Bharti Airtel Q4 Results: Quarterly Revenues up by 4.4% YoY; Strong Performance in India Business

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Bharti Airtel Q4 FY 2023-24 results were announced on 14 May 2024 as the chief communications service provider experienced a robust finale for FY24, posting a rise in quarterly Revenue, up 4.4%, and EBITDA up YoY; and growth witnessed in the India business, but Consolidated Net income down YoY.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Bharti Airtel’s Q4 results have put the Company on the map in the Communications Services sector once more, as the figures for the quarter portray overall strength with rises in Revenue and domestic business growth. Here are 5 prominent financial highlights of Bharti’s Q4 results: 

  • In Q4 FY24, Bharti Airtel posted quarterly Revenue of ₹37,599 Cr, up 4.4% YoY, impacted by currency devaluation in Africa

  • Consolidated EBITDA stood at ₹19,590 Cr for the quarter, a rise of 4.2% YoY 

  • The EBITDA margin was at 52.1%

  • Net Income (before exceptional items) was at ₹2,952 Cr;  Net income (after exceptional items) was at ₹2,072 Cr, a decrease of 31.1% YoY 

  • Capex for Q4 FY24 was at ₹10,516 Cr 

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Bharti Airtel Q4 Results - As Strong As Always

The Indian telecom giant put a smile on the face of its stakeholders with its Q4 FY24 results as it reported subdued Net Income growth but a rise in Revenue across its variety of portfolios and the business in general. Here are some important features of Bharti’s Q4 results, including important financial metrics of the business operations: 

  • The India business posted quarterly Revenue of ₹28,513 Cr, up 12.9% YoY backed by robust and consistent performance across the portfolio with Mobile services India Revenue up 12.9% YoY, led by strong 4G/5G customer additions and an increase in ARPU 

  • The Homes business continues its growth momentum, displaying a Revenue growth of 20.0% YoY driven by healthy customer additions 

  • Digital TV Revenues were up by 5.5% YoY, continuing the market momentum

  • Bharti Airtel reported industry-leading operational indicators portraying strong business momentum and robust execution and 4G/5G data customers were up by 28.6 Mn YoY & 7.8 Mn QoQ, with 72% of the overall mobile customer base

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY 2023-24) Financial Results of Bharti Airtel (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY24

Q4 FY23

YoY Growth

Total Revenues








EBITDA/Total Revenue








EBIT/Total Revenue




Profit Before Tax




Net Income (after exceptional items)




Here Comes Bharti Airtel in FY25!

With a show of strength across almost all the metrics that matter, Bharti Airtel welcomes FY25 promising growth in the months to come. Bharti Airtel’s Q4 results have provided a fitful end to a strong FY24, with a 20% churn reduction in the quarter due to the Company’s relentless efforts at boosting customer experiences. The Company has enjoyed a lifetime-high market share across all its offerings and hopes to increase this in FY25, with more expansion and digitisation in many areas of operations. 

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Bharti Airtel's Q4 results speak volumes for a company that has only excelled with each quarter, delivering robust financials and operational metrics. While the Company has concentrated on expanding its customer base through its healthy efforts at bringing the best standards of service in the telecom industry, it has also focused on enhancing its 4G and 5G capabilities. 

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Bharti Airtel, one of the leading telecommunications service providers, if not the leading, is headquartered in India, and is a global communications solutions provider with over 500 Mn customers spanning 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. Currently, the company ranks in the top three mobile operators globally and its effective networks cover more than two billion people. Airtel is India’s largest integrated communications solutions provider and the second-largest mobile operator on the continent of Africa. Airtel’s retail portfolio includes high-speed 4G/5G mobile broadband, streaming services spanning music and video, Airtel Xstream Fiber that promises speeds up to 1 Gbps with convergence across linear and on-demand entertainment, financial services, and digital payments. Enterprise customers are offered a plethora of services by Airtel, including cloud and data centre services, secure connectivity, IoT, cyber security, Ad Tech, and CPaaS (Airtel IQ). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Revenue for Q4 as reported in Airtel’s Q4 results?

Answer Field

The Revenue for Q4 as recorded in Airtel’s Q4 results was clocked at ₹37,599 Cr, a rise of 4.4% YoY.

Are the fourth quarter results of Airtel good?

Answer Field

The fourth quarter results of Airtel portrayed overall proficient business and financial metrics, with YoY Revenue and EBITDA growth.

What was the Net Income (after exceptional items) of Bharti Airtel as reported in its Q4 results?

Answer Field

The Net Income (after exceptional items) of Bharti Airtel as reported by Bharti Airtel’s Q4 results was pegged at ₹2,072 Cr, a decrease of 31.1% YoY.

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