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Launching an Initial Public Offering involves lots of intricate processes; therefore, whenever a company goes public, it appoints a registrar to administer the entire process from receiving IPO applications from investors to processing refunds. Skyline Financial Services Private Limited is one of the prominent names in the field of registry and share transfer.

Read along to get further insight about the company, service offerings, communication details, the latest IPOs managed by them and much more.

About Skyline Financial Services Private Limited

Skyline Financial Services Private Limited incorporated in 1995, started its operations from northern India and has emerged as one of the prominent SEBI registered registry service providers and depository participants with depositories like  NSDL and CDSL.

The company offers share transfer services in IPOs, image data processing, delisting of offers, processing of bulk data and handling of rights issues. Over time, it has developed some exceptional qualities in its quality and timely delivery of services, innovative ideas, and incorporation of the latest technologies, etc.

Skyline Financial Services Private Limited Communication Details
AddressD-153A, 1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi -110020

Contact Details

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IPOs by Skyline Financial Services Private Limited

Here is the list of the latest IPOs by Skyline Financial Services Private Ltd:

Issuer CompanyExchangeIssue Open
Sunrest Lifescience Limited IPONSE SMENov 07, 2023
SAR Televenture Limited IPONSE SMENov 01, 2023
Arvind and Company Shipping Agencies Limited IPONSE SMEOct 12, 2023
Karnika Industries Limited IPONSE SMESep 29, 2023
Sharp Chucks And Machines Limited IPONSE SMESep 29, 2023
Vinyas Innovative Technologies Limited IPONSE SMESep 27, 2023
City Crops Agro Limited IPOBSE SMESep 26, 2023
Mangalam Alloys Limited IPONSE SMESep 21, 2023
Cellecor Gadgets Limited IPONSE SMESep 15, 2023
Sungarner Energies Limited IPONSE SMEAug 21, 2023
Oriana Power Limited IPONSE SMEAug 01, 2023
Zeal Global Services Limited IPONSE SMEJul 28, 2023
Spectrum Talent Management Limited IPONSE SMEJun 09, 2023
Crayons Advertising Limited IPONSE SMEMay 22, 2023
Quicktouch Technologies Limited IPONSE SMEApr 18, 2023
A G Universal Limited IPONSE SMEApr 11, 2023
MOS Utility Limited IPONSE SMEMar 31, 2023
Vertexplus Technologies Limited IPONSE SMEMar 02, 2023
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Limited IPONSE SMEJan 25, 2023
RBM Infracon Limited IPONSE SMEDec 23, 2022
Dollex Agrotech Limited IPONSE SMEDec 15, 2022
All E Technologies Limited IPONSE SMEDec 09, 2022

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Services Offered by Skyline Financial Services Private Limited

Here are some of the services and offerings by Skyline Financial Services Private Limited:

Share Transfer Services

  • Resolving shareholder queries and complaints
  • Processing transfers in physical format
  • Sending out relevant documents including, annual reports, notices, share certificates, dividends and postal ballots
  • Managing dividend payments and reconciling them
  • Supplying beneficiary details and integrating positions in both physical and depository modes
  • Conversion of share certificates into dematerialised form
  • Provide assistance in hosting shareholder polls for voting
  • Recording nomination, ECS mandate, address change, and power of attorney
  • Engaging with SEBI, depositories, stock exchanges and statutory authorities

IPO Services

  • Accurate and error-free processing of data
  • Engaging with the concerned investment bankers for better seamless coordination
  • Addressing complaints and queries efficiently and timely
  • Utilising a web-based inquiry system for refund or allotment process

To sum up, Skyline Financial Services Private Limited is one of the top registry and share transfer service providers in India. It manages multiple lines of business such as share transfer services, IPO-related services, bond and debenture-related services, delisting offers, right issues, image data processing, etc. 

You can contact the registrar if you are facing any sort of problem regarding share allotment, refund transaction or any other queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the share expected to get credited to my demat after successful allotment?

Answer Field

Upon successful allotment, the required amount will be debited from your account. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 business days to get the allocated shares credited to your demat account. However, the processing time varies from registrar to registrar.

2. How much time does it take to receive the IPO refunds?

Answer Field

Generally, IPO refunds are processed after 4 business days from the IPO closing date. This refund processing time frame depends on the bank. In case of delay, you can call the registrar for clarity.

3. Does bidding in the upper price band have more chances of getting an allotment?

Answer Field

Technically yes, bidding in the upper price band gives more possibilities of getting a confirmed allotment. This is mainly because the cut-off price is usually around the higher price band; therefore bidding in the lower band has more chances of getting rejected.

4. How to check the IPO application status whether it is successful or not?

Answer Field

You can check your IPO application status by simply visiting the NSE or BSE website. You will have to enter your PAN number and application number to view your application status. You can also check the application status on the official website of the IPO registrar.

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