Thermax Eyes Green Hydrogen as Key Investment Segment

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Thermax emphasises green hydrogen via electrolyzers, eyeing revenue flow in about 3 years. India targets 5M tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030. Market projections estimate a $125 billion investment opportunity by 2030.

Thermax News Today

Thermax, an industrial machinery manufacturer, identifies green hydrogen as a key investment segment, foreseeing significant revenue streams within three years. India aims to produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030, driving investments in sectors like transportation, chemicals, and fertilisers.

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Partnerships and Manufacturing Endeavours

The company is actively seeking partnerships to manufacture and supply electrolyzers, aligning with India's push for green energy production.

Thermax's partnership with Fortescue Future Industries for green hydrogen projects is on hold, but the company remains committed to green solutions alongside its traditional chemical business.

Market Dynamics and Future Projections

Analysts remain cautious yet optimistic about the green hydrogen sector's growth, estimating a $125 billion investment opportunity by 2030. Despite global oversupply, analysts anticipate a surge in electrolyzer demand once green hydrogen plants are operational, with expected cost reductions and efficiency improvements by 2030.

Business Outlook

Thermax expects a rebound in its green solutions business in FY25, focusing on long-term growth in chemicals while introducing innovative energy transition solutions.

Thermax introduces various energy transition solutions to meet evolving market demands, with promising traction expected for products like thermotron, flexible-source boilers, and electric heaters.

Future Prospects

Despite a modest 2% year-on-year order inflow in Q4, Thermax anticipates strengthened traction in the industrial products sector in the first half of FY25. Analysts foresee the long-term fruition of investments in Thermax's green solutions business, highlighting the company's potential growth trajectory.

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