Tata Elxsi and Red Hat Partner for 5G Connected Car Innovation

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Tata Elxsi and Red Hat team up to advance 5G multi-cloud applications, focusing on connected vehicles and healthcare. Using OpenShift and Neuron platforms, they aim to enhance cloud automation and edge analytics, driving innovation in these sectors

Tata Elxsi News Today

Tata Elxsi, a global leader in engineering and design, has announced a strategic partnership with Red Hat, a prominent provider of traditional operating systems. This collaboration aims to streamline the deployment of applications in 5G multi-cloud environments for Telcos and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

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Key Partnership Goals

The partnership is set to utilise OpenShift, Red Hat’s versatile container platform, as a unified container-as-a-service (CaaS) layer across various multi-cloud environments.

Additionally, Tata Elxsi’s Neuron Multi-layer Automation Platform will be crucial in enabling seamless cloud automation, facilitating 5G application placement, and modernising services.

Focus on 5G Connected Vehicles

Using Tata Elxsi’s CVP platform TETHER and Red Hat’s In-Vehicle OS, the companies plan to introduce advanced edge analytics and in-vehicle data processing. This initiative will include comprehensive management through machine learning operations (MLOps).

Industry Applications

Both companies aim to leverage their combined expertise to drive innovation in various sectors, including automotive and healthcare. The collaboration is expected to aid global operators in monetizing their networks by offering innovative applications that span multiple industries.

In Conclusion

This collaboration between Tata Elxsi and Red Hat signifies a critical step forward in the evolution of 5G technology and multi-cloud environments. By focusing on connected vehicles and innovative applications in various sectors, the partnership aims to enhance network monetization and deliver cutting-edge solutions for global operators.

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