FSSAI Orders Probe Into Nestle Baby Food Sugar Controversy

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FSSAI launches a probe into Nestle's alleged higher sugar content in baby food. The investigation will cover all brands, with a scientific committee's report expected in a month. Nestle India responds, emphasising nutritional quality and ongoing efforts to reduce added sugars.

FSSAI is investigating Nestle due to reports claiming its baby food in India has more sugar than global norms. The move comes after concerns were raised by the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry, prompting FSSAI to initiate a detailed probe into the matter.

Sources indicate that FSSAI's scientific committee is currently examining the issue, with a report expected within a month. This report will serve as the basis for determining the appropriate course of action against Nestle and any other brands found to violate regulations.

Investigation Clouds Over Nestle 

Notably, the scrutiny extends beyond Nestle, encompassing all brands selling baby food and infant formula milk in the Indian market. FSSAI has ordered a comprehensive investigation to ascertain whether these products comply with prescribed guidelines. Strict actions are promised against those found to be non-compliant.

The controversy centres around allegations that Nestle has been adding excess sugar to its Cerelac baby cereals sold in India while refraining from such practices in other countries. The Consumer Affairs Ministry cited a report by Public Eye, a Swiss investigation agency, which highlighted these findings.

According to the report, Nestle allegedly adds 2.7g of sugar per serving to its Cerelac products in India, contrary to practices in countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, and the UK.

In response to the controversy, Nestle India has issued a clarification asserting its commitment to ensuring the nutritional quality of its products. The company emphasises its efforts to reduce added sugars in its infant cereal products without compromising on nutrition, safety, or taste. Nestle also highlights its ongoing innovation and reformulation initiatives aimed at further reducing sugar levels in its products.

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