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Imagine a tree, rooted deep in India’s soil, with branches that touch every corner of the country. This tree symbolises the Godrej Group, a trusted name that has grown alongside India for over a century. Founded when the 19th century was drawing to a close, Godrej is not just a name,  but a part of India’s long story. From providing the safety of sturdy locks to the comfort of home appliances, Godrej is a familiar presence in countless homes. In many Indian towns, you’ll find at least one Godrej product in every three homes! 

As we journey through Godrej’s story, we’ll learn how it isn’t just about products or profits but a deep connection with the people of India.

About Godrej Group

FounderArdeshir Godrej
Industry TypeDiversified (Consumer goods, Real Estate, Appliances, Agriculture, etc.)
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key PeopleAdi Godrej, Nisaba Godrej, Pirojsha Godrej
Countries Present InOver 60 countries
Revenue (as of latest data)exceeds USD 4.1 billion
Major SubsidiariesGodrej Consumer Products Ltd, Godrej Properties Ltd, Godrej Industries Ltd, Godrej Agrovet Ltd, Godrej Infotech
Key InitiativesEnvironmental, Health, Educational initiatives

Overview of the Godrej Group

The Godrej Group stands as a representation of India’s industrial history, with roots extending to the late 19th century. It was in 1897 when Ardeshir Godrej established the foundation of what would grow into a massive business empire. Since then, the name ‘Godrej’ has become a symbol of reliability, forward-thinking, and high quality.

Initially, the group started its corporate journey with a focus on manufacturing locks. However, with time, it recognised the broader needs of its clientele and diversified accordingly. Today, the Godrej Group’s wide reach is evident, affecting the lives of over 1.1 billion people globally. Its diverse portfolio spans multiple sectors such as consumer products, property development, household appliances, and agribusiness, to name a few.

From a financial perspective, the group’s achievements are commendable, registering revenues exceeding USD 4.1 billion. But the essence of the Godrej Group is not just confined to its economic milestones. Integral to its ethos are the core values and principles on which it was founded. An integral segment of their operational strategy involves contributing positively to the community. This is evident through their numerous endeavours in environmental conservation, health promotion, and educational initiatives, showcasing their unwavering dedication to societal betterment.

In their continuous pursuit of business excellence, the Godrej Group upholds a gold standard of ethical operations, promoting a culture of inclusiveness and excellence. 

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Godrej Group History

1897: The start of a magnificent journey began this year. A gentleman named Ardeshir Godrej laid the foundation of what we now know as the Godrej Group by setting up a small lock company. In a time when quality locks were hard to come by, Ardeshir offered a solution.

1918: Venturing into a completely different territory, the Godrej Group brought to the masses ‘Chavi’, a unique soap. What made it special was its foundation ingredient – vegetable oil. This product not only promoted Swadeshi values but also championed non-violence, as no animal fats were used.

1922: Godrej’s growth didn’t go unnoticed. Many esteemed personalities, including the likes of Annie Besant and Rabindranath Tagore, showered praise on Godrej products. A special mention should be made of Mahatma Gandhi, who too admired the values and quality the brand stood for.

1923: Seeking to diversify their range, Godrej decided to explore the world of furniture. This was the year when Indian homes began to familiarise themselves with the sturdy and long-lasting Godrej almirahs, which soon became household staples.

1943-1944: A visionary named Pirojsha Godrej undertook a significant project. He acquired a village named Vikhroli and with immense effort and vision, transformed it into a model industrial township that was also environmentally conscious. In a separate incident in 1944, a massive explosion rocked the Bombay docks, but amidst the devastation, Godrej safes stood firm, guarding their contents.

1951-1952: Demonstrating their commitment to the nation, Godrej took on the massive task of producing a whopping 1.7 million ballot boxes for India’s first-ever democratic elections in 1951. Their innovation train didn’t stop there; the very next year, they introduced the Indian market to ‘Cinthol’, a soap that would become a favourite for many families.

1958: The post-independence era saw rapid changes in Indian households. Sensing a need in the market, Godrej introduced their first-ever refrigerator. This appliance, offering convenience and efficiency, soon became an essential part of many Indian homes.

1974: Hair care got a fresh and innovative touch when Godrej introduced their liquid hair dye. This product not only became an instant hit in India but also made a name for Godrej in international markets, especially across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

1990-1994: The 90s was a decade of expansion and diversification for Godrej. They founded ‘Godrej Properties, marking their entry into real estate. With ‘Godrej Agrovet’, they stepped into the agri-business domain. Their acquisition of ‘Translektra’ also gave them a firm footing in the household insecticides segment.

2003-2015: The early 2000s saw Godrej reaching new heights. Jamshyd Godrej was honoured with the esteemed Padma Bhushan Award in 2003. The company further broadened its portfolio by launching ‘Godrej Nature’s Basket’ in 2005, catering to gourmet food enthusiasts. Their partnership with ISRO for lunar missions and the development of the architectural marvel ‘Godrej One’ in Vikhroli are other significant milestones from this period.

2016-2020: These years were marked by strategic moves and innovations. Godrej acquired brands like ‘India Circus’ and expanded its global footprint with ‘Strength of Nature’. Their eco-friendly initiative resulted in products like the ‘Godrej Bambusa Bike’. Additionally, their significant contributions to India’s ambitious ‘Chandrayaan II’ lunar mission and the construction of the Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant-3 further highlighted their versatile capabilities.

Major Subsidiaries of the Godrej Group

S. No.Name SectorMarket Cap (in Crores)
1Godrej Consumer Products LtdFMCG – Personal Products₹ 1,00,900
2Godrej Properties LtdReal Estate₹ 47,298
3Godrej Industries LtdDiversified₹ 22,531
4Godrej Agrovet LtdAgro Products₹ 9,339
5Godrej CapitalFinancial Services
6Godrej KoerberManufacturing Solutions– 
7Godrej InfotechIT Services– 
8Godrej & BoyceDiversified– 

Godrej & Boyce (G&B) 

Godrej & Boyce, a vital company of the Godrej Group, has been a significant pillar of India’s economic landscape since 1897. It has diversified its operations across ten primary industries, generating revenues of over ₹ 14,796 crore in FY 2022-23 and employing more than 15,000 professionals. Astonishingly, around 616 million Indians rely on their wide range of products. They have showcased their capabilities by producing over 600 satellite thrusters and have been commendably water-positive since 2016. Globally, their offerings span five continents. Within India, their security products play a crucial role in safeguarding essential infrastructures.

Godrej Properties 

Carrying forward the Godrej Group’s rich legacy, Godrej Properties integrates creativity, environmental responsibility, and outstanding quality into the world of real estate. Their dedication is reflected through the 250-plus awards they’ve earned over the years. They have set industry standards with landmark projects such as Planet Godrej and Godrej BKC. With urbanisation rapidly transforming India, Godrej Properties is devoted to environmentally-conscious development, evident from their green architectural feats and international accolades. Their successful public listing in 2010 highlights their strong market presence.

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Godrej Industries 

Godrej Industries functions as the primary holding entity of the Godrej Group. Their interests are diverse, encompassing sectors like consumer goods, real estate, agriculture, chemicals, and financial services, with their reach extending to 18 countries globally.

Godrej Agrovet 

With a vision to revolutionise agriculture in India, Godrej Agrovet focuses on enhancing the productivity of the country’s farmers. Through continual innovation, they provide sustainable enhancements to both crop and livestock production.

Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL) 

As a vital entity in emerging markets, GCPL stands on the longstanding legacy of the Godrej Group, cherishing values like trust, respect, and integrity, while also setting ambitious growth targets for the future.

Godrej Koerber 

Godrej Koerber has made a mark by leading in the domain of automated intra-logistics solutions. Their commitment to client satisfaction and the burgeoning acceptance of their solutions within the Indian market highlight their industry significance.

Godrej Capital 

Godrej Capital is in the business of turning dreams into reality. Upholding the timeless trust and legacy of the Godrej Group, it offers financial solutions that aim to secure and enrich the lives of its customers.

Godrej Infotech 

As a distinguished technology service provider, Godrej Infotech has effectively positioned itself in the digital transformation landscape. Collaborating with industry giants and leveraging an expansive tech toolkit, they cater to clients across the globe. Established in 1999, they provide services that span from consultation to application development, and their deep industry insights make them a preferred tech ally.

Major Acquisitions or Joint Ventures by Godrej Group

Strength of Nature Acquisition

This acquisition was a significant move for Godrej as it allowed them to make inroads into the African hair care market. Strength of Nature, a USA-based company, had a robust presence in Africa. By acquiring it, Godrej positioned itself to tap into a fast-growing market and expand its product offerings for African consumers.

India Circus Acquisition 

India Circus, a brand synonymous with contemporary and vibrant design, was acquired by Godrej to enhance its lifestyle segment. The acquisition helped Godrej to integrate India Circus’s design-centric approach into its existing portfolio, giving a fresh and modern touch to its range of products.

Joint Venture with Hershey’s

For a brief period, Godrej formed a joint venture with the American chocolate giant Hershey’s. This partnership aimed to combine the vast distribution network of Godrej with Hershey’s brand strength. Though the joint venture was dissolved in 2012, it provided valuable insights into the confectionery market for Godrej.

Joint Venture with Tyson Foods

Venturing into the ready-to-eat food segment, Godrej formed a partnership with Tyson Foods, a renowned American multinational. This joint venture, named ‘Godrej Tyson Foods’, focused on producing and marketing processed poultry and vegetarian products, capitalising on the growing demand for convenience foods in India.

Acquisition of Keyline Brands (2005)

Expanding its presence in the personal care sector, Godrej acquired the UK-based Keyline Brands. This move not only extended Godrej’s global footprint but also added renowned brands like Cuticura and Erasmic to its personal care portfolio.

Megasari Group Acquisition (2010)

Eyeing the Southeast Asian market, Godrej acquired the Indonesia-based Megasari Group. This strategic move allowed Godrej to cement its position in the household insecticides, wet tissues, and air fresheners segments in the region.

Products/Brands Under Godrej Group

Godrej No.1

One of the leading soap brands in the country, Godrej No.1 is recognised for its natural ingredients. Made primarily from natural oils, it offers a range of variant fragrances and has gained immense popularity for providing gentle and holistic skin care.


A brand that has been around for decades, Cinthol is synonymous with freshness. Launched on the historic day of India’s Independence, Cinthol offers a range of soaps, shower gels, and deodorants. Its unique formula ensures all-day freshness and provides protection against skin problems.

Godrej Aer

Addressing the need for ambience and freshness, Godrej introduced the Aer range. It offers fragrant solutions for both homes and vehicles. From gel-based fresheners for cars to spray-based ones for homes, Godrej Aer ensures that one’s surroundings always smell delightful.

Good Knight

In a country where mosquitoes are a significant concern, Good Knight has emerged as a reliable brand, ensuring protection against these pests. They offer a range of products, from liquid vapourisers to mosquito-repellent creams and sprays. Their innovative products guarantee a mosquito-free and peaceful environment, ensuring the well-being of families.

Godrej Eon

Venturing into the home appliances sector, Godrej Eon is a testament to the group’s commitment to bringing innovative and efficient solutions to households. Their range includes refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and more. A notable feature of Godrej Eon washing machines is the allergy-protect technology, emphasising their commitment to consumer health.

Godrej Expert

Addressing hair care needs, Godrej Expert offers a variety of hair colour products. They understand the importance of looking and feeling good, and with their range of hair colours, they provide long-lasting and vibrant results, making them a preferred choice for many.

Godrej Interio

Reflecting the group’s endeavour in the furniture segment, Godrej Interio offers an extensive range of furniture products, both for homes and offices. From ergonomic chairs to modular kitchens, they ensure quality, durability, and modern aesthetics in their offerings.


Godrej Group is known for its commitment to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility. They have invested significantly in renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and other eco-friendly initiatives. Their vision, ‘Good and Green,’ aims to ensure sustainable development, create employable Indian youth, and innovate for good and green products.

the legacy of the Godrej Group is an inspiring tale of dedication and vision for the greater good.

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