Apollo HealthCo Secures ₹2,475 Crore Investment from Advent International

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Apollo HealthCo, a subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, has signed a deal with private equity firm Advent International to raise ₹2,475 crore. Advent will acquire a 12.1% stake in Apollo HealthCo, valuing it at ₹22,481 crore. The merger of Keimed Pvt Ltd and Apollo 24/7 under Apollo HealthCo aims to integrate the supply chain and achieve ₹25,000 crore revenue in three years.

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Apollo HealthCo secures ₹2,475 crore investment from Advent International, acquiring a 12.1% stake, valuing the entity at ₹22,481 crore. The merger of Keimed Pvt Ltd and Apollo 24/7 is planned under Apollo HealthCo, subject to corporate approvals.

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Growth Plans

Post-merger, the combined entity targets ₹25,000 crore in revenue in three years with an EBITDA of 7-8%. The integration aims to streamline the supply chain and enhance operational efficiency to drive strategic growth.

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Expanding Healthcare Ecosystem

Apollo HealthCo's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of healthcare services. Launched in 2020, Apollo 24/7, the digital healthcare platform, boasts a substantial user base exceeding 33 million individuals.

This digital presence, coupled with a robust offline pharmacy distribution network, comprising over 6,000 pharmacies across 1,100 cities, positions Apollo HealthCo as a formidable player in the healthcare landscape.

The partnership between Apollo HealthCo and Advent International combines strategic planning and financial backing. This infusion of capital will fuel Apollo HealthCo's growth, helping it become a key player in India's healthcare sector, meeting the needs of millions.




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