List of IPOs with DRHPs Filed

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List of IPOs with DRHPs Filed

Initial Public Offering is the process by which a company makes a certain portion of its shares available for retail investors to invest. To execute this plan, companies must prepare a Draft Red Herring Prospectus or DRHP and file the same with the market regulator SEBI. 

This document allows investors to know every minute detail about the company to plan their investment strategy. If you are a new investor planning to explore IPO investment options, you will want to check this document to make an informed decision. 

Keep reading to check the complete list of  IPOs with DRHP filed  in 2023. 

List of Upcoming IPOs with DRHP Filed

Company NameDRHP LinkStock Exchange
Navi TechnologiesDRHPBSE or NSE
Vikram Solar LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Imagine Marketing LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Bajaj EnergyDRHPBSE or NSE
Company NameDRHP linkStock Exchange
Gold Plus Glass IndustriesDRHPBSE or NSE
Joyalukkas IndiaDRHPBSE or NSE
Hemani Industries LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
India Exposition MartDRHPBSE or NSE
Kids Clinic India LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
BLS E-Services LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Innova Captab LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Company NameDRHP linkStock Exchange
Stanley Lifestyles LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Jyoti CNC Automation LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Entero Healthcare Solutions LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Juniper Hotels LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Saraswati Saree Depot LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Arkade Developers LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Exicom Tele-Systems LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Popular Vehicles and Services LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Vibhor Steel Tubes LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Company NameDRHP linkStock Exchange
Studd AccessoriesDRHPBSE or NSE
Western Carriers India LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Nova Agritech LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Corrtech InternationalDRHPBSE or NSE
Asianet Satellite Communications LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Motisons Jewellers LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Fincare Small Finance Bank LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Go Digit General Insurance LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Infinion BiopharmaDRHPBSE or NSE
Company NameDRHP linkStock Exchange
Course 5 Intelligence LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Sterlite Power Transportation LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
Waaree EnergiesDRHPBSE or NSE
AKME Fintrade IndiaDRHPBSE or NSE
VLCC Health Care IndiaDRHPBSE or NSE
Airox Technologies LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE
JG ChemicalsDRHPBSE or NSE
Krystal Integrated ServicesDRHPBSE or NSE
SRM Contractors LimitedDRHPBSE or NSE

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What Is a Draft Red Herring Prospectus?

Also known as an offer document or preliminary registration document, a DRHP is important for every company planning to launch an IPO. A company wanting to launch its IPO hires a team of underwriters who collect all the information about that company and design this document. The draft prospectus consists of every minute detail about the company which an investor must know to plan an IPO investment. 

As the name suggests, a Draft Red Herring Prospectus is the first document that the company prepares along with underwriters. After it is ready, the IPO issuing company must submit this document to SEBI and await approval.

SEBI minutely studies the DRHP and analyses the authenticity of information provided here. Based on this, the market regulator may approve a company to go ahead with its IPO plan or suggest changes in this document that must be implemented in the refiled DRHP. 

After the draft prospectus receives approval, the company will move ahead to publish its Red Herring Prospectus which is made available to investors. You can visit the official website of SEBI to get a detailed list of upcoming IPOs with their DRHPs filed

Things to Know from a Draft Red Herring Prospectus

Now that you know what a DRHP is, let’s delve into its contents and learn what makes it an important document for IPO-issuing companies and investors.

DRHP covers all the key information about a company which is going public. By browsing this document, you can come across the following information about a company.

  • Its industry and business model
  • An overview of the IPO offer
  • Details about the company’s plan for its net proceeds
  • Company’s competitive strengths
  • Risks involved in their business
  • Financial metrics
  • About the management
  • Legal information

How to Invest in IPO Online?

You can follow the steps below to invest in IPOs with DRHP filed when they are open to accept bids. 

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘IPO’ section under ‘Products’ in the top menu.

 Step 2: A new page will open; here you will find a list of all upcoming and Open IPOs. 

Step 3: To read a DRHP, locate the DRHP link on the extreme right of the company of your choice in the ‘Upcoming IPO’ section. 

Step 4: To apply to an open IPO, go to the next tab choose an IPO you wish to invest in and click on Apply. 

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and OTP for verification. Following this, a new page will open, where you must enter some basic information like your UPI ID and lot size to invest. 

What Are the Prerequisites for Investing in IPOs?

To grow your wealth with IPO investment, you must fulfil the following conditions: 

  • Be above 18 years old to invest
  • Have an operational bank account and enough balance to make a purchase
  • A Demat account with a registered depository participant

List of Companies who Filed their DRHP with SEBI

Here are a few companies who filed their DRHP with SEBI and are either awaiting for the right time to go public or a green signal from the SEBI to launch their IPOs. 

Navi Technologies

Navi Technologies filed its DRHP with SEBI in 2022 and is awaiting the right time to launch its IPO. As per its preliminary document, the company is planning to offer shares worth Rs. 33,500 million as an offer for sale. The face value of its equity shares is Rs. 100 per share. Navi Technologies Limited has yet to declare other information like the price band and total issue size of its shares. 

Corrtech International

Corrtech International filed its DRHP with SEBI in 2022. According to this document, the company plans to offer shares worth Rs. 3,500 million as a fresh issue and 40,00,000 equity shares as an OFS. The company has yet to declare the total offer size of its IPO shares. However, it has set the face value of its equity shares at Rs. 10 per share. 

Gujarat Polysol Chemicals

This company filed its DRHP in 2022 with the plan to go public with a fresh issue and an offer for sale. According to the preliminary documents, this company aims to sell equity shares worth up to Rs. 870 million as a fresh issue and Rs. 3270 million worth of equity shares as an offer for sale. 

Vikram Solar Limited

Vikram Solar Limited filed its DRHP with SEBI in 2022 with the plan to go public with equity shares as a fresh issue and an offer for sale. As per the DRHP, the company is set to sell equity shares worth Rs. 15,000 as a fresh issue and Rs. 5,000 million equity shares as an OFS. The company has set the face value at Rs. 10 per equity share.


Now that you know about the companies which have filed their DRHP with SEBI, you can go through these preliminary documents to plan your investment. This will allow you to conduct a comparative analysis on which IPO issuing company is better for your financial goals. To plan a well-informed investment strategy, consider knowing your risk appetite and the company’s plan to use your net proceeds. 

If you are an interested investor, consider exploring our website to learn more about the IPOs  with DHRPs filed with SEBI. You can also open a demat and trading account with us to start your investment journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a DRHP different from an RHP?

Answer Field

DRHP is the first document a company drafts and submits to SEBI. It consists of all important information about the company. After receiving a green signal from SEBI, the company must file an RHP with SEBI and the registrar of companies (ROC) before it can open its IPO.

2. Who approves the DRHP of an IPO issuing company?

Answer Field

SEBI, ROC and stock exchanges approve the DRHP and it later becomes RHP which carries all the details about the upcoming IPO.

3. What is the validity period of a DRHP?

Answer Field

After receiving the Observation Letter, a company’s DRHP has a validity of 1 year.

4. How much time does SEBI take to approve DRHP?

Answer Field

SEBI can take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to approve a company’s DRHP if there are no major changes. However, it can take longer in case SEBI suggests some amendments.

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