LG Electronics Eyes $1 Billion Fundraise Through Dollar Bonds

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Bond Issuance Strategy: LG Electronics plans to issue 3-year and 5-year dollar bonds to raise up to $1 billion.

  2. Use of Proceeds: Funds from the 3-year bonds will be utilised for general operations and refinancing debts, while the 5-year bonds will support green and social projects.

  3. Initial Pricing: Initial price guidance is set at 135 basis points over 3-year Treasuries for the 3-year bond, and 150 basis points for the 5-year bond.

  4. Future Goals: LG aims to be a top global player in vehicle components by 2030 and enhance service platforms in its home appliance and TV businesses.

LG Electronics' Bold Move to Raise $1 Billion Through Dollar Bonds

LG Electronics is making a significant move in the financial markets with plans to raise up to $1 billion through the issuance of dollar bonds, as revealed by a term sheet obtained by Reuters. This initiative indicates a proactive approach in bolstering the company's financial structure amidst its ambitious growth plans.

Strategic Financial Planning

The company has engaged multiple investment banks to orchestrate the bond deal, which consists of both a 3-year and a 5-year term. This strategic choice reflects a balanced approach to managing short-term operational needs and long-term sustainability projects. The initial price guidance for these bonds—135 basis points over 3-year Treasuries for the 3-year bond and 150 basis points over 5-year Treasuries for the 5-year bond—suggests a competitive interest rate environment conducive to attracting investors.

Allocating the Raised Funds

The proceeds from the 3-year bonds are designated for general corporate purposes, including investment in core areas and refinancing of maturing debts. This indicates LG's focus on maintaining liquidity and funding ongoing operational expenses. Conversely, the funds from the 5-year bonds are earmarked for green and social projects, underscoring LG’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Vision for Growth and Sustainability

Last year, LG Electronics articulated its vision to become a global leader in vehicle components, targeting a revenue goal of 20 trillion won by 2030. This ambitious target is part of a broader strategy to diversify and strengthen its core business areas, which also include enhancing service platforms across its home appliance and TV segments with a focus on media subscriptions and rental services.


LG Electronics' decision to enter the dollar bond market is a calculated step towards securing the necessary capital to support its strategic initiatives and long-term corporate goals. By aligning its financing strategy with its operational and sustainability commitments, LG not only positions itself for financial stability but also enhances its corporate image in the world of global responsibility.

This bond issuance represents not just a financial manoeuvre but a pivotal element in LG’s broader strategy to innovate, sustain, and lead in the global electronics market. As LG continues to expand its footprint in various high-growth areas, the successful deployment of these funds could very well determine the pace and success of its ambitious global aspirations.

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