How To Link Aadhar With a Driving License?

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In India, obtaining a driving licence is a requirement for everyone who intends to legally drive a motor vehicle. The RTO oversees the procedure, which normally includes obtaining a learner’s licence, followed by a practical driving test to gain a permanent driver’s licence.

According to state laws, the permanent licence must be renewed. To maintain compliance with legal driving standards in India, it is critical to stay up to speed on the current laws and processes, which may differ by state.

Why Should I Link My Aadhar Card To My Driving Licence?

Enhancing Identity Verification: You may enhance the way your identification is confirmed by connecting your Aadhar card to your driver’s licence. This additional step of authentication reduces the danger of identity fraud, making our roadways and personal information safer.

Reducing Fake or Multiple Licenses: Aadhar linkage can help authorities identify individuals who may have multiple driver’s licenses or fake licenses with different names. This can enhance road safety and reduce fraud.

Streamlining Government Services: Aadhar linkage aims to create a unified and standardized system for government services. When your Aadhar is linked to your driver’s license, it can make it easier to access other government services that require identity verification.

Convenience: It can simplify administrative processes. For example, when renewing your driver’s license or making changes to it, you may not need to provide as many physical documents for verification if your Aadhar is linked.

Digital Verification: Linking Aadhar with your driver’s license can facilitate digital verification of your identity. This can be particularly useful for online transactions and services that require identity proof.

Security: Aadhar is linked to biometric data, which can make identity verification more secure compared to traditional methods like presenting physical documents.

While there may be advantages to linking your Aadhar card to your driver’s licence, the choice is primarily voluntary, and there have been debates and concerns in India over Aadhar privacy and data security. Before connecting, evaluate your own level of comfort with sharing your Aadhar data, as well as any potential changes in Aadhar and driver’s licence regulations or policies. Always follow the most recent norms and legislation in your area.

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How To Link Aadhar With a Driving License?

Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting your DL and Aadhar-

Online Procedure to Link Your Driving Licence

The method of linking a driver’s licence to an Aadhar card online is simple. The technique is as follows:

Step 1: Launch your browser and navigate to the road transport site for the state where your driver’s licence was obtained. Look for the ‘Link Aadhaar’ button and choose it.

Step 2: A selection screen appears. ‘Driving Licence’ should be selected from the drop-down option.

Step 3: In the following box, enter your driver’s licence number and click the ‘Get Details’ button.

Step 4: The information from your driver’s licence will be shown on the following screen. A box will appear at the bottom where you must input your Aadhaar Card number and mobile number.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed these two forms, click the ‘Submit’ button. The registered mobile number will get a one-time password.

Step 6: To complete the verification, input the OTP in the appropriate space on the screen. Once finished, the online procedure of linking a driver’s licence to Aadhar will be completed.

Offline Procedure Link Your Driving Licence

Should you find the internet approach too hard, don’t worry since the process of linking DL with Aadhar may also be done offline!

Here are the actions to take:

Step 1: Make an appointment with the RTO that granted your driver’s licence.

Step 2: Contact an executive to obtain an Aadhaar connecting form.

Step 3: Fill up the application and double-check the information you’ve entered. Please keep in mind that you must input your license information and Aadhaar number in this application, so be cautious.

Step 4: Submit this fully completed form to the authorised executive, together with a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar Card and driving licence.

Step 5: The RTO will conduct a thorough examination and verification. When your DL has been successfully verified, you will get a text message on the provided cellphone number verifying that it has been connected to your Aadhar card.

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Linking the Aadhar card to a driver’s license in India can enhance identity verification, reduce fraud, and streamline government services. It offers convenience by simplifying administrative processes and enables digital verification, making online transactions and services more secure. However, it is critical to evaluate Aadhar’s privacy and data security risks. While this relationship is optional, people should assess the advantages against the dangers and remain up to date on any regulatory changes. Finally, the choice to link Aadhar to a driver’s licence should be taken after careful consideration of the ramifications and in accordance with the most recent rules and legislation.

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