Vodafone Set to Sell 10% Stake in Indus Towers, Eyes ₹9,140 Crore

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Vodafone Group is all set to sell a 10% stake in Indus Towers through block deals today, aiming to raise up to ₹9,140 crore. This move is expected to influence passive inflows of $106 million across indices.

Vodafone Idea News Today

Vodafone Group PLC is set to divest 10% of its stake in Indus Towers Ltd, a prominent mobile tower installation company in India. This strategic move aims to generate funds to alleviate Vodafone's debt burden.

Stake Sale Details

Vodafone plans to sell approximately 26.80 crore shares of Indus Towers via block deals on the Indian stock market. The sale is structured with a price range of ₹310 to ₹341 per share, which represents a discount of up to 10% compared to the current market price.

At the upper end of this range, the stake sale could potentially raise around ₹9,140 crore (approximately $1.1 billion).

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Financial Implications

This transaction is significant enough to trigger adjustments in passive indices, potentially bringing in about $70 million from MSCI and $36 million from FTSE indices in passive inflows. This is expected to occur over the next few trading sessions following the sale.

Context of the Stake Sale

The stake sale in Indus Towers by Vodafone is poised to be one of the largest block deals in India, following recent significant transactions in the market.

This includes British American Tobacco PLC’s divestment in another Indian company, emphasising a trend towards strategic portfolio adjustments among global corporations.

Strategic Intent and Future Outlook

Vodafone Group PLC's decision to reduce its stake in Indus Towers aligns with its broader strategy to streamline operations and strengthen financial health by reducing debt.

The proceeds from this stake sale are earmarked to repay a portion of Vodafone's substantial net debt, which stood at $42.17 billion as reported earlier.

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