Nestle, Dr Reddy’s Form JV for Nutritional Health Solutions

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 A joint venture was formed by Nestle India and Dr Reddy’s to expand the reach of Nestle's nutritional solutions in India. Dr Reddy’s will hold a 51% stake initially, with Nestle India retaining the rest and the option to increase its shareholding later. JV will licence specific brands including Nature's Bounty and Rebalanz and likely commence operating in the second quarter of FY25.

Nestle India and Dr Reddy’s News Today

Nestle India and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories have joined forces to establish a joint venture aimed at broadening the availability of Nestle's global nutritional health solutions across India. The JV represents a unique approach to promoting good health.

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This strategic partnership will see Dr Reddy’s holding a majority stake of 51%, allowing Nestle India to leverage their established retail and distribution network to reach more consumers nationwide.

Licensing Trusted Brands for Healthier Lives

The joint venture will facilitate the licensing of renowned brands from both companies, including Nature's Bounty and Rebalanz, catering to various nutritional and over-the-counter segments.

By pooling their resources and expertise, Nestle and Dr Reddy’s aim to introduce innovative nutraceutical brands that promote healthier lifestyles and meet the evolving needs of consumers in India.

The JV Aims to Drive Access and Affordability

With operations set to commence in the second quarter of FY25, the joint venture is poised to enhance access and affordability of nutritional health solutions in India.


By combining Nestle Health Sciences’ global portfolio with Dr Reddy’s commercial capabilities, the partnership seeks to make a meaningful difference in improving the quality of life for consumers, underscoring their shared commitment to promoting good health and well-being.

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