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The TVS Group stands tall as one of India’s most trusted and recognised names. Over a century old, this giant enterprise has steadily grown, adapting to new times while always sticking to its core values. TVS’s main strength? Its dedication to top-quality products, forward-thinking innovation, and the trust it has built among countless Indians. From its early days to its present success, the story of TVS is more than just business growth. It’s about shaping the way we live, guiding our transport choices, and being a familiar and dependable presence in both our daily travels and our households.

In this blog, we’ll walk through TVS Group’s incredible journey. From its roots to its achievements, and its impact on India’s industrial scene. 

About TVS Group

FounderT V Sundaram Iyengar
Industry TypeConglomerate (ranging from automobiles to real estate)
Year of Foundation1911
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu
Key PeopleT S Rajam, T S Krishna, T S Srinivasan and T S Santhanam
Presence Globally80 countries
Number of SubsidiariesOver 50

Overview of TVS Group

Madurai is the birthplace of the TVS Group, a city with a deep historical significance. But with an eye on global outreach and to tap into global business trends, they set their international base in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Chennai, a major city, offers the group a global connection and a vast pool of talent.

Change is a constant in business, and the TVS Group knows this well. In 2022, they took a big step by dividing the group into four separate entities. This move showed their ability to adapt and grow while holding onto their core beliefs. This change was led by four key members of the TVS family – T S Rajam, T S Krishna, T S Srinivasan, and T S Santhanam. Each brought their unique touch to the group’s varied businesses.

The TVS Group has a wide range of companies under its name. With over 50 subsidiaries, they touch various industries. The main companies overseeing these subsidiaries are TVS & Sons, Sundaram Industries, and TVS Holding Companies. Of these, nine have a public listing, showing their commitment to their investors. While TVS Group is known for automobiles, they have also stepped into other areas like real estate, electronics, and finance. 

History of TVS Group

1911: Laying the Groundwork

Shri. T V Sundaram Iyengar founded the TVS Group. What started as a local transportation service in Tamil Nadu soon evolved, marking the beginning of a legacy.

1920s: Broadening Horizons

TVS expanded its reach, diving into the automobile distribution sector. This move positioned them as a key player in Tamil Nadu’s budding automotive scene.

1930s: Venture into Financial Services

Addressing the growing financial needs, TVS introduced Sundaram Finance. This entity provided essential financial services to both individuals and businesses.

1940s: Navigating Global Challenges

Amidst the global unrest of World War II, TVS exhibited resilience. Their commitment ensured sustained growth during this turbulent time.

1950s: Growth in a New India

India’s independence ushered in industrial growth. Seizing the opportunity, TVS augmented its automobile distribution and ventured into the manufacturing of automobile components.

1960s: Solidifying Foundations

1962 witnessed the establishment of TVS Holdings Ltd, dedicated to auto components. This decade saw the birth of several subsidiaries, shaping the multifaceted conglomerate we know today.

1970s: Two-Wheeler Revolution

A crucial era, 1978 marked the inception of TVS Motor Company Ltd. This signalled TVS’s foray into the realm of two-wheelers, producing vehicles that would soon become iconic in India.

1980s: Diverse Endeavours

The group ventured into tyres with TVS Srichakra Ltd in 1982. Additionally, 1987 saw the emergence of TVS Electronics Ltd, marking TVS’s entry into the technological domain.

1990s: Logistics Leadership

Recognising the essence of logistics in India’s evolving economy, 1992 brought TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd to the fore. They quickly rose to prominence, offering comprehensive logistical solutions.

2000s: Global Footprints

TVS’s vision extended beyond Indian shores during this decade. Expanding internationally, they forged collaborations and marked their presence in several countries.

2010s: Innovative Strides

During a period of technological advancements, TVS Group honed in on research and development, rolling out innovative automotive and tech solutions. Sustainable and environmentally conscious approaches became a focal point.

2020s: Strategic Evolution

Reflecting their adaptive nature, 2022 saw the group’s restructuring into four entities. This move encapsulates TVS Group’s commitment to continuous growth and evolution.

Major Subsidiaries of TVS Group

S. No.Name SectorMarket Cap (in Crores)Year Founded
1TVS Motor Company LtdTwo Wheelers₹ 72,3321978
2TVS Holdings LtdAuto Parts₹ 13,5661962
3TVS Supply Chain Solutions LtdLogistics₹ 9,2301992
4TVS Srichakra LtdTires & Rubber₹ 2,7151982
5TVS Electronics LtdTechnology Hardware₹ 6371987

TVS Motor Company Ltd

Founded in 1978, TVS Motor Company Ltd has firmly established its footprint in the two-wheeler sector. With a whopping market cap of ₹ 72,332 crores, it’s evident how significant this subsidiary is to the TVS Group. Over the years, TVS Motor Company has earned a reputation for producing reliable and innovative two-wheelers that cater to a diverse clientele. Their emphasis on customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and sustainable practices has made them a household name. Every product released under this banner resonates with the company’s commitment to quality, ensuring riders experience the best of both worlds: performance and safety.

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TVS Holdings Ltd

Taking us back to 1962, TVS Holdings Ltd has been a pioneering force in the auto parts sector. With a market capitalisation of ₹ 13,566 crores, this subsidiary stands as a testament to the TVS Group’s dedication to delivering unparalleled quality in automotive components. TVS Holdings Ltd focuses on enhancing the overall automotive experience for vehicles by ensuring that each auto part is meticulously crafted, integrates advanced technologies, and passes rigorous quality checks. Their longevity in the market, coupled with their consistent excellence, has solidified their position as leaders in the auto parts industry.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd

Entering the logistics arena in 1992, TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd has continually redefined what efficient logistics means. With a respectable market cap of ₹ 9,230 crores, this subsidiary is responsible for streamlining the delivery and supply chain processes, ensuring products reach their intended destinations both promptly and efficiently. In a world where time is often equated with money, TVS Supply Chain Solutions stands as a beacon, ensuring timely deliveries, optimal inventory management, and customer satisfaction. Their holistic approach to logistics, combined with their state-of-the-art technologies, makes them an indispensable asset to the TVS Group.

TVS Srichakra Ltd

Since 1982, TVS Srichakra Ltd has been driving the market with its premium rubber products, primarily focusing on tyres. With a market cap of ₹ 2,715 crores, it showcases its significance within the TVS Group  and the tyre industry at large. Tyres are an essential component of any vehicle, dictating both safety and performance. TVS Srichakra ensures each tyre is crafted to perfection, balancing durability with optimal performance. Their products not only promise longevity but also contribute significantly to fuel efficiency, making them a preferred choice among consumers.

TVS Electronics Ltd

Venturing into the realm of technology hardware in 1987, TVS Electronics Ltd embodies the Group’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Even with a market cap of ₹ 637 crores, its influence and reach in the technology hardware sector are commendable. In an era dominated by digital advancements, TVS Electronics provides a plethora of products ranging from keyboards to point-of-sale terminals. Each product is a result of thorough research, ensuring it not only meets but often exceeds consumer expectations. As the technological landscape continually evolves, TVS Electronics remains committed to innovating, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological solutions.

Major Acquisitions or Joint Ventures by TVS Group

TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad

In one of the most notable joint ventures, TVS Motor Company collaborated with BMW Motorrad in 2013. This strategic partnership aimed to design, produce, and market high-end motorcycles ranging from 250cc to 500cc. The collaboration combined the precision engineering of BMW with the mass-market understanding of TVS. The TVS RR 310, a notable outcome of this venture, quickly gained popularity amongst Indian biking enthusiasts.

Sundaram Clayton and WABCO

Sundaram Clayton Limited (SCL), a part of the TVS Group, ventured with WABCO, a leading global supplier of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. This joint venture, known as WABCO-TVS (India) Ltd, focused on the production of braking and related systems for commercial vehicles in India. The alliance has significantly contributed to improving the safety standards of Indian commercial vehicles.

TVS Motor Company’s acquisition of Norton Motorcycles

In a significant move, in April 2020, TVS Motor Company acquired the iconic British motorcycle brand, Norton Motorcycles. This acquisition, worth £16 million, was strategic for TVS in enhancing its global portfolio and tapping into the legacy and advanced technology that Norton brought to the table. Norton, with its rich racing heritage, added a feather in TVS’s cap, reflecting its commitment to quality and excellence.

Lucas TVS and Delphi 

Lucas TVS, a leader in auto electrical products in India, established a joint venture with Delphi, a global automotive parts giant. This collaboration, named Delphi TVS, embarked on producing diesel fuel injection systems. Their combined expertise ensured high-quality products that adhered to global standards, enhancing the performance and efficiency of diesel engines.

TVS Motor Company and Swiss E-Mobility Group (SEMG)

Marking another milestone in 2022, TVS Motor Company heralded the successful acquisition of a 75% stake in the Swiss E-Mobility Group (SEMG). This move amplifies TVS Motor Company’s dedication to enlarging its presence in Europe, fortified by its recent acquisitions including eminent brands like Norton Motorcycles and EGO Movement. SEMG stands out as a prominent figure in e-mobility solutions, particularly in the DACH region. The Group is renowned for operating M-way, the largest exclusive e-bike retail chain in Switzerland, boasting a revenue nearing USD 100M. Their rich portfolio of esteemed Swiss mobility brands, such as Cilo, Simpel, Allegro, and Zenith – Bikes, sets them apart. SEMG’s robust approach, integrating an expansive physical network with an e-commerce platform, supported by two online platforms and 31 brick-and-mortar stores, ensures a holistic and top-tier customer experience.

TVS and Mopeds

Way back in the 1970s, TVS embarked on a joint venture with the French company Motobécane (now MBK). This was one of their initial steps into the two-wheeler sector, leading to the production of mopeds. TVS 50, India’s first moped, was a result of this venture and went on to become a popular choice for economical and efficient transportation across the country.

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Products/Brands Under TVS Group

TVS Motorcycles

This brand doesn’t just represent two-wheelers but is an emotion for many Indians. Known for their robust design, fuel efficiency, and cost-effective models, TVS Motorcycles have carved a niche for themselves in the crowded market. They cater to all segments, from the urban commuter to the passionate biker. The RTR series, for instance, showcases the company’s expertise in crafting bikes that exude style while ensuring top-notch performance. As environmental concerns gain momentum, the brand has been proactive in introducing electric models, reflecting its commitment to sustainable mobility.

Sundaram Clayton

The behind-the-scenes champion for the automobile industry, Sundaram Clayton is the manufacturing force that crafts high-end die-casting products for both automotive and non-automotive sectors. Their superior quality products play a pivotal role in various vehicles, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently. Their attention to detail, advanced technology usage, and commitment to quality have made them an invaluable asset in the automotive supply chain.

TVS Electronics

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, TVS Electronics ensures that India doesn’t lag behind. They are known for offering a plethora of consumer electronics and have particularly made a name for themselves in the computer peripherals domain. Their keyboards and printers, for instance, are often lauded for their longevity, user-friendliness, and consistent performance. The brand reflects a blend of innovation and reliability, ensuring consumers receive the best of the tech world.

TVS Tyres (under TVS Srichakra Ltd)

A vehicle is only as good as the tyres it runs on, and this is where TVS Tyres comes into the picture. As one of the leading manufacturers in India, they offer a comprehensive range for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Their tyres are crafted to withstand the diverse and often challenging Indian terrains. Their research and development wing continually works on innovative solutions to enhance grip, longevity, and fuel efficiency.

TVS Capital Funds

Venturing into the financial world, TVS Capital Funds represents the group’s commitment to fostering growth and nurturing potential. As a private equity fund, it aims at magnifying the growth prospects of mid-sized companies in India. They have been instrumental in providing both capital and expertise, ensuring their invested companies scale new heights and contribute effectively to the Indian economy.


The TVS Group, since 1911, stands as a symbol of dedication and quality in India’s industrial story. Starting small and growing over the decades, their mark is clear in various sectors today. Their success lies in understanding what people need and delivering it consistently. When we look at the Indian market, the TVS Group’s influence is everywhere, showcasing their significant role in India’s growth and future potential.

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