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One of the largest social security organisations in the world, the EPFO or the Employee Provident Fund Organisation, was launched for the benefit of salaried employees in India. This is an organisation that manages the EPF scheme, or the Employee Provident Fund scheme which is applicable as a welfare savings scheme for all Indian employees working in the Public or Private Sectors. Such a scheme serves as a saving plan for employees and works towards the goal of collecting a substantial corpus for employees’ retirement. Related to your EPF account is the UAN member portal. This is the UAN Member E-Sewa portal that is a resource for accessing any requests linked to your EPF, as well as for executing certain online services connected to your EPF. 

The UAN Member Portal

Any employee availing of the EPF scheme may register with the online EPFO portal and gain access to a wide variety of services linked to the EPF scheme. When any employee gets registered for the EPF scheme, they are assigned a UAN (Universal Account Number). This may be viewed as a kind of ID for any employee to access the services of the EPF account. The UAN Member E-Sewa portal is a portal, within the EPFO website, where employees can find a range of information and services related to their EPF accounts. For instance, employees can find information relating to their EPF balance, contributions, details of previous employers, etc. Information concerning withdrawals can be found here as well. 

Any organisation or company with 20 employees or more is required to mandatorily undertake EPF UAN registration and this must be done online, aligned with government regulations for the same. The registration involves a password and a user ID which is unique. It is only through this that any organisation or its employees can access the EPFO portal. Every employee availing of the EPF gets a UAN and if you are one of them, you can access the UAN portal at Member Home ( In light of this, it is important for employees and employers to know how to register with the UAN Member Portal.

How to Register on the UAN Member E-Sewa Portal

Before you use your EPFO employee login details to use the services of the EPFO, you have to register with the portal by activating your UAN. Your UAN is available to you from your employer the minute you are signed up for the EPF scheme. You may also know your UAN from your salary slip. After you have got your UAN, you can follow the following steps to activate your UAN (effectively register on the portal) on the EPFO website:

  • Step 1

Go to the section on “Important Links” and opt to click on the “Activate UAN” tab. 

  • Step 2

Enter all your details in the fields present and then click on “Get Authorisation Pin”. You will then receive a PIN on your cell number registered with the EPFO. 

  • Step 3

Enter the PIN you have received into the required field. Another password will be sent to your cell number via SMS. This is the password you must use to activate your UAN and log into the portal. It is highly recommended that this password be changed as soon as you activate your UAN. 

Checking Your UAN Status

You can easily check the status of your UAN EPF after you have logged into the member portal. Follow the steps explained below:

  • Step 1

Under the section on “Important Links”, click on the “Know Your UAN” tab. After this, you may opt to enter your PAN number, Aadhaar number, EPF number, or Member ID. 

  • Step 2

After you have submitted all the details required, you must click on “Get Authorization PIN”. You will receive this on your cell number. Enter this into the required field and click on “Validate OTP and Get UAN”. 

  • Step 3

You will receive your EPF UAN status on your registered cell number. 

UAN Member Portal Services

Once you are all set with your EPFO portal login details, you can avail of a host of services at your fingertips. The following are the services offered to you through the UAN Member E-Sewa portal: 

  • You are permitted to view your entire EPF profile, such as your UAN, your name, date of birth, gender, etc. 
  • You are also permitted to view the history of your employment such as the companies you have worked for, dates of joining and termination, etc. 
  • Additionally, you may view your UAN card and download it, as well as get an idea od your EPF passbook with account balances and interest credited, etc. 
  • The EPFO portal under the UAN membership allows you to manage the updation of your account, including your KYC information or education credentials. 
  • Other online services on the UAN member portal include filling out claim forms for withdrawals from your EPF accounts (partial or entire), the process to undertake transfer of your EPF account, and monitoring your EPF claim status. 

You may also contact the UAN customer care number (under the section “Contact Us”)  which you can find on the portal. 

Final Lines on the UAN Member Portal

Through the UAN member portal, employers can undertake and execute a variety of functions linked to their own EPF accounts through the EPFO portal. If you are a salaried employee and have availed of the EPF scheme, you can plan your finances by being a UAN member and be more educated about your financial standing in general. The EPF is a great scheme for employees who can actively plan their retirement finances and possibly attain their goals for retirement. 

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