Asian Paints Ltd. – An In-Depth Analysis

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Asian Paints Ltd. is more than just a name in the paint industry; it’s a part of our collective Indian experience. When we look around our homes and offices, appreciating the depth of the colours, it’s not solely about the paint itself. It’s about the stories, the milestones, and the choices that each shade represents. Many of us have witnessed the transformative impact of Asian Paints, whether it’s bringing life to a new home, adding character to an office space, or simply refreshing an old room. This trust in Asian Paints isn’t just born out of its product quality but the consistent experience the brand offers. 

This blog is not just to introduce you to a company; it’s to explore how this brand has become part of our lives, one paintbrush stroke at a time.

About Asian Paints Ltd.

FounderChampaklal H. Choksey, Chimanlal N. Choksi, Suryakant C. Dani, Arvind R. Vakil
Industry TypePaints and Coatings
Year Founded1942
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key PeopleAmit Syngle (CEO) 
Countries Operational in15
Parent CompanyAsian Paints Group
Total Employees6,372

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Overview of Asian Paints Ltd.

Asian Paints Ltd. stands as a giant in the paint industry, evident from its impressive market capitalisation of ₹3.07 trillion. This isn’t just a number; it speaks volumes about the company’s presence not just domestically, but globally as well. Spanning over 15 countries, the company’s reach signifies its t role in the global paint and coatings sector. 

In 1942, Asian Paints started its journey with humble beginnings. Initiated by four visionary friends, they set out on a journey to challenge some of the globally renowned paint brands operating in India. Their dedication and vision paid off, and in a span of 25 years, what started as a small partnership firm transformed into India’s premier paint company. Since 1967, Asian Paints has held its position of the market leader in the paint industry. 

Today, the company enjoys a prestigious ranking – it’s the 2nd leading paint company in Asia and holds the 8th position amongst the top coatings enterprises globally. The reputation that Asian Paints holds in the corporate world is not just for its vast scale but for its professionalism, accelerated growth, and a proven track record of enhancing shareholder value.

The company has 27 state-of-the-art paint manufacturing facilities, catering to consumers in more than 60 countries. Moreover, the Asian Paints reach extends far and wide with its globally recognised subsidiaries, including names like Asian Paints Berger, Apco Coatings, SCIB Paints, and Asian Paints Causeway. 

Asian Paints Ltd. History

1942: Asian Paints is founded in Bombay (now Mumbai) by four visionary friends.

1945: Company was established under the name Asian Oil and Paint Company Pvt. Ltd., initially focusing on surface coatings and latex for rubber tires.

1965: The company changed its name to Asian Paints (India) Pvt. Ltd.

1973: Asian Paints was converted into a Public Limited Company.

1975: Bonus equity shares were issued to shareholders.

1985: Expansion continued with new paint units in Patancheru and collaboration with Nippon Paints for powder coatings.

1987: Asian Paints ventured into synthetic rubber lattices production and obtained a letter of intent for phthalic anhydride manufacturing.

1988: Secured non-convertible debentures were issued to financial institutions.

1990: Expansion extended to Fiji, Tonga, Australia, and collaborations in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

1991: Pentasia Chemicals Ltd. became a subsidiary and was later merged into Asian Paints.

1993: Operations expanded to Queensland, Australia, and a joint venture with Mauritius was established.

1995: Manufacturing capacities expanded in Vishakhapatnam, and collaboration with PT Abadi Coatings Solusi, Indonesia, was established.

1996: Asian Paints formed a joint venture with PPG Industries, USA, for automotive paints.

1999: Asian Paints acquired a majority stake in Delmege Forsyth & Co (Paints) Ltd., Sri Lanka.

2000: Manufacturing commenced in Oman.

2001: Utsav Enamel was introduced and collaboration with the Maharashtra Government was initiated.

2002: Joint ventures were established in Bangladesh and the Pacific Islands, and Asian Paints acquired a controlling stake in Berger International, Singapore.

2003: Commercial production began at the Rohtak plant, and a proposal for issuing bonus shares was made.

2004: Asian Paints launched paint solutions for kids.

2010: Manufacturing plant in Rohtak, Haryana, expanded production capacity.

2011: Asian Paints formed a second Joint Venture with PPG Industries.

2012: Asian Paints acquired a majority stake in SCIB Chemicals S.A.E., Egypt.

2013: Acquisition of Sleek Group completed

2014: Asian Paints Ltd. entered into agreements with Ess Ess.

2015: Asian Paints signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

2017: Expansion plans in Gujarat announced, and the acquisition of Causeway Paints in Sri Lanka completed.

2018: Asian Paints ranked 9th among the top paint companies globally.

2019: Included in Forbes List of World’s Best Regarded Companies.

2020: Scheme of amalgamation with Reno Chemicals Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Private Limited approved.

2021: Memorandum of Understanding signed for manufacturing expansion in Vishakhapatnam.

2022: Share Purchase Agreements with Aapex Power and Industries Private Ltd. and Harind Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd. for the acquisition of a majority stake.

Major Subsidiaries of Asian Paints Ltd.

  • Berger International Limited: The company commands a substantial market presence in countries spanning from Singapore to Russia, and from Poland to the Middle East. Its acquisition by Asian Paints has added significant value and has enhanced the company’s global reach.
  • APCO Coatings: This subsidiary specialises in protective coatings customised for a diverse range of applications.It primarily serves the automotive, construction, and marine sectors, it is renowned for its commitment to durability and quality. Their products play a crucial role in safeguarding various industrial and commercial assets against wear and tear.
  • SCIB Paints: Marking Asian Paints’ strategic entry into the Egyptian market, the acquisition of SCIB Paints has been vital. SCIB Paints, as a brand, stands tall in Egypt, highly regarded for the quality and durability of its products. The association with Asian Paints has only strengthened this legacy, offering the Egyptian market a blend of local expertise and global quality standards.
  • Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited: In its quest to establish a stong presence across Asia, Asian Paints extended its operations to Bangladesh through the establishment of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited. This subsidiary not only provides the Bangladeshi market with a wide range of paint and coating options but also highlights Asian Paints’ commitment to delivering quality across borders.

Major Acquisitions by Asian Paints Ltd.

  • Berger International Limited: This acquisition marked a crucial milestone in Asian Paints’ global expansion, strengthening its presence in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Ess Ess Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd.: With the acquisition of Ess Ess, Asian Paints diversified into the kitchen and bath segment, offering a range of innovative solutions.

Asian Paints Ltd. Products and Brands

  • Asian Paints Royale: When you think of luxury combined with quality, Asian Paints Royale comes to mind. This high-quality section of interior emulsions offers homeowners a luxurious finish coupled with impressive durability. The wide range of  colours ensures that there’s a shade to match every mood and interior decor style.
  • Tractor Emulsion: Tractor Emulsion demonstrates Asian Paints’ commitment to offering quality at affordable prices. Popular for its consistency and superior quality, this emulsion provides a seamless, matte finish, making it the preferred choice for extensive surface areas.
  • Sleek Kitchens: Sleek, a valuable asset of the Asian Paints family, specialising in modular kitchen solutions that align with modern sensibilities. Their designs blend modern aesthetics with flalwless functionality, elevating your culinary experience.
  • Ess Ess Bath Fittings: Exploring the world of bathroom elegance, Ess Ess specialises in providing a comprehensive range of bath fittings and accessories. Each product under this brand is a perfect blend of style and enduring strength.
  • Apex Ultima Protek: Exterior surfaces demand paint that can stand the test of time and nature. Apex Ultima Protek promises to do just that. This high-quality exterior paint is engineered to protect structures against the impact of harsh weather and environmental challenges, ensuring a flawless appearance year after year.


Asian Paints Ltd. stands as a shining example of Indian entrepreneurial success and innovation. From its modest beginnings in 1942, the company has evolved into a global leader in the paints and coatings industry. Over the years, Asian Paints hasn’t only maintained its reputation for top-notch products, but it has also set a benchmark for others to follow. Each colour selection becomes a story, capturing moments, emotions, and aspirations. Asian Paints, with its rich history, vision for sustainable growth, and commitment to quality, remains not just as a choice but as a cherished partner in painting memories across homes and offices in India. Whether you’re redecorating your home, protecting industrial assets, or seeking cutting-edge kitchen and bath solutions, Asian Paints Ltd. remains the trusted name that has coloured the aspirations of generations.

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