Tech Mahindra Ltd. – A Comprehensive Overview

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Did you know that Tech Mahindra Ltd. stands as the sole Indian firm to receive the distinguished HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta Seal? This esteemed honour recognises the company’s dedicated efforts towards building a sustainable future.

Tech Mahindra’s history is marked by crucial milestones that have shaped its path from a technology outsourcing firm to a global leader in innovative technology solutions. The extensive global presence of Tech Mahindra, with operations spanning numerous countries, enhances connections and offers technological solutions to a wide range of customers, including several Fortune 500 companies.

About Tech Mahindra Ltd.

FounderMahindra & Mahindra and British Telecom
Industry TypeInformation Technology and Business Process Outsourcing
Year Founded1986
HeadquartersPune, India
Key PeopleAnand Mahindra (Chairman), C.P. Gurnani (CEO & MD)
Parent CompanyMahindra Group
Countries Present In90
Total RevenueUSD 6.5+ billion
Total Employees1,52,400
Global Customers1250+

Overview of Tech Mahindra Ltd.

With a substantial revenue of over USD 6.5 billion, Tech Mahindra Ltd. is a global organisation employing 1,52,400 professionals across 90 countries. Serving over 1250 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies, the firm’s reach is wide and impactful.

Tech Mahindra is devoted to providing innovative and customer-centric digital solutions. The firm places high emphasis on utilising advanced technologies like 5G, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence to guarantee a complete digital transformation for its global clients. This dedication to embracing future technologies firmly establishes Tech Mahindra’s role as an industry leader, fully equipped to address the challenges of a constantly changing digital environment.

Furthermore, Tech Mahindra’s role within the established Mahindra Group highlights its global influence. The Mahindra Group is a respected multinational federation, holding leadership positions in diverse sectors including utility vehicles, information technology, and financial services. This backing further enhances Tech Mahindra’s ability to drive positive change and innovation in the industry. The company’s operations represent the belief that the ‘Future is Now,’ ensuring that its clients are always prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Tech Mahindra Ltd. History

1986: The inception of Tech Mahindra Ltd. was marked by a significant partnership between Mahindra & Mahindra and British Telecom. This union laid the groundwork for what would become a renowned technology outsourcing enterprise.

2005: By this year, Tech Mahindra rose to prominence as the eighth-largest software exporter in India, reflecting its commitment and consistent delivery of top-notch technological solutions.

2008: In the wake of the Satyam scandal, Tech Mahindra showcased its strategic acumen by placing a successful bid for Satyam Computer Services, surpassing rivals like Larsen & Toubro.

2009: Securing Satyam Computers bolstered Tech Mahindra’s reputation and position in the Indian IT sector, amplifying its role as a trustworthy IT service entity.

2010: Tech Mahindra’s association as the official IT partner and sponsor for the 2010 FIFA World Cup provided a global platform to highlight its technological capabilities and expertise.

2012: Achieving the fifth rank among India’s software services and securing the 111th spot in the Fortune India 500 list in 2012 showcased Tech Mahindra’s unwavering growth and significant industry contributions.

2013: The first quarter of 2013 saw a notable net profit increase of 27% for Tech Mahindra, underscoring the firm’s financial robustness and growth trajectory.

2014: Tech Mahindra’s acquisition of Lightbridge Communications Corporation, the world’s largest independent telecom services company, marked its expanded foothold in the telecom services industry.

2017: In collaboration with Midad Holdings, Tech Mahindra Arabia Ltd. was launched, fortifying Tech Mahindra’s market presence in the Middle East.

2021: Partnerships and acquisitions continued with a collaboration with the US-based company ThoughtSpot and the procurement of US-based DigitalOnUs for $120 million.

2022: Tech Mahindra’s commitment to gender equality and brand strength was acknowledged as it was listed in the Bloomberg gender equality index for the third consecutive year, and cited as the fastest-growing organisation in ‘Brand Strength’ by Brand Finance. It also became the only Indian company to feature in the Forbes’ Blockchain 50 list.

Major Subsidiaries of Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc.

Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc., with its headquarters in the United States, plays a key role in the company’s global operations. Established as the North American arm of Tech Mahindra Ltd., it has been instrumental in catering to a vast array of clients across various sectors in the region. Over the years, Tech Mahindra (Americas) Inc. has substantially increased its footprint across the continent, providing cutting-edge IT solutions and customer-centric services to numerous industries including healthcare, telecommunications, and finance. Some of its notable achievements include acquiring various significant clients and contributing immensely to the parent company’s revenue.

Tech Mahindra (Europe) Limited

Tech Mahindra (Europe) Limited operates as a European subsidiary, solidifying Tech Mahindra’s presence in the significant European market. It has successfully managed a diverse range of projects, providing comprehensive IT and business process outsourcing services. This subsidiary has showcased exceptional growth in recent years, resonating with the technological advancements and industry trends within Europe. It has made its mark by delivering projects on time, ensuring client satisfaction and consequently cementing long-term business relationships.

Tech Mahindra (South Africa)

Tech Mahindra (South Africa) has been a key player in the African continent, delivering high-quality IT and outsourcing services. The subsidiary recognises the unique needs and potentials of the African market and tailors its services accordingly. Its commitment to excellence has led to collaborations with multiple high-profile companies in the region, marking a significant impact on Tech Mahindra’s global reach. It stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to inclusivity and global growth.

Tech Mahindra (Thailand) Limited

Tech Mahindra (Thailand) Limited embodies the company’s vision in the Southeast Asian market. It stands out for its exceptional service delivery and innovative solutions tailored for the local industries. It has carved a niche in the region, known for its reliability and unmatched technological expertise. This subsidiary has managed to break ground by successfully navigating the market dynamics of Thailand, creating a robust and loyal clientele base.

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Major Acquisitions by Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Satyam Computer Services (2009)

Tech Mahindra marked a significant leap in growth by acquiring Satyam Computer Services. A renowned name in IT consulting and services, Satyam had an extensive reach, serving numerous Fortune 500 companies. This acquisition fortified Tech Mahindra’s global presence, leveraging Satyam’s expansive client base and technical expertise.

Lightbridge Communications Corporation (2014)

In 2014, Tech Mahindra further expanded by acquiring Lightbridge Communications Corporation, the world’s largest independent provider of network engineering services. This strategic move enabled Tech Mahindra to enhance its network services, providing extensive end-to-end services for mobile and fixed-line telecom networks globally.

DigitalOnUs (2021)

The acquisition of DigitalOnUs in 2021, a California-based hybrid cloud and DevOps services provider, highlighted Tech Mahindra’s commitment to bolstering its hybrid-cloud offerings. Known for its growth in cloud services and SRE services, the $120 million acquisition enabled Tech Mahindra to strengthen its focus on cloud-native development and AI-driven operational excellence.

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Products/Brands Under Tech Mahindra Ltd.

1. NXT.NOW™ Framework

The NXT.NOW™ Framework by Tech Mahindra represents an extensive approach towards transforming businesses. It enhances the human-centric experience by focusing on technology domains including 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. This framework is central to Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation vision, ensuring businesses are updated and ready for future advancements. The use of the NXT.NOW™ Framework worldwide has significantly improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. Blockchain Technology

Tech Mahindra’s Blockchain Technology is a significant solution providing enhanced security and efficiency across various sectors. Offering secure and streamlined processes, it enhances transparency and robustness in transactions and data management. Acknowledged for its excellence, it is a preferred choice for diverse global industries. Its deployment has revolutionised several sectors by enabling secure and seamless transactions and reinforcing data integrity, leading to increased trust and enhanced partnerships among businesses and stakeholders.

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Tech Mahindra Ltd. is a company deeply committed to bringing forth innovative technological solutions while also focusing on sustainability. We’ve seen its global impact, historical growth, and important acquisitions, all highlighting the company’s consistent progress and significant role in the industry. The awards it has received showcase its dedication to not only technology but also to making a positive change in the world. Looking ahead, Tech Mahindra Ltd. continues to stand as a leader, promising more growth, innovation, and contribution to global sustainability and equality.

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