Wipro and HP Unveil GenAI Solution for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

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Wipro partners with HP to launch a GenAI solution at the new Customer Experience Centre. The solution aims to reduce Mean Time to Resolution by 50%, decrease incidents by 30%, and improve efficiency. Finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries will gain from these advancements.

Wipro News Today

Wipro has teamed up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to introduce a groundbreaking GenAI solution. This initiative will be showcased at the new Customer Experience Centre (CEC) within Wipro Cloud Studio's Kodathi office, catering to clients on a global scale.

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Solution Overview

The GenAI solution leverages Wipro's Smart Operations platform in conjunction with the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment. This combination is designed to significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

Key benefits highlighted include:

  • Reduction in MTTR: The solution aims to cut the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) for GenAI applications by approximately 50%.
  • Decrease in Incident Inflow: Field tests show a potential 30% reduction in incident inflow.
  • Improved OEE and Process Efficiency: The solution is expected to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reduce process cycle times.

Industries such as financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing, which heavily rely on customer service and IT support, stand to gain the most from these advancements.

Flexibility with Large Language Models

The GenAI solution offers clients the flexibility to choose from a variety of Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored to their specific business requirements, ensuring a bespoke approach to their AI needs.

Leadership Insights

Jo Debecker, Managing Partner and Global Head of Wipro FullStride Cloud believes that the collaboration underscores their longstanding partnership and commitment to delivering advanced AI solutions.

The new Customer Experience Centre will demonstrate the potential of integrating HP’s Machine Learning Development Environment with Wipro’s innovative solutions, aiming to simplify data preparation and integrate popular machine learning frameworks.

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