Hindalco Q4: Consolidated PAT for Q4 FY24 at ₹3,174 Cr, surging 32% YoY

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Hindalco's Q4 results reflected strong performance and resilience. Revenue from operations remained steady at approximately ₹56,000 Cr. Consolidated EBITDA increased by 24% YoY to ₹7,200 Cr, driven by lower input costs and higher volumes. Novelis and the Copper Business achieved record-breaking performances, contributing significantly to the results. Hindalco maintained a robust balance sheet, with a Net Debt to EBITDA ratio below 2x, and a recommended dividend of ₹3.5/equity share for FY24.

5 Key Financial Highlights

Hindalco Q4 results are the talk of the town as the Company released quarterly financial and performance metrics in a league of their own. Here are the key financial highlights of Hindalco Q4:

  • For Q4, Revenue from Operations was at ₹55,994 Cr, with no change on a YoY basis
  • Net Profit for Q4 FY24 stood at ₹3,174 Cr, up 32% YoY
  • In Q4, the Consolidated EBITDA was at ₹7,201 Cr, up 24% YoY, due to lower input costs and higher volumes
  • Business Segment EBITDA was at ₹7,907 Cr, up 27% YoY
  • Basic EPS (₹/share) was at ₹14.29 for Q4 FY24

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The Metals Flagship of the Aditya Birla Group Delivers Exceptional Results

Concluding the year with a veritable bang, the metals flagship of the Aditya Birla Group, Hindalco’s Q4 results showed growth and prosperity all the way. PAT grew by 32% and was the result of strong performance combined with improved margins in all segments of the business. Here are some features of the optimal operational performance that saw Hindalco through its last quarter of FY24:

  • Novelis reported a robust fourth-quarter performance with EBITDA per tonne at $540 (as per US GAAP), up 25% YoY, driven by low operational costs and market recovery.
  • The Copper Business delivered a new record-breaking performance in Q4, with the EBITDA at an all-time high of ₹776 Cr, up 30% YoY, led by record sales. The Copper business has grown to become the 2nd largest in the world for Copper rods (excluding China). It achieved its best-ever performance with sales crossing 500,000 tonnes for the first time and an all-time high EBITDA for Q4 and FY24.
  • The Aluminium Upstream EBITDA margin stood at 32%, the best in the industry, globally.
  • Hindalco sustained a healthy balance sheet and liquidity position which aided the Company in maintaining the Net Debt to EBITDA ratio below 2x.
  • The Board recommended a dividend of ₹3.5/equity share (at 350%) for FY24.

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Key Financial Metrics - Consolidated Q4 (FY 2023-24) Financial Results of Hindalco (in ₹ Crore)


Q4 FY23

Q3 FY24

Q4 FY24

Change YoY %


Change %

Revenue from Operations






Business Segment EBITDA












Profit Before Tax (after exceptional items)






Profit After Tax






EPS (₹/share) Basic





Hindalco Q4 - Leaps Ahead

With strong results in the last quarter of FY24, Hindalco is a player to be taken seriously, with its Metals business rising to the occasion. The Company, as in all its last quarters, continues to sustain a healthy balance sheet and strong liquidity, despite repaying ₹5,195 Cr of debt in the Hindalco India business in FY24. This places the Company well on its growth track and its mission to drive its future organic growth plans with wise capital allocation.

Every project and aim of the Company is on track for the future, including Novelis’ Bay Minette, US project, expected to be completed by the second half of CY26. Furthermore, India’s first Copper Inner Grooved Tubes (IGT) plant is to be commissioned by the end of CY24. To add to this, the Indian Coast Guard and Hindalco have inked an MoU to enable the production and supply of indigenous marine-grade aluminium for the construction of ships across Indian public and private shipyards.

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The results of Q4 and FY24 have sealed Hindalco’s fate as a key metals production leader in the market. With strength in its operations and financials, the Company is set to meet FY25 with new perspectives and expansion plans to further its growth and operational excellence across all business segments. With infrastructure development in India at the forefront of the country’s development goals, Hindalco is well-equipped to take on new challenges with robust operational skills and financial prowess.

About Hindalco

Hindalco Industries Limited is the metals flagship company belonging to the Aditya Birla Group. A $26 billion metals highflyer, Hindalco is the largest aluminium company (by revenues) on the global stage, and the world’s second-largest

Copper rod manufacturer (excluding China). Hindalco boasts operations across the value chain, from alumina refining, bauxite mining, coal mining, captive power

plants, and aluminium smelting to downstream extrusions, rolling, and foils. Along with its main subsidiary Novelis, Hindalco is positioned as a global leader in flat-rolled products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminium.

Furthermore, Hindalco is India’s largest producer of copper, serving more than half of India’s copper requirements. The Company’s copper plant in Gujarat, India, comprises a state-of-the-art copper smelter and refinery complex, downstream facilities,

and a captive jetty. Hindalco’s international footprint spans 52 manufacturing units in 10 countries. It is no surprise that the Company has the distinction of being ranked as the world’s most sustainable aluminium company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 - four consecutive years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the result of Hindalco’s Q4?

Answer Field

In Q4 FY24, Hindalco has come out on top with its financial and performance metrics across all its business segments, achieving milestone performance in its copper business. In Q4, the Consolidated EBITDA was at ₹7,201 Cr, up 24% YoY, due to lower input costs and higher volumes, and the Consolidated PAT for Q4 FY24 stood at ₹3,174 Cr, up 32% YoY. 

What is the future of Hindalco after its Q4 FY24 results?

Answer Field

The Company has a strong balance sheet and robust liquidity and is financially equipped to deal with FY25. On the business front, the Company has prepared itself for expansion by extending its copper and aluminium businesses to a substantial degree. 

3. Is Hindalco among the best metal production companies in India, according to its Q4 results?

Answer Field

Hindalco Q4 results have poised the Company for success in the future with new projects in the pipeline. The Company is a key player in the production of metals like aluminum and copper, not just domestically, but globally as well. With its Q4 results and FY24 results being optimistic for the Company at operational and financial levels, the Company is among the leaders in metal production in India. 

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