What Are Zero Days to Expiration (0DTE) Options

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The ongoing buzz in retail traders leveraging short-term price swings with zero-days-to-expiration (0DTE) options is gradually making its way into the market. For those interested, understanding the 0DTE options strategy, the way it works, the risks involved, and the need for quick decisions is vital. While potentially lucrative, 0DTE options demand thorough knowledge, prompt action, and risk management to navigate successfully.

The options market has seen a surge in activity from retail traders seeking to capitalize on short-term price swings and market volatility. The relatively new phenomenon, zero-days-to-expiration (0DTE),  has made quite an entry into the mainstream and has become a popular strategy for collecting premiums. If you too are interested in starting or continuing your trading journey with 0DTE options, you are at the right place. Before you invest your hard-earned money in the market, make sure you know the tricks of the trade.

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What are Zero-Days-To-Expiration 0DTE Options?

You would know by now that options are financial tools that are traded in the derivative market. They give the buyer the right, however, not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset (like a stock) at a set price within a certain period. The buyer can choose to use this right at any time before the option expires.

Zero-days-to-expiry options, also called 0DTE options, are contracts that expire and become void on the same day they are traded. Simply put, traders need to get in and out of the options on the day they are scheduled to expire. Also called same-day options, 0DTE options are indeed a unique tool. They let traders profit from short-term price changes in the market.

Unlike traditional options that last weeks or months, 0DTE options are meant for traders who want quick results, as they expire on the same day they are bought.

How Does a 0DTE Options Strategy Work?

The way zero day options work is what separates them from traditional/ regular options. Their short lifespan makes them time-sensitive. The ‘0’ or the ‘zero’ in 0DTE means it's the last/ only day to use the option. Typically, traders have some time to wait and see if the asset's price has panned out as per their expectations. However, when it comes to the 0DTE options, there's no waiting—decisions must be made quickly because, here, the clock is ticking.

What makes 0DTE Options Strategy so appealing?

When discussing trading strategies, like most others, 0DTE options strategy also has mixed reviews. Often called a lotto trade, many investors take it as an easy way to make money. Popular for premium collection, time decay often benefits options sellers. Capital is tied up only briefly, with trades entered and closed on the same day. The leverage involved allows investors to take multiple positions, enhancing potential gains.

Things to Keep in Mind When going for 0DTE Options Trading Strategies

For many investors, budding and seasoned alike, 0DTE options may appear to be an appealing choice. And while there is no denying that they can be high-paying, such options trading strategies come with their own set of risks and complications. It is best recommended that you keep the following points in mind when you opt for zero day options. 

  1. You need to know what you are getting into
    It is crucial to have a clear and in-depth knowledge of how to execute and hedge these trades. Understanding trade execution and hedging is essential because market catalysts may not behave as anticipated. Market demand and supply factors may not always benefit the investor.
  2. There is always the element of uncertainty
    When it comes to trading, uncertainty remains the biggest risk, things become all the more volatile with short-term options. Profits and losses can occur rapidly due to the swift intraday movements of a stock or index. The fluctuating prices within a single trading day can lead to quick financial gains or losses, highlighting the high-risk nature of short-term trading.
  3. You need to make quick decisions
    At this stage, there's very little time left to exercise the right to buy or sell the underlying asset. The window is small, and the trader's intended move needs to occur quickly. The options contract will soon expire, and as an investor, you will have to take tough calls to make the most out of the deal.
  4. The risk can be very high
    Options are financial instruments that use leverage, allowing investors to control a large amount of the underlying asset with a relatively small investment. On one hand, this leverage can boost your gains, but on the other hand, it can significantly increase the risk.  If the market moves unfavourably, you can be at the risk of losing the entire invested capital quickly. When you invest in stocks, the value of the shares can increase and decrease, but in the case of options, they can expire worthless. This can result in a total loss of the investment.


There is an ongoing buzz about making quick and easy money through the use of the 0DTE options strategy. However, as an investor, you need to bear in mind that a no-risk, high-return option doesn’t really exist. While zero day options can help you earn profits, remember that this is because they are volatile and also quite complicated. Once you are through with the free demat account opening, it's time to watch your steps. Be patient, make informed decisions and invest as per your risk appetite. 

Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing.

This content is for educational purposes only. Securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory.

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