Tata Power Q4 Results: Q4 PAT at ₹1,109 Cr, up 18% YoY

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Tata Power Q4 FY2023-24 came out on 8 May 2024 and the blockbuster power company has reported its 18th Consecutive Quarter of PAT Growth; PAT is up 18% YoY and standing at ₹1,109 Cr. Other winning results include Revenue growth among several milestones in the quarter.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Tata Power's Q4 results represent a show of strength in Q4 FY2023-24, sealing the last quarter of FY2023-24 with robust performance and numbers that exemplify superior performance all around. Here are 5 main financial highlights of Q4 results: 

  • The Company’s Q4FY24 Consolidated PAT (before exceptional items) grew 18% YoY, to reach ₹1,109 Cr, compared to the same quarter of the last fiscal year when it was at ₹939 Cr

  • Consolidated Reported PAT grew 11% YoY in Q4FY24. 

  • Operating Profit for Q4 FY24 went up by ₹512 Cr YoY and stands at ₹2,741 Cr

  • Q4FY24 Revenue of Tata Power went up 27% YoY, to ₹16,256 Cr, compared to the same quarter of the previous fiscal year when it was ₹12,755 Cr

  • The company’s Q4FY24 EBITDA went up 8% YoY to ₹3,358 Cr compared to the EBITDA in Q4FY23 when it stood at ₹3,101 Cr

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Showcasing the Power of the Company

A leader in the sector of Power and Energy in India, Tata Power has always sustained itself with steady results, seamlessly coping with headwinds to come out winning. In Q4 FY2023-24, the Company has, yet again, risen to the occasion regarding its financial and operational performance. Here are some relevant aspects of Tata Power’s results in Q4 FY24: 

  • The Company’s market capitalisation has surpassed the ₹1.4 Lakh Cr mark

  • The Company’s Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of ₹2 per equity share, subject to approval by shareholders

  • The Company has displayed a stellar Q4 FY24 performance with all of Tata Power’s core businesses - Generation, T&D, and Renewables showing a winning streak for the quarter. 

  • The Odisha Discoms have reflected the success of the Public-Private Partnership model and are now becoming profitable (profits seen after just 3 years)

  • The Rooftop Solar business is portraying growth momentum and with a portfolio of more than 2 GW, Tata Power is in a strong spot to tap evolving opportunities, especially under the PM Surya Ghar Yojana Scheme which aims to light up 1 Crore households in India

  • Tata Power’s 4.3GW Cell & Module manufacturing unit in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu has started production and has commercially produced around 130MW of Modules in Q4FY24

  • As of Q4 FY24, the Company has 4.5 GW of renewable energy capacity operational and another 5.5 GW of projects under implementation, taking the total green energy portfolio of Tata Power to over 10 GW

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY2023-24) Financial Results of Tata Power (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY24

Q4 FY23

% Change YoY









PAT (before exceptional items)




Reported PAT




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Powerful Company Strength

In Tata Power's Q4 results, the Company has shown that it has reached a high level of financial and operational success with room to move in new directions of business in FY25. With many expansion projects in the pipeline and milestones reached in Q4 and FY24, especially with the Odisha Distribution Business, this is just one example of a business area that exemplifies a turn-around success story. The Company is driven by a robust growth momentum and is touted as one of the leaders in the provision of green energy in India. Tata Power Q4 results show that the Company is committed to supplying renewable energy round-the-clock, with a blend of solar, wind, and Pumped Hydro Storage Projects in the Company’s prospective business bag. Going into FY25, Tata Power has got its work cut out for its further expansion. 

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Tata Power, a robust child borne out of the Tata Group, has always been successful at bouncing back with its operational performance on track and its financials on sound ground. A household name in the Energy sector of India, this legacy company has a tight reign on prospective expansion projects, potentially resulting in its future growth. 

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About Tata Power

A stalwart Company under the Tata Group, Tata Power leads by example, being one of the top integrated power companies. The company boasts a diversified portfolio of 14,707 MW, spanning the entire energy value chain - from conventional and renewable energy generation to power transmission & distribution, storage solutions, trading, and solar cells and module manufacturing. As a pioneering business of the clean energy transition in India, Tata Power possesses 5,847 MW of clean energy 

generation, constituting 40% of its total power capacity. 

Among its clean energy solutions, the company has made superior efforts in its offerings of rooftop solar panels, microgrids, storage solutions, EV charging infrastructure, home automation, and more. The company has also committed to achieving carbon neutrality before the year 2045. By attracting global investment, the Company supports its growth and has successfully collaborated with other enterprises. The Company serves almost 12.5 million customers across India. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the PAT in Tata Power Q4 results?

Answer Field

The PAT or Profit After tax in Tata Power Q4 results was pegged at ₹1,109 (before exceptional items), a rise of 18% YoY.

What is the result of Tata Power Q4?

Answer Field

In its Q4 results, Tata Power witnessed an 18% YoY growth in PAT, this being the 18th consecutive quarter of PAT growth for the Company. In other highs, the Company witnessed a rise of 27% YoY in Revenue.

Were the Q4 results of Tata Power profitable?

Answer Field

The Tata Power Q4 results may be considered profitable as the numbers of key financial metrics like PAT and Revenue showed increases in Q4. Additionally, with many projects related to the Company’s expansion of operations in the future laid out, the Company has had a potentially promising quarter driven by robust fundamental operational efficiencies.

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