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Since its inception in 1983, UltraTech Cement Ltd. has been consistently contributing to the infrastructural development that millions in India rely on every day. The company has become an integral part of India’s development, playing a crucial role in establishing resilient and sustainable structures throughout the nation. UltraTech is not just a cement brand; it is a symbol of trust within the Indian community and a symbol of the nation’s evolving infrastructure. The company’s dedication extends beyond merely supplying building materials. 

In this blog, we’ll uncover the remarkable journey of UltraTech Cement Ltd., a firm that stands as a pillar of strength not only in constructing buildings but also in building a progressive and prosperous India. 

About UltraTech Cement Ltd.

FounderKumar Mangalam Birla
Industry TypeCement & Construction
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key PeopleK.C. Jhanwar (MD)
Parent CompanyAditya Birla Group
Number of Countries1 (India)
Total Number of Employees22,916
Market Cap₹2.35 trillion

UltraTech Cement Ltd. History

1980s: UltraTech’s journey began with the first cement plant for Grasim (Vikram Cement) and Indian Rayon (Rajashree Cement).

1998: UltraTech merged the cement businesses of Indian Rayon and Grasim, boosting the company’s capacity to 8.5 MTPA.

2004: The company acquired the cement business of Larsen & Toubro (L&T), increasing its capacity to over 30 MTPA.

2008: UltraTech embarked on various greenfield projects and brownfield expansions, enhancing the cement capacity to 48.9 MTPA.

2010: UltraTech expanded internationally by acquiring Star Cement in the Middle East, increasing its cement capacity to 52 MTPA.

2013: The company started a new grinding unit of 1.6 MTPA at Jharsuguda and acquired units in Sewagram and Wanakbori, Gujarat, taking the total capacity to 62 MTPA.

2016: UltraTech became India’s largest single cement company with a capacity of 66.3 MTPA.

2017: The acquisition of Jaypee Cement business (21.2 MTPA) made UltraTech the largest cement company in India, with a total cement capacity of 93 MTPA.

2018: Acquired the cement business of Binani Cement, taking the total capacity to 102.75 MTPA.

2019: UltraTech merged with the cement business of Century Textiles & Industries Ltd., becoming the first company globally to exceed 100 MTPA capacity outside China, reaching a cement capacity of 117.35 MTPA.

2021: UltraTech successfully raised US$ 400 million through sustainability-linked bonds, a first in India.

2023: UltraTech recorded 100 million tonnes of grey cement sales in a single financial year.

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Major Subsidiaries of UltraTech Cement Ltd.

1. Dankuni Cement Works

Located in West Bengal, Dankuni Cement Works is another proud subsidiary, standing out for its contribution to the eastern region’s development. The plant follows the highest standards of cement production, ensuring each product is up to the mark, meeting the strict standards set by the industry. The subsidiary plays a crucial role in meeting the demand for cement in the rapidly growing regions of East India.

2. Rajashree Cement Works

Rajashree Cement Works in Karnataka is a crucial part of UltraTech’s nationwide network. This subsidiary holds a strong presence in South India, an area known for significant infrastructure and construction growth. Rajashree Cement Works consistently delivers exceptional quality cement, contributing to the construction of resilient structures across various states. The unit’s commitment to excellence reflects UltraTech’s overall mission to provide the best to its customers.

3. Aditya Cement Works

Aditya Cement Works, based in Rajasthan, is known for its high-quality cement production, which is essential for the northern and western regions of India. The subsidiary’s strong production capacity ensures a steady supply of cement for various infrastructural and construction projects in these areas. Aditya Cement Works’ contribution to UltraTech’s overall production is a testament to the unit’s efficiency and technological advancement in cement production.

Major Acquisitions by UltraTech Cement Ltd.

1. Jaypee Cement (2017)

In 2017, UltraTech made a significant move by acquiring the Jaypee Cement business. This acquisition was monumental as it not only expanded UltraTech’s presence across India but also added a considerable 21.2 MTPA to its capacity. Jaypee Cement was a subsidiary of Jaypee Group, a conglomerate with businesses in various sectors, including cement. This acquisition allowed UltraTech to enhance its production capacity, ensuring a more significant presence and service capability across the country. It helped streamline the supply chain, improve delivery, and meet the rising demand for cement for infrastructure projects.

2. Binani Cement (2018)

Another milestone was reached in 2018 when UltraTech acquired Binani Cement, a subsidiary of the Braj Binani Group. Binani Cement was known for its high-quality cement used in various infrastructure and construction projects. The acquisition added an additional capacity of 6.25 MTPA to UltraTech’s growing portfolio. This strategic move facilitated UltraTech in consolidating its position in the Rajasthan market, which is rich in limestone, a key ingredient for cement manufacturing. The acquisition of Binani Cement not only expanded the company’s production capacity but also improved its distribution network, enabling it to serve a wider customer base more effectively.

3. Merger with Century Textiles & Industries Ltd’s Cement Business (2019)

In 2019, UltraTech Cement Ltd. successfully merged with the cement business of Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. This merger was a strategic step in expanding UltraTech’s capacity and enhancing its distribution network. Century Textiles & Industries Ltd had a strong presence, and merging their cement business allowed UltraTech to tap into new markets and regions. The merger brought along a cement capacity of 11.4 MTPA, further enhancing UltraTech’s position in the industry. This expansion played a crucial role in UltraTech’s journey to becoming the first cement company globally to have more than 100 MTPA capacity in a single country outside of China.

4. UltraTech Nathdwara Cement Ltd.

UltraTech Nathdwara Cement Ltd. is a significant subsidiary of UltraTech, based in Rajasthan, India. Originally the cement operations of Binani Cement, it became a part of UltraTech in 2018. This subsidiary is essential in increasing UltraTech’s capacity in the northern region of India, contributing immensely to the company’s overall production capacity. The plants under UltraTech Nathdwara have advanced technology, ensuring the production of high-quality cement that is in high demand for various construction projects across the country.

Products/Brands under UltraTech Cement Ltd.

Birla White

Birla White is a leading name in India’s white cement sector, falling under UltraTech Cement Ltd. It is a top choice in the country, known for its quality, consistency, and strong performance. The product adds to the aesthetic appeal of constructions, ensuring stronger bonds between materials and enhancing the beauty of buildings. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, its unique properties such as high refractive index and light texture ability make it a popular pick.

UltraTech Concrete

UltraTech Concrete is a key player in bringing advanced concrete types to the Indian construction sector. Produced at cutting-edge, automated batching and mixing plants, it offers high-quality, consistent, and reliable concrete. It guarantees the right concrete mix, contributing to the sturdiness of various construction projects. Its versatility, strength, and durability make it a preferred choice, ensuring the longevity of every structure it is used in.

UltraTech Building Solutions

UltraTech Building Solutions offers an array of high-quality building materials in one place. It is designed to meet the varied needs of consumers, simplifying the process of sourcing different materials from multiple outlets. It embodies the company’s commitment to customer convenience and the provision of reliable products. It ensures all customer needs are met with satisfaction from start to finish.

UltraTech Xtralite

UltraTech Xtralite is a preferred choice for aerated autoclaved concrete blocks used for walls. Its lightweight nature and superior thermal insulation properties reduce the overall dead load of the structure, leading to potential savings in steel and concrete. It offers fire resistance, sound insulation, and eco-friendly features, making it a complete solution for modern construction needs.

UltraTech Super

UltraTech Super is a trusted name for Portland cement, designed to meet various construction needs. It is known for its strength, providing comprehensive stability to building structures against diverse environmental conditions. It assures excellent durability and consistent performance, making it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial constructions.


UltraTech Cement Ltd.’s extensive network of manufacturing units, subsidiaries, and diverse product portfolio highlights its dominance in the market. This guide, capturing the growth and comprehensive offerings of UltraTech, highlights the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. Trust UltraTech to bring solidity and sophistication to your spaces, mirroring a legacy of superiority and reliability, making it a leading choice across India.

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