Hindustan Aeronautics Receives RFP for 156 Light Combat Helicopters

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The Ministry of Defence has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to Hindustan Aeronautics for 156 Light Combat Helicopters worth ₹45,000 crore, with 90 for the Indian Army and 66 for the Indian Air Force.

HAL News Today

To enhance self-reliance in the defence sector, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) announced that the Ministry of Defence has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the procurement of 156 Light Combat Helicopters (LCH).

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Contract Details

The tender, valued at over ₹45,000 crore, includes 90 helicopters for the Indian Army and 66 for the Indian Air Force. This reflects the government's commitment to strengthening the country's defence capabilities through indigenous manufacturing.

Features and Capabilities of LCH

The Light Combat Helicopter, also known as Prachand, shares many features with the Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv, such as:

  • Stealth and Protection: The LCH includes stealth features, armoured protection systems, and crash-worthy landing gear.
  • Combat Capabilities: It is equipped for night attacks, high-altitude performance, and all-weather operations.
  • Versatility: The LCH can perform a variety of roles, including combat search and rescue (CSAR), destruction of enemy air defence (DEAD), and counter-insurgency (CI) operations.
  • Advanced Technology: The helicopter features a glass cockpit and a composite airframe structure, enhancing its operational efficiency and durability.

HAL's Market Performance

The HAL stocks have increased by 84% in 2024 and 167% over the past year. Following the RFP announcement, its shares remain in focus.

Order Book Overview

HAL's robust financial position includes a strong order book of approximately ₹94,000 crore, up 15% year-on-year. The Ministry of Defence aims for a turnover of ₹1.75 lakh crore in aerospace and defence manufacturing by 2025, including ₹35,000 crore in exports.

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