Coromandel International Initiates ₹1000 Cr Project in Andhra Pradesh

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Coromandel International is investing ₹1000 crore to establish a Phosphoric Acid-Sulphuric Acid plant in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, projected to be completed in two years. The facility will include a 650 ton per day Phosphoric Acid Plant and an 1800 ton per day Sulphuric Acid Plant, reducing reliance on imported acid by over 50%. Once operational, the plant will contribute to around 15% of India's NPK fertiliser output.

Coromandel International News Today

Coromandel International has commenced the project activity to establish a Phosphoric Acid-Sulphuric Acid plant facility in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, with an estimated outlay of ₹1000 crore. The project is expected to be commissioned within two years.

Enhanced Production Capacities

The proposed 650-ton-per-day (TPD) Phosphoric Acid plant will utilise advanced DA-HF process technology and an automated DCS system, improving backward integration capacities and ensuring stable phosphoric acid supplies for fertiliser manufacturing. This will replace over 50% of the imported acid requirement.

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Sulphuric Acid Plant Expansion

In addition to the Phosphoric Acid facility, Coromandel plans to set up an 1800 TPD Sulphuric Acid Plant to meet captive needs in phosphoric acid manufacturing and increase power generation from waste heat.

Contribution to Fertilizer Production

Phosphoric acid and Sulphuric acid are essential intermediates for manufacturing Phosphatic fertilisers like DAP and NPKs. The integration of these facilities will make the Kakinada unit an integrated complex, similar to the ones in Visakhapatnam and Ennore.

Impact on Production and Environment

With a capacity of approximately 2 million tons, the Kakinada plant is India's second-largest phosphatic fertiliser facility, contributing close to 15% of the nation's NPK fertiliser output. Additionally, the plant serves as a habitat for various bird species, playing a significant role in biodiversity conservation.


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