CDSL Reduces Transaction Charges by 50p per Transaction

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CDSL reduces transaction charges by 50 paise per debit transaction, effective from June 1, 2024, benefiting investors with discounts for female account holders and transactions in mutual funds and bonds. The revision aims to make transactions more cost-effective and accessible for investors.

CDSL News Today

The Central Depository Services India Ltd (CDSL), the second-largest Indian central securities depository, has declared a significant reduction in transaction charges, aiming to improve investor experience in the Indian capital markets.

Details of the Tariff Reduction

CDSL has reduced the tariff by 50 paise per debit transaction across all existing slabs. An additional discount of 25 paise is applicable on debit transactions in Demat accounts with female first/sole holders. Moreover, a similar discount of 25 paise is announced on debit transactions involving mutual fund ISINs and bond ISINs.

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Additional Benefits for Certain Transactions

No transaction charges will be levied for debits from the Clearing Member Principal Account, Unified Settlement Account, and CM Settlement Account if the credit is to a non-settlement account.

Effective Date of the Revision

The revised transaction charges will come into effect from June 1, 2024. Investors will see the impact of these changes in the billing cycle for June 2024, billed in July 2024.

Scope and Exclusions

CDSL, being Asia’s only listed depository, serves over 11.84 crore investors and ensures these reduced charges apply to all securities except commercial paper, certificates of deposits, and government securities.

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Notably, there will be no charges for transferring securities between accounts held with different depository participants if the account holders' names match.

This reduction in transaction charges by CDSL, coupled with the discounts for specific categories of transactions, aligns with the broader efforts to encourage participation in the Indian capital markets.


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