Datamatics Financial Services Ltd IPO Registrar Review

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Launching an IPO is one of the most pivotal phases in the life cycle of a company and it consists of several intricate processes. This is mainly due to some of the strict regulations set by SEBI, the capital market regulator and the stock exchanges. To ease out the entire process, issuing companies appoint independent organisations known as registrars who manage the application process and allocation of shares.

Here in this article, we will elaborate on Datamatics Financial Services Ltd, a popular RTA in India, its service offerings, contact details and much more.

About Datamatics Financial Services Ltd

Datamatics Financial Services is a digital technologies, experiences and operations company that enables its clients to embrace digitalisation. It’s also a top-notch registrar and transfer agent with notable processing and outsourcing service delivery capabilities. The company has processed 100 million-plus transactions and has serviced more than 27 million investors to date.

It has some of the most prestigious corporates in its clientele including the largest insurance company, largest bank, and largest development bank of the country. Apart from registry and transfer services, it offers a variety of financial, accounting and business intelligence solutions. Its services include digital content management, banking process management, insurance process management, CRM, data and analytics, cloud services, CX consulting, customer support, digital proctoring and more.
The company has over 300 customers worldwide and global delivery centres in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Jersey, Manilla and other large cities.

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IPOs by Datamatics Financial Services Ltd
Listed below are some of the IPOs serviced by Datamatics Financial Services as a registrar and transfer agent.

Services Offered by Datamatics Financial Services Ltd
Here are some of the services offered by Datamatics Financial Services:

  • Furnishing details of allotment and addressing inquiries related to the allotment process
  • Notifying investors of their entitlements in rights issues
  • Handling and resolving grievances received via emails and letters on SEBI’s SCORES platform
  • Updation of KYC details including changes in mobile number, address, PAN, bank account information, etc.
  • Communicating information regarding various corporate actions such as payment of dividends, bonus issues, ESOP, merger or demerger, etc.
  • Handling and processing investor holding or title such as issuance of duplicate shares, name deletion, rematerialisation, or dematerialisation of securities, etc.
  • Communicating details about exit offers, buybacks and mergers and acquisitions, along with providing guidance on the procedures for investors regarding these issues
  • Ensuring the mandatory transfer of shares and dividends to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) and transferring undelivered share certificates
  • Handling and processing of additional requests such as recording declarations related to exemption or reduced tax rates for TDS on dividends or interest and re-issuance of dividend and interest instruments

To sum up, Datamatics Financial Services Ltd is one of the top-notch registrar and transfer agents in India. It has some of the industry’s best capabilities such as exceptional transaction processing and back-office outsourcing. Also, the company has the best-in-class Investor relation/query support team driven by advanced technology. If you have any queries, feel free to contact their investor query team for better clarity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the allotment status of an IPO?

Answer Field

You can check the allotment status of an IPO once the allotment process is over. You can check it either from the registrar’s website or from the BSE or NSE website.

Is it possible to revise or withdraw bids after application?

Answer Field

Yes, you can revise or withdraw the bids after submitting your application, once the order is executed. To revise or withdraw you will have to go to the order book and select the IPO which you want to modify then click on “Revise Bid” or “Withdraw Application”. However, a non-institutional application can only be revised and cannot be withdrawn.

Is it mandatory for an investor to hold a PAN card to apply for an IPO?

Answer Field

Yes, holding a PAN card is mandatory for an individual who is willing to apply for an IPO. Also while filling up the PAN details one must double check the PAN number as if there is any error it might lead to rejection of application.

What is the average duration for an IPO to remain open for investors?

Answer Field

As per SBI, the minimum duration of an IPO is three working days and the maximum duration is ten working days. Usually in a book-building issue, the IPO remains open for three to eight days.

Can I apply for an IPO using BHIM UPI?

Answer Field

Yes, as per SEBI norms, you can use your UPI ID (created via. BHIM) for making an application in an IPO. You have to specify your UPI ID while filling out the application form, and your broker will send you a request to block the required amount.

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