Cipla Q4 Results: PAT hits ₹939 Cr, a rise of 79%YoY

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Cipla Q4 FY 2023-24 results were released on 10 May 2024 with the Company generating growth in its metrics like Income rising 10% YoY, EBITDA up 13% YoY, and PAT at a record high. Trade Generics and Branded Prescription led Cipla’s winning growth trajectory.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Cipla’s Q4 results tell a growth story in the last quarter of FY24. With substantial progress across focused markets, the Company witnessed a quarter befitting of positive prospects with robust key financials. Here are 5 main financial highlights of Cipla’a Q4 results:

  • In Q4 FY24, the Consolidated PAT was at ₹939 Cr, a rise of 79%YoY
  • The Income from Operations for Q4 FY24 was at ₹6,163 Cr, up by 10% YoY
  • The EBITDA was at ₹1,316 Cr (21.4%), up by 13% YoY
  • In Q4 FY24, the Company had a strong Net cash position of ₹7,708 Cr Debt; this mainly includes lease liabilities and working capital requirements
  • Income from the India Business displayed growth of 7% YoY

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Cipla Q4 Results - Strong Vigour Across Markets

As Cipla went through its last quarter of FY24, it witnessed growth across its businesses and geographies with resilience in its financial metrics and operational efficiencies. Here are some key aspects of the Company’s Q4 business achievements: 

  • One-India Business: Growth was clocked at 7% YoY backed by Branded Prescription and Trade Generics. Branded Prescription outperformed market growth by 100 bps; Trade Generics continues to lead in the Pharma market, and the Consumer Business was impacted by muted seasonal demand. 
  • North America Business: Revenue was at $226 Mn, up 11% YoY led by continued growth in key differentiated assets and the base portfolio.
  • South Africa Private Business: Momentum continued with Revenue growth at 26% in local currency terms. Cipla is now at the no. 1 spot in the prescription market.
  • R&D investments stand at ₹444 Cr or 7.2 % of total sales revenue, higher by 19% YoY, driven by product filings and developmental efforts.

Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY 2023-24) Financial Results of Cipla (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY24

Q4 FY23

YoY Growth

Total Income from Operations








% of Income from Operations



54 bps





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The Pharma Success Story of the Future

Cipla’s Q4 results have laid the foundation for a great start to FY25. With the India business Chronic market share growth at more than 10% (4-year CAGR) for the Company, and other markets showing robust operations and financial strength, Cipla is about to go bigger and better in FY25. The Company is going ahead into the new financial year with a continuous growth momentum and is reserving a corpus to meet this goal. Across key therapies and segments, the Pharma major shows momentum that is structured on expansion, and this is in adherence with the Company’s plan for the next few quarters. 


As a key contender in the Pharma sector, Cipla has made great breakthroughs in Q4 and FY24. The Company is making concentrated efforts to grow its main markets and open new ones. In FY24, as the Company’s Revenues crossed the threshold of ₹25,000 Cr, operating margins improved at a substantial rate and went over ₹6,000 Cr for the very first time, growing at a robust 14% on topline and 26% on profitability on a YoY basis. With prospects for increased profitability in the future months, Cipla is on track with its future aims. 

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About Cipla

Established in 1935, Cipla is an old hand in the Pharma sector of India, making waves globally as it navigates its operations to sustain sound operations and financial goals. The aim of the Company has always been the sustenance of ‘agile growth’, especially on its home front, India. Since its inception, the Company has expanded its operations in South Africa, North America, and Emerging economies with its deepening portfolio of complex generics. 

The Company’s strengths lie in the medical areas of urology, anti-retroviral, cardiology, respiratory, and CNS. Furthermore, the Company boasts a strong presence with its 47 manufacturing plants worldwide, with more than 50 dosage forms and over 1,500 products to date. Cipla has the added distinction of being ranked the 3rd largest Pharma company in India (IQVIA MAT March 2024), the largest pharmaceutical prescription market in South Africa (IQVIA March 2024), and the largest prescription drug provider in the US; Gx inhalation products (IQVIA MAT February 2024). By providing affordable healthcare for life-threatening conditions like HIV/AIDS in Africa, Cipla has made itself proud in the Pharma industry the world over.

Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year Ended March 31, 2024

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CIPLA Q4 Press Release on BSE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the PAT in Cipla’s Q4 results?

Answer Field

The PAT or Profit After tax in Cipla’s Q4 results was clocked at ₹939 Cr, an uptick of 79.1% YoY growth.

What is the Q4 result of Cipla’s India business?

Answer Field

Cipla’s India business recorded a growth in its India business segment with growth recorded at 7% YoY, mainly on the back of Branded Prescription and Trade Generics. 

What were some of the key segments of Cipla that drove profitability?

Answer Field

The Cipla Q4 results portrayed growth in key segments of Cipla’s business segments with growth on the domestic and global front. The India business saw a growth of 7% YoY, while the North America business experienced a YoY growth of 11%. The South African business was not to be left out of the growth momentum and grew 26% YoY in local currency terms.

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