Bosch Q4 Results: PAT up by 41.4%; Revenue from Operations up 4.2% YoY

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With Bosch’s Q4FY24 results out, the company saw growth this quarter and in the entirety of FY24. With its PAT at ₹564 Crore, up 41.4% YoY, the Board of Directors have recommended a final dividend of ₹170/share

5 Key Financial Highlights

With the Q4FY24 results out for Bosch, the company has seen significant numbers coming to the fore. Here is a list of its top 5 financial highlights

Q4 Net Profit at ₹564 crores up by 41.4% from ₹399 Crore YoY

Q4 PBT at ₹661 Crore up 23.9% from ₹533 Crore YoY

Q4 Revenue from Operations at ₹4,233 crores up 4.2% from ₹4,063 Crore YoY

FY24 PAT at ₹2,491 crores up 14.9% from ₹1,425 Crore YoY

FY24 Revenue from Operations at ₹16,727 crores up 12% from ₹14,929 Crores YoY

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Key Business Updates:

Final Dividend of ₹170/share recommended for the FY 2023-24 by the Board of Directors

In the Mobility business sector, the Power Solutions division saw a 10.9% increase in sales driven by changes in emission norms

The company, effective 1st January 2024, realigned its Mobility Business to deliver regional growth and customer-centricity

Bosch Power Tools India also celebrated 30 years of engineering excellence, quality & innovation

During the 7th UN Road Safety Week, Bosch released India's first Pedestrian Accident Study

The company’s total capital investments for FY24 stood at ₹332 crores. A significant portion of this amount was allocated to develop the Spark.NXT campus in Adugodi, Bengaluru and capacity expansion at the plants

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Profitability Analysis:

Bosch's Q4FY24 results highlight a robust profitability trajectory, with net profit surging by 41.4% YoY to ₹564 crores. The company's PBT increased by 23.9%, underscoring operational efficiency. Revenue from operations rose by 4.2%, driven by notable growth in the Power Solutions and Mobility Aftermarket divisions. FY24 overall saw a 14.9% rise in PAT and a 12% boost in revenue, reflecting strong market demand and strategic investments. These figures, coupled with a final dividend of ₹170/share, indicate a solid financial foundation.

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Other Insights:

This quarter and the entirety of FY24 have shown some significant growth for Bosch. But that is not the only thing determining the profitability of the company. Here are a few insights that added to the company’s growth this quarter as well as in this financial year.

  1. Bosch Limited’s Mobility business sector and Beyond Mobility business sector’s total product revenue increased by 2.7% and 14.0% respectively on a quarter-over-quarter basis
  1. Bosch Limited’s Mobility business sector’s product sales went up YoY by 11.1% in FY24, driven by a 4.8% growth in the overall automotive sector.
  1. The domestic sales for Bosch Limited also rose by 13.2%.
  1. The Power Solutions division saw a 10.9% increase in sales driven by changes in emission norms
  1. The company’s Mobility Aftermarket division rose by 10.2 % due to increased market demand
  1. The Beyond Mobility sector saw a 17.7% increase in sales due to growth in power tools and building technology segments.

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Major Operational Metrics - Standalone Q4 (FY 2023-24) Financial Results of Bosch (in ₹ Crore)


For Quarter Ended

For Year Ended






Revenue From Operations






Profit Before Tax






Net Profit for the period






The Future of Bosch

Bosch’s Q4FY24 results have proven to be quite favourable to the company’s growth this time around. Add to that the company’s many business updates and growth in sales and FY25 seems it might turn out profitable for it. The company believes that its sustained investment in infrastructure in India will continue to drive growth in Bosch’s Power Tools and Building Technologies business divisions. Bosch looks forward to elevating the innovation and robustness of its product portfolio. Seeing as the company has already realigned its mobility business to deliver regional growth, customer centricity and innovative technologies, Bosch also looks forward to creating a future that encompasses sustainable, safe, and exciting mobility experiences for its customers.

About The Company:

Bosch, in India, is a leading tech and services supplier in spaces like industrial technology, consumer goods, energy and building technology to name a few. Bosch India also happens to be the largest development centre outside of Germany, which helps develop engineering and technology solutions. Bosch Limited, the flagship company of the Bosch Group in India is one of the 12 companies that operate under the Bosch Group. As of 2023, Bosch in India has over 38,700 associates working with it.


Q4FY24 for Bosch has seen a steady growth pattern for the company without a doubt. With its revenue and profits going up for both the quarter and the entirety of the financial year 2024, the company has also seen many new business developments. With everything considered, FY25 is a greater achievement for the company. 

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