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Tata Consumer Products Ltd., a distinguished name within the Indian consumer goods industry, holds a strong presence in the day-to-day lives of several households across the nation. Tata Consumer Products has a rich history and is dedicated to providing quality to over 200 million households in India alone. This is not merely a statistical achievement, but proof of the trust and reliance placed upon the brand by the common people. It’s there when you start your day with a refreshing cup of Tata Tea, and when you sprinkle Tata Salt in your meals, ensuring health and flavour in every bite.

This blog is not just an exploration of a company, its history, or its offerings, but a closer look at an entity that has quietly but deeply become a part of our lives.

About Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

FounderJamsetji Tata
Industry TypeFMCG
Founded Year1962
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key PeopleN. Chandrasekaran (Chairman)
Sunil D’Souza (Managing Director & CEO)
Parent CompanyTata Group
Countries Present40+
Market Cap₹810.61 billion
Total Employees3,900+ globally

Overview of Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

Originating from the strategic merger of Tata Global Beverages Limited (TGBL) with the consumer products division of Tata Chemicals, Tata Consumer Products Ltd. (TCP) has emerged as a significant player in the FMCG sector.

Housing familiar and trusted brands like Tata Tea, Tata Salt, and Tetley, along with growing brands like Tata Sampann and Tata Soulfull, TCP doesn’t merely provide you with products; it brings to your homes a promise of quality, reliability, and sustainability. TCP has a comprehensive global presence, stretching across over 40 nations, and is supported by a diverse, global workforce.

In India, TCP’s products find a spot in over 200 million homes like yours, reaching you through a big network that includes about 3.8 million shops! TCP not only ensures superior product quality but also invests substantially in research and development, utilising 3 world-class R&D facilities to continually innovate and enhance your consumer experience. 

Moreover, their commitment to sustainability and community is highlighted by initiatives like aiming for Net Zero by 2040 and zero waste to landfill by 2030, alongside a strong impact through several CSR programmes.

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Tata Consumer Products Ltd. History

1964: Formation of Tata Finlay through an alliance with James Finlay, signifying a strong foundation in the tea industry.

1979: The development of new salt works, exploring beyond the tea sector and diversifying the product range.

1983: Introduction of Tata Salt, a first-of-its-kind iodised, vacuum-evaporated, branded salt in India, transforming the culinary habits and health of Indian households.

1985: Tata Tea introduced the poly pack, a revolutionary packaging method, that ensures the freshness and longevity of the product, thus sealing its strong presence in the Indian market.

1991: Marking the entrance into the brand business, Tata Tea amplified its reach and diversified its offerings.

2000: Acquiring Tetley, a British beverage manufacturer, amplified Tata’s global presence, integrating diverse tea practices and cultures under one banner.

2005: Acquisition of Good Earth, an American herbal tea and wellness products retailer, indicating expansion into the international wellness product market.

2006: By acquiring Eight O’Clock Coffee, a premium coffee brand in the USA, and a stake in Joekels Tea in South Africa, Tata expanded its presence in the international beverage market.

2007: With the acquisition of Mount Everest Mineral Water (owners of Himalayan Water) and Vitax, a Polish tea brand, the company widened its beverage and wellness offerings further.

2010: The company was renamed Tata Global Beverages, reflecting its vast and diverse global beverage portfolio.

2012: Tata Global Beverages entered a vital Joint Venture with Starbucks, marking a significant move into the premium coffee chain market in India.

2015: Tata Sampann was introduced, offering nutritious and high-quality food products, strengthening Tata’s presence in Indian households.

2020: Forming Tata Consumer Products by merging with the consumer products division of Tata Chemicals, the company combined various consumer products under a singular entity. Furthermore, this year saw TCP buying the entire stake of PepsiCo in Nourishco, indicating a stronger move into the health and wellness beverages segment.

2021: TCP acquired Kottaram Agro Foods (owner of brand ‘Soulfull’) and Tata SmartFoodz Ltd. (owner of brand ‘Tata Q’), marking an entry into the ready-to-eat segment in India.

Major Subsidiaries of Tata Consumer Products Ltd.


Originating from the UK and being more than 180 years old, Tetley has its own unique legacy in the tea manufacturing industry. Acquired by Tata Consumer Products in 2000, it broadened Tata’s global reach in the tea market, providing consumers with a variety of traditional and innovative tea blends. Tetley champions delivering diverse, quality teas, balancing both traditional and modern tea-drinking trends across 40 countries.

Eight O’Clock Coffee

As a brand, Eight O’Clock Coffee has more than 100 years of history in serving quality coffee to the U.S. market. When Tata Consumer Products acquired this brand in 2006, it was a strategic move to enhance its presence in the coffee sector on a global scale. Ensuring consistency in providing robust, smooth, and richly flavoured coffee, Eight O’Clock Coffee stands as a premium choice for coffee lovers.

Tata Starbucks

The joint venture in 2012 between Tata Consumer Products and Starbucks, known as Tata Starbucks Ltd., represents a fusion of international coffee culture and local taste preferences. This partnership did not just bring Starbucks outlets to India but also offered a space where global coffee culture and local tastes percolate together to create a distinctive consumer experience.


NourishCo operates in the non-alcoholic beverages sector, making a significant space for itself in the healthy and enhanced hydration market. By acquiring PepsiCo’s stake, Tata Consumer Products entered the market of nourishing liquids. Brands like Tata Gluco Plus and Tata Water Plus originated from NourishCo, offering hydration solutions that are both energising and nutritious, ensuring that every sip contributes towards wellness and vitality.

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Major Acquisitions by Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

Good Earth

In 2005, Tata Consumer Products made a significant acquisition with Good Earth, a US-based brand known for its wide range of herbal and speciality teas. Good Earth’s reputation for unique and innovative tea blends has established it as a distinct player in the tea market. Tata Consumer Products’ acquisition not only expanded its global presence but also diversified its product portfolio, offering a delightful selection of exotic tea blends to a distinct consumer base that favours herbal and speciality teas.

Himalayan Water

In 2007, Tata Consumer Products strategically acquired Mount Everest Mineral Water, the parent company of the premium natural mineral water brand ‘Himalayan.’ This move aimed to broaden their product range in the premium water segment. Himalayan Water, sourced from the Shivalik Range in the Himalayas, is renowned for its naturally balanced water. This acquisition reflected Tata Consumer Products’ commitment to entering the premium consumer products market and enhancing its beverage offerings with a premium product that complements its existing lineup.

Kottaram Agro Foods

In 2021, Tata Consumer Products entered the growing health food segment with the acquisition of Kottaram Agro Foods in India, the creators of ‘Soulfull.’ This brand is renowned for its traditional Indian grain-based products, such as millet muesli, and holds a significant market share in India’s health foods category. Through this acquisition, Tata Consumer Products diversified its offerings to meet the increasing demand from consumers who prioritise nutritious and native grain-based food options.

Tata SmartFoodz Ltd.

Tata Consumer Products made a strategic move into the ready-to-eat segment by acquiring Tata SmartFoodz Ltd. in 2021, the company behind ‘Tata Q.’ This entry aligned with the rapid growth of this category in India. ‘Tata Q’ offers a range of pasta and noodles in ‘4-minute’ quick-cook meals, catering to consumers seeking convenient and quick meal options without compromising on taste.

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Products/Brands Under Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

Tata Tea 

A jewel in the crown of Tata Consumer Products Ltd., Tata Tea has steadfastly served the nation and beyond for decades. Originating from the lush tea gardens of India, Tata Tea’s offerings have become synonymous with revitalising freshness and impeccable quality. With a variety that caters to the distinct palates of its diverse consumer base, the brand encapsulates an array of offerings from the robust Masala Chai to the subtle Green Tea, ensuring that every sip translates into an invigorating experience for you.

Tata Salt

A revolutionary product, Tata Salt, surfaced in the Indian market in 1983, bringing forth the concept of iodised salt, which was a novelty in the Indian context. Catering to the iodine requirements of millions, Tata Salt not only accentuates the flavour of your meals but also contributes significantly to your daily nutritional intake. 

Tata Sampann

With a commitment to bringing unadulterated and nutritious products to your table, Tata Sampann has carved its niche in Indian kitchens. Encompassing a range of pulses, spices, and nutritional mixes, it ensures that your meals are not just a delight for your palate but also a source of wholesome goodness. Tata Sampann’s spices, in particular, are appreciated for retaining the natural oils, offering you the authentic flavours and aromas of each spice.


The transformation from Tata Finlay to Tata Consumer Products Ltd. is a story of change, driven by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With operations spanning more than 40 countries, a devoted workforce, and a visionary approach to corporate social responsibility, Tata Consumer Products Ltd. is primed for a future where it continues to improve lives, generate value for stakeholders, and maintain a reputation of trust in the consumer goods industry.

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