Brigade Enterprises Acquires ₹660 Cr Land For Bengaluru Project

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Brigade Enterprises finalises deal for a 4.6-acre land in Bengaluru's Old Madras Road, with a potential of 0.69 million sq ft development and ₹660 crore gross value. The company aims to provide quality, sustainable residential spaces in the city.

Brigade Enterprises News Today

Brigade Enterprises Limited, a prominent real estate developer, has secured an agreement for a significant land parcel in Bengaluru, signalling a strategic move to expand its residential footprint in key markets.

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Details of the Agreement

The agreement entails the acquisition of a prime land parcel situated on Old Madras Road, Bengaluru, spanning approximately 4.6 acres. The estimated development potential for this residential project stands at around 0.69 million square feet, with an estimated Gross Development Value (GDV) of ₹660 crore.

Strategic Location and Development Prospects

Old Madras Road emerges as a rapidly growing residential enclave, characterised by burgeoning infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and numerous upcoming development projects. The strategic location aligns with Brigade Enterprises' residential growth strategy, offering promising prospects for delivering high-quality, sustainable living spaces.

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Company’s Vision

Pavitra Shankar, the Managing Director of Brigade Enterprises Limited, emphasised the company's proactive approach towards land acquisition, aiming to enrich its land portfolio with premium assets. Shankar reiterated the commitment to developing a residential property that resonates with customer preferences for quality and sustainability.

Pipeline of New Launches

Brigade Enterprises boasts a robust pipeline of new launches, amounting to approximately 12.61 million square feet in the residential segment across key cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. This underscores the company's continued focus on expansion and innovation in delivering exemplary real estate solutions.

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