Signature Global Reports ₹3,120 Cr Pre-Sales in Q1 FY25, Up 255% YoY

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Signature Global's Q1 FY25 saw ₹3,120 crore in pre-sales, up 255% YoY, with collections growing 102% to ₹1,210 crore. Net debt decreased by 16% to ₹980 crore. The company aims for ₹10,000 crore in pre-sales for FY25.

Signature Global Q1 Results

Signature Global, a leading real estate developer based in Gurgaon, reported exceptional pre-sales figures of ₹3,120 crore in Q1 FY25, a substantial 255% increase compared to ₹880 crore in the same period last year. This surge was driven by high demand for residential projects, particularly from the successful launch of a large group housing project in Gurugram.

Achievement Against FY25 Guidance

The company has already surpassed 30% of its FY25 pre-sales guidance of ₹10,000 crore in the first quarter alone. This achievement underscores their strong market position and effective growth strategies.

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Financial Highlights

Collections in Q1 FY25 grew significantly by 102% to ₹1,210 crore, marking the highest quarterly collection in the company's history. Concurrently, Signature Global reduced its net debt by 16%, from ₹1,160 crore at the end of FY24 to ₹980 crore by Q1 FY25.

Project Portfolio and Market Position

Signature Global has a robust portfolio, having delivered 10.4 million sq ft of housing area and currently developing approximately 32.2 million sq ft of saleable area across upcoming projects. They also have 16.4 million sq ft of ongoing projects slated for completion over the next 2-3 years.

Strategic Vision and Expansion

Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal, Chairman and Whole-Time Director, expressed confidence in their strategic vision and growth initiatives. He highlighted their ambitious targets and emphasised the company's dedication to delivering excellence and expanding its market presence.

Market Dynamics and Outlook

The average sales realisation increased to ₹15,369 per sq ft in Q1 FY25, up from ₹11,762 per sq ft in FY24. However, the company expects this to normalise with planned launches in the mid-income housing segment later this year, reflecting market adjustments and strategic diversification.

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