Firstsource Plans to Acquire QBSS for ₹327.81 Crore


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Firstsource Solutions will acquire Chennai-based Quintessence Business Solutions & Services for ₹327.81 crore, enhancing its revenue cycle management offerings for the US healthcare industry. Firstsource reported a 5.5% YoY decline in net profit to ₹133.50 crore for Q4 FY 2023-24, despite a 4.6% increase in revenue to ₹1,670.4 crore.

Firstsource News Today

Firstsource Solutions' board approved the execution of a share purchase agreement (SPA) for the acquisition of a 100% stake in QBSS for ₹327.81 crore. Chennai-based QBSS specialises in revenue cycle management for US healthcare providers and intermediaries. The SPA involves the acquisition on a cash-free and debt-free basis from the sellers of QBSS, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Firstsource.

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Recent Financial Performance

Firstsource Solutions reported a 5.5% YoY decline in consolidated net profit to ₹133.50 crore for Q4 FY 2023-24, despite a 4.6% increase in revenue to ₹1,670.4 crore. The net profit rose by 3.7% QoQ and EBIT by 7.1% to ₹183 crore, with an expanded EBIT margin of 11%.

Future Implications

The acquisition of QBSS aligns with Firstsource's strategy to strengthen its presence in the US healthcare revenue cycle management market. QBSS's expertise and a subsidiary in the US complement Firstsource's capabilities, potentially enhancing its competitive edge. The acquisition could contribute to future revenue growth and strengthen Firstsource's position in the BPO sector.

Integration and Synergy Opportunities

With the acquisition of QBSS, Firstsource Solutions anticipates leveraging integration and synergy opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and maximise value. The alignment of QBSS's expertise in revenue cycle management with Firstsource's established capabilities presents avenues for cross-pollination of best practices and resources.

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