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Bajaj Broking has introduced an exciting Refer & Earn program, where you can earn shopping vouchers worth Rs. 300 simply by referring friends and family to open a Demat account with Bajaj Broking. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your referees! This program allows you to earn attractive rewards when your referees successfully open a Demat account. Read on to discover how you can easily participate in our Demat Account Refer & Earn and easily earn from referrals.

What is Demat Account Refer & Earn?

Bajaj Broking’s Demat Account Refer & Earn program is a unique opportunity for Bajaj Broking’s valued customers to earn exciting rewards by inviting their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to open a Demat account with us. As a referrer, you have the chance to earn shopping vouchers worth Rs. 300 for each successful account opening by the individuals referred by you.

How Does Demat Refer & Earn Works?

a. Referral Link

As an existing account holder, you will receive a unique referral link through which you can invite potential investors to join our platform. Refer! Reward! Repeat! with this link with your network through various channels like email, social media, or messaging apps.

b. Referee’s Process

The referees will use the referral link to sign up for a new Demat account on our platform. They must complete the account opening process successfully for you to be eligible for the referral rewards.

c. Reward Redemption

Once the referee opens account and UCC (Unique Client Code) is created, you, as the referrer, will receive your well-deserved shopping voucher worth Rs. 300. The voucher can be redeemed for various products at our partner stores or on our platform.

Advantages of Demat Refer & Earn Program

a. Easy and Lucrative

Our Refer & Earn program is a straightforward way to earn rewards by referring your contacts to open a Demat account, encouraging financial growth for all parties involved.

b. Expand Your Network

The program enables you to expand your social and professional circles while helping others discover the benefits of investing and trading.

c. Flexible Redemption

The shopping vouchers offer a wide range of choices, giving you the freedom to select the products that best suit your preferences.

d. Secure Trading Platform

The referees you refer to will have access to a secure and user-friendly trading platform to make their investment journey smooth and hassle-free.

Bajaj Broking Referral Program Terms & Conditions: Earn Rewards for Successful Referrals

  • All clients of Bajaj Broking are eligible for the Referral Program.
  • The referrer becomes eligible for the reward only after a successful referral, which refers to a prospect completing the account opening journey.
  • The Referral Program is applicable for online customers of Bajaj Broking only.
  • Individual clients cannot refer to another non-individual account with the same contact details as their own account (e.g., HUF, Corporate, Partnership/LLP, Trust).
  • Referred clients must complete their account opening within 30 days of being referred, else it becomes a free lead with no incentive for the referrer.
  • The referee should not be an existing prospect/client of Bajaj Broking to be considered for the Referral Program.
  • Referrers earn a shopping voucher of Rs. 300 once the referee’s account is successfully opened.
  • A client can refer a maximum of 5 clients per month.
  • Specific voucher terms and conditions will be displayed on the respective voucher, and BFBajaj BrokingSL has no control over them.


Our Demat Account Refer & Earn program presents a fantastic opportunity for you to earn shopping vouchers worth Rs. 300. By referring your friends and acquaintances to open Demat accounts, you not only gain financial rewards but also help them embark on a rewarding investment journey. Join Bajaj Broking’ Refer & Earn program today and earn from referrals while empowering others to grow their wealth with a secure and reliable trading platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which app is best for refer and earn?

Answer Field

While there are a plethora of Refer and Earn programs available in the market today, the BFSL Refer and Earn program stands out amidst the crowd. It is secure, transparent and provides enough value to its loyal customers that can ensure both long-term as well as short-term gains.

2. What is the Refer & Earn Program?

Answer Field

The referral program is for those BFSL customers who have been active on the platform. It provides an added incentive to our clients when an referee opens an account and a Unique Client Code is created. The referrer in this case receives Rs.300 which is redeemable at any partner store for shopping and more!

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the referral program?

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As long as all the terms and conditions are met, all BFSL clients are eligible for the Referral Program. However, they receive their reward only after a successful referral . The maximum number of referrals are set at 5 and the referee should not be an existing client of BFSL referral program.

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