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Podcasts are taking the world by storm earning a place in trending platforms on niche subjects from the meaning of life to a variety of topics spanning finance and the economy to sports and technology. If there is a topic out there, there is a matching podcast to address it. Podcasts in India are also the talk of the town these days and several podcasters are establishing themselves as authorities in segments like finance and investment. From advising on personal investment to stock analysis, podcasts in the financial universe are here to stay. You can get your hands (or ears) on some of the best finance Indian podcasts. 

Plugging into Podcasts in India

Today, podcasts stand out as one of the most valuable sources of information. Yes, the internet is always there to search and find, but podcasts are a unique way to learn about things you are interested in. They offer you a positive combination of learning and amusement and you can listen to them from anywhere, on the go. All over the internet, you will find podcasts that concentrate on various aspects of finance. If you find the one that aligns with your financial goals, you are all set to listen to the best finance podcasts around. 

Podcasts cover many topics within the area of finance, from budgeting and saving to personal investment and the best mutual funds. Listening to some of these makes a nice change from straining your eyes and simply reading the information available through search engines. Additionally, hearing an authority speak on a topic brings that personal touch to information generation and this helps you to understand concepts better. Podcasts help build financial literacy and you can find them in different languages, depending on the topics, too. 

The Best Finance Podcasts in India

Here are some highlights of the best finance podcasts available to avid listeners in India today: 

  • Markets Daily by Bajaj Broking: This podcast by Bajaj Broking can serve as a valuable resource for individuals navigating the Indian financial landscape. It offers a daily dose of insightful analysis, breaking news, and updates on stock market trends and global markets. By providing expert insights, the podcast aims to empower listeners to make informed investment and trading decisions.
  • ET Markets: The podcast by ET Markets is a reliable information source for your learning of current market conditions, investment options in India and overseas, and the state of the Indian economy. You get the latest news and views here. 
  • Moneycontrol: Often considered a podcast in a league of its own, the Moneycontrol podcast is an authority on all things finance. Concepts are explained in simple language, and with a unique clarity. This is one of the USPs of this popular podcast.
  • Mint: The Mint podcast is one of the most credible finance podcasts in India today. The Mint podcast has reliable information sources and discusses all things money and wealth on its diverse channel. Listeners consider this a podcast of choice as it gives you a reliable analysis, live coverage of news to do with the financial world including the Indian markets, and a holistic view of the finances of India. 
  • MarketBuzz: A cutting-edge podcast by CNBC TV18, MarketBuzz is listened to by seniors and youngsters alike. With up-to-date news and analysis, this podcast has made a name for itself in the financial world. The podcast covers trends in the market, the performance of companies, and fluctuations in the Indian markets. 
  • Value Research: Value Research is a renowned podcast to give opinions and expert advice on mutual funds, futures and options investment, portfolio diversification, and other investment streams. The podcast channel has professionals to address concepts and give you illustrated examples to explain concepts and subjects easily, through layman’s language. The podcast is renowned for its interesting lessons on money and personal finance.

Podcasts - Abundant Resources

Who needs a book or a website when you can listen to a finance podcast? Besides offering everyone on the planet easy access and educational resources in the field of finance, a podcast gives you the personal touch of listening to someone. Some financial podcasts may touch on complex financial topics through simple language that you almost feel you are being told a story. With illustrated examples and other real-life experiences thrown in, podcasts are made interesting for listeners, both old and young. Furthermore, guests are often invited to speak on several podcasts and they may give you insights that sound convincing and intriguing, making your understanding better. 

Podcasts in India - Boosting Financial Literacy

Podcasts in India are a boon to a vast majority of Indians who are averse to all things related to finance. Furthermore, podcasts promote financial literacy to most Indians who may lack the ability to comprehend complex terms through the written word but may grasp concepts through listening to explanations. In a country that has shied away from many financial concepts and processes, the internet and podcasts have created a revolution in terms of spreading literacy in many areas, finance being an important one. Finally, podcasts go a long way in prompting a habit of constant learning. Most podcasts can create an addictive yet beneficial classroom for those willing to step into the world of finance and investing.

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