Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. – A Comprehensive Analysis

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Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. has been a vital part of India’s healthcare landscape since its founding in 1983. It has grown into a leading healthcare provider, offering top-quality services across the country. The institution’s core values include quality, innovation, and compassionate patient care, earning the trust of millions from 140 countries. At the heart of Apollo’s approach is TLC (Tender Loving Care), a special touch that brings hope to patients. From advanced technology to initiatives focused on preventing illnesses, Apollo Hospitals continues to lead the way. Its dedication to providing accessible, reliable, and top-notch healthcare is a source of inspiration for millions.

In this blog, we will explore Apollo Hospitals’ journey, its achievements, subsidiaries, and significant products/brands, all in simple, understandable language.

About Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.

Let’s start with the basics about Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.:

FounderDr. Prathap C. Reddy
Industry TypeHealthcare
Year Founded1983
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu
Key PeopleDr. Prathap C. Reddy (Founder-Chairman)Dr. Preetha Reddy (Vice Chairperson)Dr. Sangita Reddy (Joint Managing Director)
Parent Company/OwnerApollo Group
Market Cap₹735.88 billion
Total Employees83,147

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. History


  • Founded in 1983, Apollo Hospitals started a new era in healthcare.
  • It introduced a medical insurance scheme to make healthcare affordable.
  • The company shared its first dividend as a sign of financial stability.
  • Apollo Hospitals expanded by opening a branch in Hyderabad.


  • The 1990s saw rapid growth with hospitals inaugurated in Delhi, Madurai, and Vishakhapatnam.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, received ISO 9002 Certification, showing commitment to international standards.


  • Apollo Hospitals in Delhi became the first in India to receive JCI Accreditation, setting new healthcare standards.
  • The institution expanded to Bilaspur, Mysore, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.
  • The Nationwide Emergency Number 1066 was launched.


  • Apollo Hospitals kept growing, with the inauguration of its Bangalore branch.
  • The “ACE@25” program celebrated 25 years of excellence.


  • Pioneering technology arrived with the launch of CyberKnife® in Chennai and Novalis TX in Apollo Hospitals, Delhi.
  • The Government of India released a stamp commemorating Apollo Hospitals’ contributions.


  • Apollo Hospitals earned the distinction of being the world’s second busiest centre for solid organ transplantation.
  • More than 130,000 cardiac surgeries were performed.
  • Renaissance Robotic Technology was introduced in Asia-Pacific.


  • Apollo Hospitals achieved remarkable milestones, separating Ischiopygopagus twins and Thoraco-omphalopagus conjoined twins.
  • Apollo Cancer Hospital opened in Bilaspur.


  • Apollo Speciality Hospital, OMR, was launched.
  • “Ask Apollo” and “Apollo Diagnostics” made healthcare more accessible.
  • Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad received JCI accreditation.


  • Apollo Hospitals performed over 1500 bone marrow transplants.
  • The institution expanded its education wing with 500 DNB seats.
  • South Asia’s first Proton Therapy Centre was introduced.


  • Apollo Hospitals was honoured with a postal stamp for completing 20 million health checks and 36 years of healthcare excellence.
  • The launch of “Apollo ProHealth” marked a new era in proactive healthcare.
  • Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) received JCI accreditation.
  • “Project Kavach,” “Stay-I,” and “Apollo 24|7” enhanced healthcare accessibility.


  • Apollo Hospitals joined the national COVID vaccination program, playing a pivotal role in fighting the pandemic.
  • The institution participated in the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive for children above 15 years.
  • Plans to set up a multi-speciality hospital in Jammu were announced.
  • Collaborations with “The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic” and entry into the Metaverse expanded Apollo’s horizons.


  • A memorandum of understanding was signed between Apollo Hospitals and IIT Kanpur.
  • Apollo Hospitals unveiled India’s inaugural ambulance service equipped with 5G connectivity.
  • Apollo Hospitals partnered with Google Cloud, using technology to enhance healthcare delivery.
  • The institution continued expanding, this time reaching Kolkata.

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Major Subsidiaries of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. is a healthcare powerhouse, strengthened by a variety of vital subsidiaries that significantly contribute to its mission of delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions. Let’s take a closer look at these subsidiaries:

Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy, with its vast network of over 5000+ pharmacies spread across the nation, has emerged as a trusted healthcare partner. Beyond medicines, it provides access to an extensive range of healthcare products. Apollo Pharmacy goes the extra mile by offering expert guidance from qualified pharmacists, ensuring that patients receive not only their prescribed medications but also valuable advice and support.

Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Limited (AMSHL): 

AMSHL, a wholly-owned subsidiary, owns and operates a 750-bed multi-speciality hospital located in Kolkata. With a comprehensive range of healthcare services, AMSHL has emerged as a vital player in Kolkata’s healthcare landscape. In the fiscal year ending on 31st March 2023, AMSHL reported an income of ₹10,050.47 million and a commendable net profit of ₹1,059.92 million, reflecting its dedication to healthcare excellence.

Apollo Telemedicine

With more than 200 Telemedicine Centres, Apollo Telemedicine breaks down geographical barriers to healthcare access. These centres enable video and audio consultations with experienced healthcare professionals, making it possible for individuals in even the remotest areas to receive expert medical guidance and advice without the need for arduous travel.

Samudra Health Care Enterprises Limited (SHEL)

SHEL, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, operates a 120-bed multi-speciality hospital in Kakinada. With a commitment to healthcare excellence, SHEL provides critical medical services to the community it serves. In the financial year ending on 31st March 2023, SHEL recorded an income of ₹475.75 million and an impressive net profit of ₹63.63 million.

Apollo Home Healthcare Limited (AHHL)

AHHL, an 89.69% subsidiary of the Company, specialises in providing high-quality, personalised, and professional healthcare services directly to patients at their doorstep. AHHL ensures that patients receive healthcare with a human touch in the comfort of their homes. In the fiscal year ending on 31st March 2023, AHHL reported an income of ₹643.38 million and a net loss of ₹85.12 million, emphasising its commitment to patient-centric care.

Apollo Sugar Clinics

Apollo Sugar Clinics, a chain of specialised diabetes care clinics, was acquired to address the growing prevalence of diabetes in India. With a presence in multiple cities, these clinics have become a vital resource in diabetes management. Apollo’s expertise combined with these clinics has helped countless patients in managing their conditions effectively.

Major Acquisitions by Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.

Hetero Med Solutions Limited

In 2014, Apollo Hospitals acquired a majority stake in Hetero Med Solutions Limited for ₹146 crore, a chain of pharmacy stores. This move aimed to enhance the accessibility of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services to patients. With thousands of outlets across the country, this acquisition significantly expanded Apollo’s retail pharmacy network, ensuring that patients have easy access to quality medicines and healthcare products.

Apollo Home Healthcare Limited

Apollo Home Healthcare Limited specialises in providing home healthcare services. The acquisition of this entity expanded Apollo’s ability to offer specialised care in patients’ homes. This strategic move has allowed Apollo to cater to post-hospitalisation care, chronic disease management, and rehabilitation services, all in the comfort of patients’ homes.

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Products and Brands Under Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. goes beyond hospital care and offers various products and brands to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Here are some of these offerings:

Apollo Diagnostics

Apollo Diagnostics is a vital part of the healthcare journey. They conduct a wide range of pathology and radiology tests with modern technology. This helps doctors diagnose medical conditions accurately. What’s great is that they even collect samples from your home, making it convenient for you. Apollo Diagnostics has conducted millions of tests and gained trust among patients for its precision.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC)

APCC is a pioneer in cancer treatment. It offers proton therapy, a precise method for targeting tumours while minimising harm to healthy tissues. With advanced technology and reduced side effects, APCC brings hope to cancer patients. Many have received successful treatment here, experiencing relief and recovery.

Apollo ProHealth

Apollo ProHealth focuses on preventive healthcare, encouraging a proactive approach to well-being. They offer comprehensive health assessments, analyse risks, and provide lifestyle recommendations. Millions have benefited from this preventive care approach, helping them lead healthier lives.

Apollo 24|7

Apollo 24|7 is your 24/7 healthcare companion. They offer medical consultation and advice round the clock, ensuring healthcare is always accessible. Instant access to healthcare professionals, prescription services, and health records management are some of its advantages. Millions rely on Apollo 24|7 for prompt medical support, whether it’s day or night.


Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. has transformed healthcare in India and set global standards for excellence. From its start in the 1980s to its present-day status as a healthcare leader, Apollo Hospitals’ journey is marked by dedication to patient care and innovation. As Apollo Hospitals continues to expand and offer more, its commitment to making healthcare accessible and dependable remains unwavering. With a rich history, a vast network, and trusted products, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. symbolises healthcare excellence in India. As healthcare needs evolve, Apollo Hospitals will continue to lead, ensuring that TLC reaches more lives, bringing hope and healing to people across the country.

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