What is a Discount Broker – Importance & Benefits for Indian Investors

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Discount brokers provide a cost-effective way for traders to execute stock market trades. Unlike traditional brokers, discount brokers focus on basic services such as order execution without offering extensive research or personalised investment advice. This piece explains what discount brokers are, compares them to traditional brokers, and highlights their key features and benefits for Indian investors. 


Discount stock brokers allow for a cost-effective and proven way for traders to conduct trades in the stock market.  A discount broker is essentially an intermediary who executes your buy and sell orders. Read on to find out more details about their functions, benefits, and primary target audience to truly understand what is a discount broker. The functions of a traditional broker and discount broker are also contrasted to give a clearer understanding of the work they carry out.

Article Highlights

  • Discount brokers demand lower commissions, maximising your returns.
  • Access online trading platforms through discount brokers, and witness real-time quotes and portfolio management tools.
  • Make independent investment decisions with basic research tools and self-directed trading.

Traditional Broker vs. Discount Broker

The following are a few features provided by traditional brokers:

Research Reports

Traditional, full-service brokers conduct thorough research on company reports and examine multiple firms and sectors to assist investors in making knowledgeable choices.

Investment Advice

They can customise investment suggestions according to your particular objectives and capacity for risk, providing you with personalised direction concerning your investments following trading account opening.

Portfolio Management

Full-service brokers, in return for a fee, look after your complete investment portfolio. They help you make decisions regarding when to buy and sell your stocks.

However, the above services do not come for free. Usually, with a full-service broker, you will have to pay commissions (fees per trade). These can be quite a heavy burden on your returns - particularly if you are someone who trades frequently. 

This is where discount brokers come in. The question “What are discount brokers?” may be answered by saying that they are financial intermediaries who provide a more simplified method for investing in the stock market. The main difference between discount and traditional brokers is that the emphasis of the former is on the following:

Basic Services

Discount stock brokers are mainly concerned with executing orders. They offer digital trading systems that enable you to purchase and sell stocks on your own, without any assistance in research or investment advice typically being provided.


The main advantage of discount brokers is their greatly reduced cost. Usually, they provide commission arrangements with set fees or per-trade costs that are considerably less than those of full-service brokers. This lets you keep more money for yourself.

Key Features of Discount Brokers

Discount brokers cater to a specific type of investor, who is comfortable with conducting their own research and making independent investment decisions. Here are some key features of discount stock brokers in India:

Low Commissions

The main feature of discount brokers is their cost-effectiveness. They offer significantly lower commission structures compared to traditional brokers, allowing you to invest more and maximise your returns after opening your trading account.

Online Trading Platforms

Discount brokers provide user-friendly online platforms that allow you to manage your portfolio and execute trades independently. These platforms offer features like real-time quotes, order placement tools, and portfolio tracking.

Basic Research Tools

While not as extensive as what full-service brokers might offer, some discount stock brokers provide access to basic research tools. These may include charts, market data feeds, and fundamental analysis tools to assist you in your research endeavours.

Benefits of Using a Discount Broker for Indian Investors

Here are a few key benefits of using discount brokers:

Cost Savings

The most significant advantage is the substantial cost savings. Lower commissions and fees translate to keeping more of your hard-earned profits, allowing you to grow your wealth faster after opening a trading account.

Increased Control

When you hire a discount stock broker, you are still expected to research, make decisions, and execute trades based on your own investment strategy, fostering a sense of control and ownership. 


The online platforms offered by discount brokers are user-friendly and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to trade on your schedule, eliminating the need to visit a physical broker's office.


For investors in smaller cities or towns, discount stock brokers offer a convenient and accessible way to participate in the stock market. You no longer need to be located near a major financial hub to invest.

Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all related documents carefully before investing.

This content is for educational purposes only. Securities quoted are exemplary and not recommendatory.

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