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In the world of Information Technology, LTIMindtree Ltd. stands tall as a significant player, not just for its services but for its vital contributions to India’s people and economy. This blog is a journey into the story of this tech giant, which has been shaping India’s digital future since 1997. LTIMindtree Limited is an integral part of India’s economic and workforce landscape. Its journey is marked by consistent growth and innovation, which has not only enriched its clients but also provided jobs to thousands of Indians. As we explore LTIMindtree Ltd.’s history, achievements, and offerings, we’ll see its impact on the IT sector and India’s progress. 

About LTIMindtree Ltd.

IndustryInformation Technology Services
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Key PeopleDebashis Chatterjee (CEO & MD)
Parent Company/OwnerLarsen & Toubro Ltd.
Countries Present In30+
Total Employees82,000+
Market Cap₹1.54 trillion

Overview of LTIMindtree Ltd.

In the ever-evolving world of Information Technology Services, LTIMindtree Ltd. has emerged as a distinguished player since its inception in 1997. With its corporate headquarters situated in Mumbai, India, LTIMindtree Ltd. has expanded its reach globally, operating across more than 30 countries. 

Commonly referred to as LTI, the company has an impressive track record, serving over 700 clients and achieving a remarkable revenue of over $4 billion. LTI operates as a subsidiary of the esteemed Larsen & Toubro Ltd. With a workforce exceeding 82,000, LTI showcases its commitment to excellence and innovation. 

LTI’s substantial market capitalisation, valued at ₹1.54 trillion, highlights its financial stability and strong market presence. As a leading IT services provider, LTIMindtree Ltd. is set to address the ever-evolving technological requirements of its global clientele while continuing to script new success stories in the world of IT services.

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LTIMindtree Ltd. History

1997: The Company was founded, marking the beginning of its remarkable journey in the world of IT services.

2002: Achieved Optimising Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model for Software, Version 1.1 by the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, for multiple development centres, demonstrating a commitment to quality.

2007: Expanded its horizons by acquiring GDA USA, an electronic design services company, broadening its service offerings.

2008: Embarked on a global journey by establishing business operations in South Africa, enhancing its global presence.

2010: The Company reached a significant milestone by being appraised at Maturity Level 5 (Optimising) of CMMI for Development v1.2 for various units, showcasing its dedication to process excellence.

2011: Extended its reach by acquiring the transfer agency business unit of Citigroup Fund Services Canada Inc., a move that would later become known as LTIFST.

2013: The Company restructured its business verticals into two clusters – industrials and services, aligning its operations for enhanced efficiency.

2015: LTIMindtree Ltd. acquired ISRC from both Otis Elevator Company, USA, and Otis Elevator Company (India) Limited, thus widening its expertise and capabilities in the field of elevator solutions.

2016: The Company positioned itself to cater to “Smart Cities” opportunities, recognising emerging trends.

2017: Established strategic partnerships and underwent a rebranding, unveiling a new brand identity as LTI.

2018: Actively engaged in the global IT community, the Company joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, inaugurated a global delivery centre in Johannesburg, and secured its position as the top service provider in France.

2020: Launched a digital banking platform in the Nordic market, and received accolades, including the 2020 SAP Pinnacle Award.

2021: The company secured Honda’s 2021 Indirect Procurement Supplier Award, bagged the Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2021, and introduced innovative products such as Fosfor.

2022: In a significant move, LTIMindtree Ltd. announced a merger with Mindtree, creating India’s next large-scale IT services player. The company’s name changed to LTIMindtree Ltd. as part of this transformation. 

Major Subsidiaries of LTIMindtree Ltd.


Mindtree, a key subsidiary of LTIMindtree Ltd., was founded in 1999 and has since become a prominent digital transformation and technology services company. With operations spanning over 17 countries, Mindtree has a diverse client base. It holds prestigious recognitions, including the Microsoft Gold Partner certification, demonstrating its commitment to technological excellence. Mindtree’s expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, and AI has positioned it as a leader in the industry, contributing significantly to LTIMindtree Ltd.’s offerings.

Syncordis S.A.

Syncordis S.A. specialises in Temenos core banking software and offers valuable additional services. As a Temenos Platinum Services Partner, it represents the highest level of partnership with Temenos, showcasing its commitment to excellence. With a global presence, including offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Syncordis S.A. serves clients worldwide. It is at the forefront of providing solutions for core banking transformation, further enhancing LTIMindtree Ltd.’s capabilities and global reach.

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Major Acquisitions by LTIMindtree Ltd.

GDA USA (2007)

This acquisition marked LTIMindtree Ltd.’s entry into the world of electronic design services. GDA USA brought expertise and experience in this field, enhancing the company’s ability to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients. This strategic move opened doors to innovation in electronic design.

ISRC (2015)

LTIMindtree Ltd. completed the acquisition of ISRC from both Otis Elevator Company, USA, and Otis Elevator Company (India) Limited. This acquisition not only expanded the company’s product offerings but also established its presence in the elevator solutions industry. ISRC’s reputation for quality and innovation complemented LTIMindtree Ltd.’s commitment to excellence.

Syncordis S.A. (2017)

The acquisition of Syncordis S.A. was a significant step in LTIMindtree Ltd.’s journey. Syncordis brought expertise in Temenos core banking software and added value to LTIMindtree Ltd.’s services. This strategic move strengthened the company’s position in the banking and financial sector, allowing it to provide comprehensive solutions to clients in this industry.

Mindtree (2022)

The merger with Mindtree was a momentous event in LTIMindtree Ltd.’s history. It united two prominent IT services companies, creating a powerhouse of talent and expertise. This merger expanded the company’s reach and capabilities, allowing it to serve a broader range of clients across industries. The partnership between LTIMindtree Ltd. and Mindtree has positioned the combined entity as a formidable player in the IT services sector.

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Products/Brands under LTIMindtree Ltd.


Canvas is a modern software engineering platform designed to meet the needs of the remote and hybrid workforce. This innovative tool promotes seamless collaboration, enhancing productivity across various industries. 

  • Collaboration Power: Canvas enables teams to work together effortlessly, whether in the office or remotely, thus streamlining project execution.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all levels of tech-savviness.
  • Milestone Achievement: Canvas has helped organisations adapt to the challenges of remote work, reaching a milestone of supporting thousands of users worldwide.


Fosfor is LTIMindtree Ltd.’s data-to-decisions product suite, revolutionising how businesses handle data. It assists in data monetisation and strategic decision-making. 

  • Data Monetisation: Fosfor empowers businesses to capitalise on their data assets, turning them into valuable insights.
  • Business Growth: Many organisations have experienced substantial growth after implementing Fosfor to optimise their data operations.
  • Industry Recognition: Fosfor has earned industry recognition for its transformative role in turning data into a valuable business asset.


LTIFST is the transfer agency business unit acquired from Citigroup Fund Services Canada Inc., specialising in serving the financial sector. It offers a range of financial services and solutions. 

  • Financial Expertise: LTIFST utilises its financial expertise to provide top-notch services to clients in the ever-evolving financial sector.
  • Trusted Partner: Clients consider LTIFST a trusted partner for their fund services, thanks to its commitment to excellence.
  • Global Reach: LTIFST extends its services to a global clientele, reinforcing its position as a leader in financial solutions.

Operational Technology Transformation Solution with ServiceNow

This solution is all about streamlining operational technology to enhance efficiency. It aligns businesses with modern technological advancements and industry best practices. 

  • Efficiency Boost: The solution significantly enhances operational efficiency by integrating ServiceNow’s capabilities with the client’s existing infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Operations: Companies using this solution experience streamlined operations, reduced downtime, and improved service delivery.
  • ServiceNow Partnership: Recognised as a strategic partner by ServiceNow, LTIMindtree Ltd.’s solution embodies excellence and innovation.


LTISimex offers simulation-based solutions for industries such as automotive and aerospace. Its state-of-the-art simulations have played a crucial role in product development. 

  • Simulation Prowess: LTISimex’s simulations are renowned for their accuracy and effectiveness in product design and testing.
  • Industry Impact: The company’s simulations have had a profound impact on industries like automotive and aerospace, leading to safer and more efficient products.
  • R&D Innovation: LTISimex continues to innovate in research and development, pushing the boundaries of simulation technology.

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LTIMindtree Ltd. is a popular name in the global IT industry with a rich history and a commitment to excellence. Its recent merger with Mindtree has opened doors to new opportunities, reinforcing its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled services to clients worldwide. As technology continues to evolve, LTIMindtree Ltd. remains at the forefront of transformation. With a strong foundation and a dynamic approach, it continues to set new benchmarks and redefine what’s possible in the world of technology and services. The future holds great promise for this company, and its journey of innovation and adaptation is far from over.

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