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An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a pivotal milestone for a company looking forward to growing to the next level. However, the process of launching an IPO and getting listed in the stock market is quite an intricate process. There are a bunch of regulatory norms to be complied with and several market participants to deal with. To ease out such complexities, companies appoint a registrar, who serves as a backbone of the IPO process ensuring seamless coordination and adhering to the regulatory norms. Cameo Corporate Services Limited is among the leading companies in the registry and share transfer industry. Here in this article, we will get to know some valuable insights about the company, service offerings, communication details and much more.

About Cameo Corporate Services Limited

Cameo Corporate Services Limited is a Chennai-based registrar and securities transfer agent. Established in 1998, it is one of the most prominent names in the registry and share transfer industry. Apart from its registry and share transfer services, the company is into a diverse line of business such as data management, medical transcription, and e-publishing.

The company has a presence across the country in major cities like New Delhi, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. Furthermore, the company has a growing presence in Africa through one of its joint ventures namely Cameo Techedge Services DRC.

It has gained experience and capabilities in the registry and share transfer segment handling more than 300 companies and has handled over 200 rights issues.

Cameo Corporate Services Limited Communication Details
AddressSubramanian Building # 1, Club House Road,Chennai 600 002 – India

Contact Details

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IPOs by Cameo Corporate Services Limited

Here is the list of the latest IPOs by Cameo Corporate Services Limited:

Issuer CompanyExchangeIssue Open
Arrowhead Seperation Engineering Limited IPOBSE SMENov 16, 2023
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Limited IPONSE SMESep 29, 2023
Kontor Space Limited IPONSE SMESep 27, 2023
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Limited IPONSE SMESep 15, 2023
Kundan Edifice Limited IPONSE SMESep 12, 2023
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries Limited IPONSE SMESep 08, 2023
Khazanchi Jewellers Limited IPOBSE SMEJul 24, 2023
Asarfi Hospital Limited IPOBSE SMEJul 17, 2023
Alphalogic Industries Limited IPOBSE SMEJul 03, 2023
CFF Fluid Control Limited IPOBSE SMEMay 30, 2023
Auro Impex & Chemicals Limited IPONSE SMEMay 11, 2023
VELS Film International Limited IPONSE SMEMar 10, 2023
ITCONS E-Solutions Limited IPOBSE SMEFeb 28, 2023
Indong Tea Company Limited IPOBSE SMEFeb 09, 2023
DHARNI Capital Services Limited IPOBSE SMEJan 18, 2023
Arham Technologies Limited IPONSE SMEDec 05, 2022
AMBO Agritec Ltd IPOBSE SMENov 21, 2022
Containe Technologies Ltd IPOBSE SMESep 20, 2022
Mega Flex Plastics Limited IPONSE SMESep 06, 2022
Virtuoso Optoelectronics Limited IPOBSE SMESep 02, 2022

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Services Offered by Cameo Corporate Services Limited

Here are Cameo Corporate Services Limited’s services and other offerings:

Registry and Share Transfer Services

  • Collection of IPO applications from investors
  • Recording IPO application data and transaction details
  • Interaction with SEBI, stock exchanges such as NSE, BSE and other regulatory authorities
  • Assistance in share allotment
  • Processing and dispatching refund payments to the applicants
  • Processing and dispatching of allotment letters and other important notices regarding the issue

Depository Services

  • Provide investor’s details to respective corporate clients
  • Receive and address Demat requests from DPs and confirm the same with CDSL or NSDL
  • Engaging with depositories to create and activate ISINs
  • Engage and interact with Depository Participants

To conclude, Cameo Corporate Services Limited is among the biggest names in the registry and transfer service segment. It has been in the line of registry and transfer service for more than three decades and has served more than 300 companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I didn’t get my IPO allotment?

Answer Field

There are several reasons behind not receiving an IPO allotment. It can be due to oversubscription, allotment of shares on a pro-rata basis, rejection of application due to incomplete or invalid information or information mismatch.

3. Does bidding in the upper price band have more chances of allotment?

Answer Field

Yes, bidding near the upper price band has more chances of allotment than applying near the lower price band. As most of the time, the cutoffs are usually in the higher price band and as a result applications in the lower price band get automatically rejected.

4. Do funds blocked through ASBA mean confirmed allotment?

Answer Field

No, often there is a misconception among investors that the amount blocked via ASBA means allotment of shares is confirmed. However, this is not true. If the amount gets debited from your account, it means a confirmed allotment.

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