Star India Initiates Arbitration Proceedings Against Zee on Soured Cricket Broadcast Deal

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On March 15, 2024, the Indian media landscape witnessed a seismic shift as Star India took legal action against Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The bone of contention? A $1.4-billion cricket rights deal that had gone sour.


In 2022, Star India and Zee Entertainment signed a monumental agreement for broadcasting ICC men’s and under-19 tournaments. The deal was valued at a staggering $1.4 billion, promising an exciting era of cricket coverage. However, fate had other plans.

The Unravelling

Fast forward to 2024, and the cricketing landscape had changed. Sony, another major player, had pulled out of a merger deal with Zee Entertainment. This move had a domino effect, leading Zee to renege on its commitment to the cricket rights deal. Star India, feeling the financial and reputational impact, decided to take matters into its own hands.

Arbitration Proceedings

Star India initiated arbitration proceedings against Zee Entertainment. The legal battle centres around the breach of contract and the financial implications of the cancelled deal. The stakes are high, with billions of dollars hanging in the balance.

Market Reaction

Investors closely watched the drama unfold. Zee Entertainment’s stock price plummeted by 3% following the news of arbitration. The uncertainty surrounding the legal proceedings has cast a shadow over the company’s future.

What Lies Ahead?

As the legal wheels turn, the cricket-loving public wonders about the fate of their favourite sport. Will the broadcasting rights be renegotiated? Can Zee Entertainment salvage its reputation? Only time will tell.

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, alliances can crumble, and fortunes can change overnight. For now, all eyes remain fixed on the courtroom, where the battle for cricket supremacy unfolds.

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