Tata Steel to Invest ₹13,000 Cr in UK for State-of-the-Art Furnace

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Tata Steel will invest ₹13,000 crore to build a modern Electric Arc Furnace in Port Talbot, UK, replacing two blast furnaces. This move aims to save 5,000 jobs and ensure future supplies. This project could cut UK emissions by 2%, supported by ₹5,200 crore in government aid. The construction is set to start by August 2025.

Tata Steel News Today

Tata Steel has announced its commitment to invest ₹13,000 crore in constructing a cutting-edge Electric Arc Furnace in Port Talbot, UK, in collaboration with the UK Government. This investment is set to revolutionize steel production in the region and secure thousands of jobs.

Despite facing opposition from unions and alternative proposals, Tata Steel CEO T V Narendran asserts that the decision to proceed with the Electric Arc Furnace is the most viable option. The company aims to avoid significant additional costs and operational risks associated with maintaining existing blast furnaces.

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Environmental Impact and Government Support

The transition to Electric Arc Furnaces is not only expected to secure 5,000 jobs but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Utilising renewable electricity could potentially reduce UK emissions by about 2%. Moreover, the project will receive substantial government support, with around ₹5,200 crore in subsidies offered by the Rishi Sunak-led administration.

Timeline and Operational Plans

Tata Steel aims to commence construction of the Electric Arc Furnace by August 2025, with plans to place orders for the furnace equipment by September. The company is also engaged in discussions with trade unions to finalise a memorandum of understanding regarding the future of the UK business and its impact on employees.

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