FD that pays compound interest is as follows:

A = P x (1 + r/n)nt




  • A is the maturity amount
  • P is the principal amount deposited
  • r is the interest rate expressed as a decimal
  • t is the deposit period in years
  • n is the number of times the interest is compounded in one year

How to Use the Bajaj Broking FD Calculator?

Using the Bajaj Broking FD calculator is easy. You just need to enter the three important details required and submit them online. Here is a closer look at the steps involved.


  • Step 1: Provide the details of the amount you wish to deposit in the FD account.
  • Step 2: Enter the rate of interest per annum on your FD.
  • Step 3: Enter the deposit tenure in years.


Once you submit these details online, the Bajaj Broking fixed deposit calculator will compute the total estimated interest on the deposit as well as the final maturity value of the FD. 

What are the Advantages of Using an FD Calculator?

Using a fixed deposit calculator gives you several advantages, as outlined below:


  • Time Savings: An FD calculator provides instant results and saves you the time and effort required in manual calculations. Simply enter the principal amount, interest rate, and tenure to get the maturity amount.
  • Effective FD Comparison: FD calculators also allow you to compare different fixed deposit schemes by changing variables like interest rate and tenure. This flexibility helps you identify the best plan for your investment needs.
  • Customisable Inputs: With a fixed deposit calculator, you can customise inputs to see how different amounts, interest rates and tenures could affect your returns. This customisation helps tailor your investment strategy to meet specific financial goals.
  • Tax Planning: An FD calculator can help you with tax planning by showing you the interest earned, which is a taxable income. By knowing the exact interest amount, you can plan for tax liabilities and explore tax-saving options as needed.

NRI FD Calculator

An NRI fixed deposit calculator is a handy tool designed specifically for Non-Resident Indians to estimate the returns on fixed deposits. If you are an NRI, you can quickly determine the FD interest and maturity amount by entering key details like the principal amount, interest rate, tenure, and compounding frequency.


This will help you compare different fixed deposit options available in Indian banks and ensure that you choose the most beneficial scheme. Additionally, some advanced NRI FD calculators may also consider factors like varying interest rates for NRE and NRO accounts, making them specialised financial planning tools for NRIs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use an online FD calculator?

Answer Field

To use an online FD calculator, you just need to enter the deposit amount, interest rate and deposit tenure. The calculator will then show you the estimated returns and the maturity value of the deposit. 

How is the interest on a fixed deposit calculated?

Answer Field

Interest on a fixed deposit may be calculated using the simple interest or the compound interest formula, as applicable. Typically, cumulative FDs give you compound interest but non-cumulative FDs give you simple interest. 

Can I get monthly interest on my FD?

Answer Field

Yes, you can choose to receive monthly interest payouts from your fixed deposit account. This means the interest will be calculated on the principal sum only. 

How is the penalty for premature FD withdrawal calculated?

Answer Field

The penalty for premature withdrawal of a fixed deposit is typically calculated as a percentage of the interest earned. This percentage usually ranges from 0.5% to 1%.

Can I use an FD calculator to compare different FD options?

Answer Field

Yes, an FD calculator can help you compare different fixed deposit plans. Since the tool is free to use, you can enter the details required in different combinations to understand how changing principals, interest rates and tenures can affect the maturity amount. 

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