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Titan Company Ltd. holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. It’s a brand that resonates with trust, quality, and excellence for everyone. Its products, ranging from elegant watches to beautiful jewellery, have become a part of the everyday life and special moments of people across the country. These products reflect the diverse styles and preferences of Indians, making Titan a favourite and familiar brand for many. The company’s roots lie in the trusted Tata Group, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation in India for over a century. 

In this blog, you’ll explore more about Titan Company Ltd., its history, the major subsidiaries, and acquisitions, as well as the range of products and brands it offers. Dive into the world of Titan and discover the different facets of this beloved Indian company.

About Titan Company Ltd.

FounderTata Group & Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO)
Industry TypeLifestyle
Founded Year1984
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Key PeopleN. Muruganandam (Chairman)
Parent CompanyTata Group
Market Cap₹2.86 trillion

Overview of Titan Company Ltd.

Titan Company Ltd. started small in 1984 with just one type of product. Now, it has over 8,000 employees and is part of a bigger system that includes about 38,000 people. The team works together to offer great products and services to customers like you. Titan has opened more than 2,000 stores and now has 16 different brands. Even though it has grown a lot, the company is still focused on making sure everyone involved, from workers to customers, benefits from its success. They want to keep growing, but not at the cost of their values or the quality of their products.

The outstanding success of Titan Company Ltd. speaks to their steady commitment to top quality and a constant aim to go beyond what customers expect, echoing their slogan – ‘Be More.’

The company now sells a lot more than just watches. It has become a leader in selling jewellery, watches, and eyewear, and people trust these brands to provide good quality and value for money. Titan has also started selling several new products like wearables, Indian dress wear, and fragrances & fashion accessories. The outstanding success of Titan Company Ltd. speaks to their steady commitment to top quality and a constant aim to go beyond what customers expect, echoing their slogan – ‘Be More.’

Titan Company Ltd. History

1984: The Birth of Titan Watches Ltd

In 1984, the idea of Titan Watches was realised through a collaboration between Tata Industries and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), signifying the start of a legendary journey.

1987: First Print Advertisement

In 1987, Titan released its first print advertisement created by Ogilvy & Mather. The advertisement showcased a catalogue of watches, encouraging consumers to walk into stores with ad cuttings.

1992: Partnership with Timex

In 1992, Titan entered a joint venture with Timex, enhancing its market presence and popularity. The partnership ended in 1998, after which Titan launched Sonata to reclaim market share.

1993: Expansion to Europe

Titan expanded into Europe in 1993, followed by the Middle East and Asia Pacific, selling over 150 million watches across 32 countries.

1994: Introduction of PSI 2000

In 1994, Titan introduced PSI 2000, rugged sporty watches with advanced features like 200m water resistance and high-precision chronographs.

1996: Launch of Tanishq Jewellery

1996 marked the opening of Tanishq’s first boutique in Chennai, offering exclusively designed 18Kt gold jewellery with diamonds.

2002: Introduction of Edge

2002 saw the launch of Titan Edge, the slimmest watch in the universe at 3.5mm, captivating watch enthusiasts worldwide.

2003: Relaunch of Fastrack

Fastrack was relaunched in 2003 as a youth brand, offering trendy, fashionable watches designed for the growing youth demographic.

2009: Zoya Boutique by Tanishq

In 2009, Tanishq launched Zoya, a boutique in Delhi providing premium and innovative jewellery designs.

2010: Billion-Dollar Milestone

Titan’s revenue crossed the billion-dollar mark for the financial year 2009-2010.

2011: Launch of Mia by Tanishq

2011 saw the introduction of Mia, a brand from Tanishq offering a stunning range of affordable jewellery for working women.

2013: Entry into Fragrance Industry

Titan entered the perfume market in 2013, launching SKINN, and redefining the Indian fragrance industry.

2015: Establishment of TEAL

In 2015, Titan formed a new subsidiary, TEAL, to cater to global clients from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defence industries.

2016: Acquisition of CaratLane

In 2016, Titan acquired a majority stake in the online jewellery startup CaratLane, offering modern designs and a seamless omni channel experience.

2020: Acqui-Hire of HUG Innovations

Titan acqui-hired Hyderabad-based startup HUG Innovations in 2020, transforming it into Titan Smart Labs.

2022: Launch of IRTH

In 2022, Titan launched its latest brand IRTH, a women’s handbag brand noted for its thoughtful design and detailing.

2023: Tanishq Enters US Market

In 2023, Tanishq expanded into the US market, opening its first store in New Jersey’s Little India, inaugurated by Senator Mr Robert Menendez and Mr C.K. Venkataraman.

Major Subsidiaries of Titan Company Ltd.

Titan Engineering & Automation Ltd. (TEAL)

Titan Engineering & Automation Ltd., often known as TEAL, is the main subsidiary of Titan Company Ltd. Focused on providing superior engineering solutions, TEAL excels in designing and manufacturing complex jigs, fixtures, and tools. Operating in both the Aerospace and Non-Aerospace sectors, TEAL’s expertise spans across various industries, ensuring comprehensive and tailored solutions.

Favre-Leuba AG

Known as the second oldest Swiss watch brand, Favre-Leuba AG is a cherished subsidiary of Titan Company Ltd. The company stands for Swiss watchmaking tradition, combining it with modern design and technology. Favre-Leuba AG’s operations focus on the creation of luxurious, high-end timepieces, reflecting the perfect balance of classic beauty and advanced functionalities. Favre-Leuba AG enhances Titan Company Ltd.’s portfolio, enriching it with a touch of Swiss watchmaking heritage, prestige, and timeless elegance.

Major Acquisitions by Titan Company Ltd.


In 2016, Titan Company Ltd. significantly enhanced its online retail presence by acquiring a majority stake in CaratLane, a prominent online jewellery platform in India. Founded in 2008, CaratLane had a strong digital presence, attracting a dedicated customer base with its unique, quality designs and seamless online shopping experience. This acquisition allowed Titan to extend its reach to tech-savvy consumers and online shopping enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of contemporary jewellery designs. The collaboration enhanced both Titan and CaratLane’s market reach and expertise, providing customers an integrated online and offline shopping experience, thus strengthening Titan’s position in the Indian retail market.

Products/Brands Under Titan Company Ltd.


When Titan entered the world of watches, it brought about a transformation in this industry. Titan watches, launched in 1987, blended international class with Indian ethnic designs, providing a diverse range for all occasions. The collections include a variety of styles, from luxury to sport, meeting the needs of every consumer. One notable collection is the Titan Raga, a series exclusively designed for women, reflecting modernity with a classic appeal.


Tanishq marked Titan’s entry into the jewellery segment. It started the concept of branded jewellery in India, providing certified, beautifully designed pieces. Each jewellery item shows exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring a perfect mix of traditional and modern designs. Tanishq’s extensive range caters to various occasions, from weddings to everyday wear, ensuring each piece adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wearer. The brand stands out for its commitment to purity and quality, ensuring every piece passes rigorous quality standards.


Titan made a notable entry into the eyewear sector in 1996, offering a comprehensive range of quality eyewear. Understanding the diverse needs of customers, Titan Eyewear provides various styles, from trendy sunglasses to classic spectacles, ensuring comfort, durability, and optimal visual clarity. The brand focuses on delivering innovative solutions, such as lightweight frames and UV-protected lenses, enhancing the overall user experience. 

Titan Fast Track

Titan Fast Track is another celebrated brand under the Titan umbrella, specifically catering to the younger audience. It offers a vibrant range of youth-oriented watches, bags, belts, wallets, and sunglasses. Understanding the dynamic and diverse preferences of the youth, Fast Track continuously evolves its range, offering trendy, high-quality accessories that go with the energetic and adventurous spirit of youth.


Titan Company Ltd. is a shining example of steady growth, new ideas, and varied achievements. Since beginning in 1984, the company has always been devoted to offering top-quality products across different categories. This dedication highlights its respected name in India and beyond. Titan Company Ltd. understands the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and what customers want. This approach ensures that its products consistently meet customer needs and preferences, maintaining its position as a leading lifestyle company in India. A closer look reveals its extensive work, trusted brands, and unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Download the Bajaj Broking app to explore and invest in such exemplary companies.

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