Magenta Lifecare Ltd

Consumer Durables

Offer Period :

5th to 6th Jun 2024

Founded in 2015, Magenta Lifecare Limited manufactures diverse foam-based mattresses and pillows in Gujarat, India. With 41 employees, the company serves retail, hotels, Read more... and institutions, leveraging a strong sales network and experienced leadership to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.Read less

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Details

IPO Date 5th to 6th Jun 2024 Minimum Investment ₹140000 / 1 Lots
Listing Date 2024-06-12 Maximum Investment ₹140000 / 1 Lots
Face Value ₹10 per share Total Issue Size ₹7 Crores
Price ₹35 to ₹35 per share Fresh Issue ₹7 Crores
Lot Size 1 Lots (4000 Shares) Offer For Sale ₹ 0
Listing At BSE-SME Retail Discount ₹ 0
Employee Discount ₹ 0    
IPO Date 5th to 6th Jun 2024
Listing Date 2024-06-12
Face Value ₹10 per share
Price ₹35 to ₹35 per share
Lot Size 1 Lots (4000 Shares)
Listing At BSE-SME
Employee Discount ₹0 Crores
Minimum Investment ₹140000 / 1 Lots
Maximum Investment ₹140000 / 1 Lots
Total Issue Size ₹7 Crores
Fresh Issue ₹7 Crores
Offer For Sale
Retail Discount ₹ 0

Tentative Timeline

Important dates for allocation and IPO listing.

5th Jun

IPO Starts

7th Jun

IPO Ends

10th Jun

Allotment Date

11th Jun

Initiation of Refund

11th Jun

Credit of Shares to Demat Account

12th Jun

IPO Listing Date

Shareholder Pattern

  Pre-Issue Post-Issue
Promoter Group 78.52 55.66
Public Group 21.48 44.34

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Reservation

QIB Shares Offered 0(0%)
NII (HNI) Shares Offered 948000(47.4%)
Retail Shares Offered 948000(47.4%)
Anchor Investor Shares Offered 0(0%)
Total Shares Offered 2000000
Total Shares With Anchor Investor 2000000

IPO Lot Size

Retail (Min)---
Retail (Max)---
S-HNI (Min)---
S-HNI (Max)---

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Registrar

Cameo Corporate Services Ltd
Phone Number 044 4002 0700
Email Id
Our Website

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Lead Manager

1. Fedex Securities Pvt Ltd

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Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Subscription LIVE Status

Category No. of shares offered No. of shares bid No. of subscribed
Non Institutional Investors 10,52,000 1,08,63,00,000 2,36,923.0
Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 9,48,000 73,79,32,000 2,36,923.0
Total 20,00,000 1,86,42,28,000 2,36,923.0

Strength of Magenta Lifecare Ltd

1. Increase brand awareness and Equity to Acquire New Customers.

2. Drive Continued Operational Excellence.

3. Continue to focus on development of personalized products.

4. Enhance customer base by entering new geographies.

5. Expand its distribution network.

6. Focus on quality.

Risks Involved

1. If the company is unable to anticipate or respond to changing consumer preferences and trends pertaining to its products and foam industry in a timely and effective manner, the demand for its products may decline, which may have an adverse effect on its business, results of operations and financial condition.

2. The Company may be unable to implement new technologies for the company's business operations in a timely and cost-effective manner, or at all, which could adversely affect its business, results of operations, cash flows and financial condition.

3. The Company may be unable to obtain, renew or maintain statutory and regulatory permits, licenses and approvals required to operate its business and operate its manufacturing facilities, which could result in an adverse effect on its results of operations.

4. The company does not own its registered office and factory office from which the company carry out itsr business activities.

5. Any delay or default in payment from its distributors, dealer and customers could result in the reduction of its profits and affect the company cash flows.

6. The Company may not be able to sustain if there is no effective implementation of its business and growth strategy.

7. Its Promoter and the Promoter Group will jointly continue to retain majority shareholding in the Company after the issue, which will allow them to determine the outcome of the matters requiring the approval of shareholders.

8. Its Restated Financial Statements are prepared and signed by the Peer Review Auditor who is not Statutory Auditors of the Company as required under the provisions of SEBI (ICDR) Regulations 2018.

9. The company has entered into Related Party Transactions and continue to do so in future. There can be no assurance that such transactions, individually or in the aggregate, will not have an adverse effect on the Company's financial condition and results of operations.

10. Its ability to pay dividends in the future will depends upon its future earnings, financial condition, cash flows, working capital requirements, capital expenditure and restrictive covenants in its financing arrangements.

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Particulars For the financial year ending (in ₹ million)
Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Total Expenses
Total Revenue 
Profit After Tax
Adjusted EBITDA

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO Listing Details

Listing Date BSE Script Code NSE Symbol ISIN Final Issue Price
2024-06-12 544188 -
₹35 per share

Listing Day Trading Information

Price Details BSE NSE
Final Issue Price ₹35 ₹35
Open ₹45 ₹0
Low ₹45 ₹0
High ₹47.25 ₹0
Low ₹45 ₹0

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO is a SME IPO of 20,00,000 equity shares of a face value of ₹10 aggregating up to ₹7 Crores. The issue is priced at ₹35 to ₹35 per share. The minimum order quantity is 4000 Shares. The IPO opens on June 05, 2024, and closes on June 07, 2024. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd is the registrar for the IPO. The shares are proposed to be listed on BSE-SME.

When Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO will open?

Answer Field

The Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO opens on June 05, 2024 and closes on June 07, 2024.

What is the lot size of Magenta Lifecare Ltd?

Answer Field

Magenta Lifecare Ltd lot size is 4000 shares, and the minimum amount required is ₹1,40,000.

How to apply for Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

You can apply in Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO online using either UPI or ASBA as payment method. ASBA IPO application is available in the net banking of your bank account. UPI IPO application is offered by brokers who don't offer banking services. To apply for an IPO:

• Login to Bajaj Broking account App/Website & click on IPO

• Enter the number of lots and price at which you wish to apply.

• Enter your UPI ID and click on submit. With this, your bid will be placed with the exchange.

• You will receive a mandate notification to block funds in your UPI app.

• Approve the mandate request on your UPI and funds will be blocked.

When is Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO allotment?

Answer Field

The finalization of Basis of Allotment for Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO will be done on June 10, 2024, and the allotted shares will be credited to your demat account by June 11, 2024.

When is Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO listing date?

Answer Field

The Magenta Lifecare Ltd listing date is June 12, 2024.

Who is the registrar of Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The registrar of Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO is Cameo Corporate Services Ltd

Which company is the book-running lead manager of the IPO?

Answer Field

Fedex Securities Pvt Ltd will be the book-running lead manager of this IPO.

What is the fresh issue of Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The fresh issue size is ₹7 Crores equity shares.

What minimum lot size can retail subscribers subscribe to Magenta Lifecare Ltd?

Answer Field

Retail investors can subscribe to a minimum of one lot, 4000 shares and ₹1,40,000 amount.

How can I approve the UPI mandate request for Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

To apply for Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO, you need to log in to your demat account to complete the bidding process. Then, approve the payment mandate on your UPI app.

What is the price range of Magenta Lifecare Ltd?

Answer Field

The price of each Magenta Lifecare Ltd share will be ranging in between ₹35 to ₹35 per share.

What is the cut-off time for the UPI mandate for Magenta Lifecare Ltd IPO?

Answer Field

The cut-off time for the UPI mandate confirmation is 5:00 PM, June 07, 2024.

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