Adani Group to Invest ₹1.3 Lakh Crore Across Portfolio in FY25

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Adani Group announces a ₹1.3 lakh crore investment for FY25, focusing on renewable energy and infrastructure. 70% will come from internal cash, with ₹3-4 billion in debt refinancing. The group also anticipates continuing its annual USD 2-2.5 billion equity infusion by attracting new investors.

Adani Group News Today

Adani Group is set to invest approximately ₹1.3 lakh crore across its diverse portfolio of companies in the current fiscal year, as part of its broader USD 100 billion investment strategy over the next 7-10 years.

Funding and Debt Management

Adani Group intends to fund 70% of the investment through internal cash generation, with the remaining 30% sourced from debt. They plan to refinance USD 3-4 billion of debt maturing this year and to raise an additional USD 1 billion through project financing.

The group also anticipates continuing its annual USD 2-2.5 billion equity infusion by attracting new investors.

Focus on Asset Completion

The group's portfolio currently includes eight airports and 14 domestic ports, with further expansion on the horizon. In the current fiscal year, Adani Group will concentrate on completing existing projects.

Key milestones include the completion of a 6-7 GW project by renewable energy firm Adani Green, scaling up the solar wafer manufacturing unit, and finalising the new airport in Mumbai.

Increased Capital Expenditure

The projected capital expenditure for FY25 is 40% higher than the previous fiscal year, reflecting the group's commitment to accelerating its growth. This aligns with Adani's USD 100 billion capex plan over the next decade, primarily targeting renewable energy, green hydrogen, and airport infrastructure.

Green Portfolio Emphasis

A substantial 70% of the planned capex will be allocated to Adani's green portfolio, focusing on renewable power, green hydrogen, and green evacuation. The remaining 30% will be directed towards expanding the airports and ports businesses.

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