Britannia Industries Ltd. – An In-Depth Analysis

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Imagine a day starting without the familiar crinkle of a Britannia biscuit packet – hard, isn’t it? Britannia Industries Ltd., renowned for turning ordinary moments into joyful ones with its delightful range of products, boasts a legacy that impressively stretches over 130 years. It’s fascinating to note that around 50% of Indians start their day with a Britannia product, highlighting the brand’s integral role in your daily routine.

In this blog post, we’ll explore more about this beloved brand. From its initial days, key milestones, and wide-ranging, mouth-watering products, to its striking impact on several generations and its notable presence in the Indian and international markets.

About Britannia Industries Ltd.

Industry TypeFast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
Year Founded1892
HeadquartersKolkata, India
Key PeopleMr. Nusli N. Wadia (Chairman)
Rajneet Singh Kohli (CEO)
Parent CompanyWadia Group
Countries PresentOver 80
Market Cap₹1.08 trillion
Employee StrengthOver 4500
Major ProductsBiscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products

Overview of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd. has established itself as a well-known brand in the food and beverage sector, particularly famous for its varied range of biscuits and bakery products. Established in 1892 in Kolkata by a group of businessmen, the initial venture has expanded manifold to create a space in the hearts of millions across India and beyond.

The journey of Britannia, which began with a focus on biscuits, has now broadened its horizons, venturing into various sectors of the food industry, including dairy and other snack categories, making its presence felt in over 80 countries globally. The company has always prioritised providing not just tasty, but also nutritious food options to its customers, contributing to its significant growth and penetration into different markets.

From the classic, much-loved biscuits like Good Day, Marie Gold, and 50-50 to a range of healthy snacks, it ensures that every snack time can be both delicious and nutritious. Their R&D team plays a crucial role in maintaining and innovating this vast portfolio, ensuring that it aligns with consumer preferences while keeping quality at the forefront.

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Britannia Industries Ltd. History

1892: In Kolkata, a group of businessmen started a biscuit-making company. That was the start of Britannia.

1918: Britannia was born on 21st March as a public company. 

1921: Britannia made history by being the first company in its area to use special ovens from abroad. During World War II, the Government chose Britannia to supply lots of ‘service biscuits’ to soldiers because they were trusted for making good quality biscuits.

1924: The company opened a new factory in Mumbai and joined hands with a big UK biscuit company, Peek Frean & Company Limited. This move helped them make more biscuits in their Kolkata and Mumbai factories.

1952: The company moved its Kolkata factory from Dum Dum to Taratola Road.

1965: Britannia opened a new bread bakery in Delhi, showing their dedication to making a variety of food items.

1975: Britannia Biscuit Company took over the biscuit-selling tasks from another company named Parry’s.

1976: The people of Calcutta and Chennai were introduced to Britannia bread.

1978: The company let people buy parts of it and the Indian people owned more than 60% of the company.

1979: Britannia Biscuit Company Limited changed its name to Britannia Industries Limited. 

1993: A new biscuit, “Britannia Tiger”, was made especially for children to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack.

1997: Britannia started making dairy products.

2002: People loved Britannia so much that it was named India’s second most trusted brand. 

2013: In Bidadi, Britannia opened a special centre where they think of new biscuit ideas and ways to make them even tastier.

2019: “Britannia Milk Bikis Milk Cream” was introduced – a creamy biscuit that added more variety to their yummy biscuit range.

2022: Britannia teamed up with a big cheese company called Bel SA. 

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Major Subsidiaries of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Kenafric Biscuits Limited, Kenya

A significant player in Britannia’s global journey is Kenafric Biscuits Limited in Kenya. This subsidiary is not just a business extension but a cleverly chosen location to cater to the vibrant and varied tastes of East African consumers. The brand has been thoughtfully combining the quality and innovation of Britannia with localised flavours and preferences, enriching the local snack market with global standard products.

Catalyst Britannia Brands Limited, Mauritius

Operating in the diverse and rich market of Mauritius, Catalyst Britannia Brands Limited allows Britannia to weave its products into the local cuisine. This subsidiary aids Britannia in understanding the eating habits, preferences, and seasonal trends of the Mauritian people, blending them skillfully into their product development and marketing strategies.

Britannia Dairy Holdings Pvt. Ltd., India: 

With Britannia Dairy Holdings Pvt. Ltd., Britannia keeps its roots strong in the ever-expanding and diversifying Indian market. This subsidiary focuses on the vast and varied dairy product segment in India, ensuring Britannia’s offerings like cheese, yoghurt, and more, are not just tasty but also form an integral part of the daily experiences of numerous Indian households.

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Joint ventures by Britannia Industries Ltd.

Joint Venture with Chipita

In 2018, Britannia joined hands with Chipita, a company known worldwide for making long-lasting croissants. The idea behind this union was simple but smart – by working together, the companies aimed to create new and exciting products that customers would love. Chipita shared its skill in making delicious, durable croissants, and Britannia brought its wide market reach and the trust of Indian consumers to the table. Through this joint venture, Britannia stepped into the croissant market, adding a fresh, global product to its offering and giving customers new and delightful eating options.

Joint Venture with Bel SA

In a notable move in 2022, Britannia created a partnership with Bel SA, a company well-known for its branded cheese products. This move was all about exploring the possibilities in the world of dairy and cheese products. Bel SA, with its strong presence and established product line, opened up new doors for Britannia to create and innovate in the field of dairy products. The partnership was more than just a business deal – it was a combination of the strengths of both companies. Together, they aimed to create products that combined the art of cheese-making with Britannia’s baking skills, offering customers not only the products they loved but also new, exciting options to explore.

Products/Brands Under Britannia Industries Ltd.

Good Day:

When you think of a biscuit that brings a smile to your face, Good Day undoubtedly comes to mind. Launched in 1986, this brand has become a friendly presence in Indian households, offering a burst of joy with each bite. Covering a range of delicious variants, such as Good Day Butter, Cashew, and Pista-Almond, the brand invites you to have a ‘Good Day’ with biscuits that offer the perfect balance of taste and texture, making our tea times and snack breaks infinitely more enjoyable.

Marie Gold:

A beloved partner to chai, Britannia’s Marie Gold has held its place as a staple snack in Indian households for decades. Not only is it a light, wholesome biscuit, perfect for those mid-meal hunger pangs, but also a fantastic ingredient in desserts, lending itself beautifully to various culinary creations. The brand’s ethos – encouraging women to realise their dreams and potential – has resonated deeply with the consumers, making it not just a delightful snack but a symbol of empowerment and aspiration.


Sweet and salty, 50-50 has been a favourite amongst biscuit lovers since its introduction. It’s the sort of biscuit that leaves you thinking about its taste, contemplating the sweetness and the simultaneous salty kick. It’s perfect as a standalone snack, and its unique taste profile makes it a fantastic accompaniment to a variety of dishes. From being an integral part of snack cupboards to finding its way into innovative recipes, 50-50 continues to delight with its distinctive flavour.


For those mindful of health and nutrition, NutriChoice has emerged as a go-to brand. With products like NutriChoice Digestive Biscuits and NutriChoice 5 Grain biscuits, it provides healthful options without compromising on taste. This brand shows Britannia’s commitment to catering to a variety of needs of consumers, offering choices that align with their health and wellness goals. NutriChoice doesn’t merely present healthy biscuits; it delivers on a promise – a promise of flavourful indulgence in each bite while staying true to its nutritional ethos.

Britannia Bread:

Britannia Bread has made breakfasts and snack times not only wholesome but also delightfully tasty. With a wide range including Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain, and Fruit & Nut variants, Britannia ensures that your sandwiches, toasts, and culinary experiments are both nutritious and flavourful. Britannia Bread has not just been a product but a facilitator of healthy living, enabling people to create meals that are balanced, tasty, and nourishing.


Britannia Industries Ltd. started small in Kolkata in 1892 and has grown into a big company that we all know and love today. It has given Indians tasty and healthy snacks, becoming a favourite in homes. It’s not just an Indian favourite but is loved in 80 other countries. The brand has always tried to come up with new and exciting products that are good for people and the planet. Britannia doesn’t just make biscuits and snacks; it makes moments of joy for everyone to share. It’s a brand that has been there for our parents, is here for us, and will be there for our children in the future. A simple snack, a lifelong memory – that’s Britannia for you!

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